Can The Leafs Afford to Give Up a Pick for a New Coach/GM?

Justin Fisher
May 17 2015 11:00AM

The Toronto Maple Leafs' coaching and general manager search could prove costly.

As we're all now aware, new rules are in place that force NHL teams that hire a coach or GM from another team's organization to send a draft pick the other way as compensation. Back in April, Sportsnet reported that the cost for plucking a coach or GM midseason would be a 2nd round pick, while hiring one in the offseason would only be a 3rd round pick. The team who's coughing up a pick can choose to do so in any of the following three seasons.

Also according to the Sportsnet report, a coach's season ends when his team is eliminated from the playoffs. That must mean teams can also negotiate compensation outside of the NHL's set rules, since Detroit has had Mike Babcock suitors sign a permission form to speak with him, and agree to give up a third round pick if he leaves the Red Wings. Detroit was eliminated from the playoffs by the Tampa Bay Lightning weeks ago.

Since we know that the Leafs have signed one of those forms for permission to speak to (and hire) Babcock, we also know that they're ready to sacrifice that 3rd round pick. Is that something that the Leafs - a bottom feeder team that has vowed to build through the draft - can afford?

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Simmons: Leafs could revisit MacLean, DeBoer possibilities if Babcock falls through

Angelo Montilla
May 17 2015 08:58AM

The Mike Babcock sweepstakes are heating up.

Maple Leafs president Brendan Shanahan and Co. recently travelled to the world hockey championships in Prague where they made another pitch to the soon-to-be most coveted coaching free agent on the market.

But what if the Leafs fall flat in landing Babcock? What's Plan B?

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Friedman and Cox Have Some Big Updates on the Leafs' Coaching and General Manager Search

Justin Fisher
May 16 2015 02:40PM

It's all getting very real, very fast. 

Sportsnet's Elliotte Friedman and Damien Cox revealed some pretty interesting news during this afternoon's Hockey Night in Canada "Saturday Headlines" segment regarding the Toronto Maple Leafs' search for a new coach and general manager. Some pretty significant names were dropped, so let's break it down...

Mike Babcock

According to Friedman, the Leafs have filed for permission from the Detroit Red Wings to hire head coaching candidate Mike Babcock. Yes, Babcock's technically about to become a free agent, but Detroit was smart enough to make interested teams sign an agreement stating that if they hired the veteran coach before his contract actually runs out, they'd need to cough up a draft pick.

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Thomas Drance
May 16 2015 01:29PM


The Nation Network isn't accustomed to playoff success. What else do you expect from a blog network based out of Edmonton?

We're experts in the draft lottery though, and we know a thing or two about playoff pools - particularly the Nation Drafts charity playoff pool that we run annually. With the second round of the 2015 Stanley Cup playoffs already in full swing, let's take a moment, look back at round one, and check out the progress that the Nation Network's poolies are making in the competition!

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Maple Leafs Job Fair: Jeff Blashill's Resume

Shawn Reis
May 16 2015 09:14AM

Thought we were done with the resumes?  Think again.  Today's topic of discussion is the heavily sought after and hotly rumored Jeff Blashill, who is looking to become the latest star coach to come out of the Detroit Red Wings organization.

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