Leafs-Wings Preview

JP Nikota
September 30 2011 12:36PM

Puck Drops: 7:30 EST
TV: LeafsTV
Radio: AM640 (AM980 in London)

Additional tip: If you don't have LeafsTV, consider buying LeafsTV interactive; for a flat fee of $40, you get all preseason games (right, only two left, including tonight), all Sportsnet games, and some select TSN games to boot. It's a pretty good deal.

It's not every team that could lose three NHL centremen and still dress four more, even in a preseason game. Okay, so three out of four are marginal NHLers, but I'm not overly concerned. First, this is a preseason game, and the Leafs have nothing to lose by giving extra time to the likes of Philippe Dupuis, as he skates between Joffrey Lupul and Phil Kessel. With the injury to Nazem Kadri, the forward corps is all but set, aside from some competition for fourth line spots, so it makes sense to focus on these players, anyway.

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Hope And The Prediction Machine

JP Nikota
September 30 2011 06:27AM

A little over a week ago, Jonathan Willis looked at a number of respectable publications that were so bold as to make predictions about which team would fall into what place in the standings. It's all a bit of a crap-shoot (heck, some of the predictions out there are literally for the purposes of gambling) but the general consensus seems to be that the Leafs are not expected make the playoffs this coming season. Instead, the predictions have them finishing around 9th or 10th in the East.

After heaving an existential sigh, I'd have to agree that it certainly looks that way.

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Danny's Must See Games of the 2011-2012 Season

Danny Gray
September 29 2011 12:20PM

With real hockey just days away, I thought I’d share with you all the games I’m most looking forward to watching this season. Mark your calendars accordingly.

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Jason Gregor
September 29 2011 11:08AM



 Eleven has been my favourite number since I can remember. I had short affairs with some higher ups like 17, 19 and 23, but 11 has always been the number that made me feel the most confident. It is strange how a lucky number can impact our psyche or our minds, yet today on the 11th anniversary of my father’s passing I have an eerie mixture of confidence and yearning.

 Eleven years ago today, my father, William Arthur Gregor, passed away at the young age of 56. Dad had a massive heart attack in his car at a red light in Sherwood Park. He had quit smoking a few years earlier, wasn’t a heavy drinker or overweight, but sadly it was his time.


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Injuries, concerns and armchair solutions

Cam Charron
September 29 2011 08:09AM

Editor's Note: Here's a smoking gun if you ever needed one. Good Lord, Shanahan blew it.

Mikhail Grabovski took a hit from Chris Neil last night that looked like it may have resulted in a head injury, and now today Tim Connolly and Nazem Kadri each missed practice Wednesday due to respective "upper-body" and "lower-body" boo boos.

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