The Summer of Wendel- Part II

Danny Gray
August 05 2011 06:57AM

 As the summer of 1985 wore on the Leafs had yet to sign Wendel Clark to a contract and his plans for the fall remained in question.

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Two-way forwards, Defensive forwards, and the Selke debate

Cam Charron
August 04 2011 09:20PM



A principle problem of mainstream hockey talk revolves around finding the right value for a defensive player. Evaluating a player's defensive attributes, unfortunately, falls into some pitfalls on the surface. It is absolutely impossible to watch every game and judge each player well defensively, which causes some problems when it comes to handing out individual awards at the end of the season.

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Keith Aulie, first call-up vs. second call-up

Cam Charron
August 04 2011 09:29AM



In a post earlier this summer, I posted adjusted Fenwick numbers for Toronto Maple Leafs this past season. Scroll to the comment section and there were requests to look at split-season statistics for a few players, which will be a feature I will be running throughout August on TLN.

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Leafs Possession Numbers - Defence

The '67 Sound
August 03 2011 10:08AM



Yesterday, we looked at the Leafs forwards results from the perspecitve of possession metrics. Today we continue that investigation, this time with an eye to the Leafs blueline.

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Leafs Possession Numbers - Forwards

The '67 Sound
August 02 2011 12:01PM


Barring any unexpected trades, it now appears that the Leafs roster is largely set. The question then becomes what we can reasonably expect from this team.

The short answer is "it depends on the goaltending". If the Bruins and Leafs had swapped goaltending last year, the Leafs would not have been Cup contenders and the Bruins probably would not have missed the playoffs, but there is a fair chance the Leafs would have passed the Bruins in the standings. Goaltending is that important, and the Leafs' fortunes will rise or fall in significant part on the performance of James Reimer.

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