Can Teams Win By Taking Higher Quality Shots?

Jonathan Willis
November 09 2011 11:05PM

Shot quality is a hot-button issue among people who spend time trying to learn about the game of hockey through statistical analysis.

Intuitively, we all know that shot quality exists. A quick blast from center ice immediately prior to a line change is far less likely to score than a superstar taking a shot on a breakaway. The question, then, isn’t whether shot quality exists – we know it does – but whether teams can use it to help them win games.

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And how would you like to regress today, Mr. Bond?

Cam Charron
November 09 2011 01:32PM

Probably the most unfortunate thing about the start of the new NHL season, other than all the hope and promise that accompanies your new team with its new additions, is all the hope and promise that comes when a team manages to string together a few wins in October.

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Introducing: STAJAN-WATCH

Danny Gray
November 08 2011 12:55PM



On January 31, 2010 Matt Stajan was the “centerpiece” of the deal that sent Dion Phaneuf and Keith Aulie to Toronto. Niklas Hagman, Ian White, Jamal Mayers, and Frederick Sjostrom were also tangentially involved.  Since that time Dion has been named Captain of the Leafs and appears to have taken a real step forward in becoming a legit top-pairing defenseman in the NHL. How about Matt Stajan? I’m sure glad you asked.

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NHLNumbers Podcast: Episode I

NHLnumbers Podcast
November 07 2011 08:54PM



Welcome to the inaugural edition of the NHLNumbers podcast. As the Nations crack tech team gear up to relaunch our salary/stats site, Jonathan Willis and I decided to get together to talk "new" stats at length and to record some of those conversations. In a radio studio. With guests. Today we debut the first of perhaps many such conversations.

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Winning Games At Even-Strength

Jonathan Willis
November 07 2011 12:20PM

Only one team in the league – Dallas – has more wins than the Toronto Maple Leafs do right now. The Leafs’ 9-4-1 start has been powered by a few things, including strong starts from Phil Kessel and Joffrey Lupl, who have almost as many goals as the rest of the team’s forwards combined (18 vs. 23).

There has also been a marked contrast between the Leafs’ performance at even-strength compared to their work on special teams.

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