Lockout talk: the importance of revenue sharing

Cam Charron
August 10 2012 05:04AM

The only thing we have to Fehr is Fehr itself.

We won't start the NHL regular season on time. This isn't exactly any new information. If you've been following the NHL's labour situation in any capacity, you'd see that there are two divides in the the hockey business world. The first is between the players and the owners. When those two sides came to the current agreement in the summer of 2005, everybody inside hockey was discussing the "partnership". The players would play and make the owners money, and the more money the owners made, the more of that the players would see.

And it has worked out. The salary cap has jumped from roughly $42M to roughly $70M over the span of just seven years thanks to skyrocketing revenues. The problem for the owners is the revenue divide. While the league may be profitable as a whole, this is due to the top 12 or so teams who generate a huge portion of the revenue. The clubs do not share revenue on the same level as they do in Major League Baseball or the National Football League.

So, to make up the cost, the owners expect the players to cover the difference by taking a smaller portion of revenue. The players would prefer for the big teams to share the money with the small teams.

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Maple Leafs sign Tyler Biggs

Cam Charron
August 09 2012 02:41PM

Not sure why the Toronto Maple Leafs could keep it to a Thursday afternoon during a pretty busy Olympic day to announce the signing of their 2011 first round pick Tyler Biggs:

Biggs was in the NCAA last season, so a contract would have voided his eligibility. The hulk of an American forward, weighed in at 200-lbs at USA Hockey's summer evaluation camp this week and is still listed at 6'0". He decided to leave the NCAA this season and join with the Oshawa Generals of the Ontario Hockey League. He'll be allowed to compete in the OHL with an NHL deal.

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The 1992 NHL Players' Stike: A Relevant Story

JP Nikota
August 09 2012 01:46PM

I was only six years old when the NHL saw its first significant labour disruption in 1992, and to be honest, I had forgotten that it had happened at all. Having read Bruce Dowbiggin's Money Players, however, the story seems suddenly relevant.

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JVR: From a Flyers Perspective

Steve Dangle
August 09 2012 06:04AM

When the Leafs traded Luke Schenn to the Flyers for James van Riemsdyk, a Flyers fan asked me for my thoughts. I gave them. Doing Leafs videos for the last few seasons, I've obviously seen quite a bit of Luke Schenn. I even interviewed the guy a few times. Since getting drafted in 2008, we saw him at his best, and his worst.

James van Riemsdyk on the other hand? I have to admit, I haven't watched JVR play very much, and whenever I get asked about how he'll improve the Leafs' lineup, I'm not sure what to say. That very same guy who tweeted me however, Jordan Kuhns, happens to have quite the in-depth opinion about James van Riemsdyk. 

Jordan (aka @jckuhns) was kind enough to give TLN a writeup on his thoughts regardings JVR. Jordan's young, but has been working in sports for several years now, including a gig as a video production intern for the Leafs' ECHL affiliate Reading Royals.

Now let's look at James van Rimesdyk:

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Some thoughts on a second GTA team

Cam Charron
August 08 2012 03:00PM

Those plucky Markhamites.

First, Markham decided that they would like to become a "city" instead of a "town", and then they decide to go ahead with helping businessman Graeme Roustan's plan to build a second major arena in the Greater Toronto Area.

This arena, owned by "GTA Sports & Entertainment", is currently known just as the GTA Centre. Does this mean a second team in Southern Ontario?

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