Weekend open thread: Kadri's value, and Carl Gunnarsson's comments

Cam Charron
June 01 2013 12:23PM

Screenshot from hockeysvierge.se

Yesterday a bit of a kerfuffle erupted online when a translation of a hockeysvierge piece found the Internet. I like foreign interviews because players tend to say more interesting things in both their native languages, and the ones tabloid reporters don't speak.

If you went to hockeysvierge's website and clicked on the translation page, the quoted Gunnarsson bit from the article was "Do not think I need to stay". I've put the image above, so ya'll can see it. However, Google Translations aren't exactly accurate, so we sent off the article to the Leafs Nation's Swedish Bureau to give us a real translation of the piece.

That's after the jump. Read on and discuss.

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What to pay Nazem Kadri?

Cam Charron
May 31 2013 08:48AM

via Wikimedia commons

Here's a good question: What's Nazem Kadri worth?

Not in the sense of dollars and cents, but how long should the Toronto Maple Leafs choose to commit to their young centreman? In the latest Leaf Report podcast, James Mirtle and Jonas Siegel begin talking about Kadri at around the 20-minute mark, and James says that it could be a tough negotiation between the Leafs and Kadri and the likelihood of a contract holdout, in my view, is pretty high.

That's not a real good thing, and it increases the chance that Dave Nonis and the Leafs could sign somebody in the offseason as "Kadri insurance" in case this thing stretches well into October.

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"Playoffs are stupid" - The Steve Dangle Podcast - May 30, 2013

Steve Dangle
May 30 2013 10:15PM

Ladies and gents, welcome to our new project: The Steve Dangle Podcast

On the first ever Steve Dangle podcast, myself and Adam Wylde, (KiSS 92.5 afternoon co-host of Cash & Wylde/high school buddy) we talk about the NHL playoffs, Tim Thomas, Sidney Crosby's pants, and more.

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YakovMironov's Leaflets: May 30th - Dallas Done?

Jon Steitzer
May 30 2013 09:17AM

At the moment there are three coaching vacancies sitting open in the NHL (thanks Tortorella for opening up another spot.) There’s been no shortage of interest in Dallas Eakins for head coaching jobs in the past, and it sounds like he’s been actively interviewing this summer. There is a very real possibility that the Marlies start the next season with a new coach. While I can’t say I’ve been a believer in Dallas the way that some people have been, there’s no doubt in my mind he would have been better suited for the Leafs than Carlyle at the time of Wilsons departure, and it’s also important to point out that he has been excellent in getting the most out of the Leafs shallow prospect pool. So with not knowing what way the winds are blowing and with months of time to fill before the Leafs start playing again, I can’t think of a better way to kill time than to speculate on what’s happening with an AHL coach.

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The Leafs found value in net with Reimer and Scrivens

Cam Charron
May 29 2013 11:34AM

via Wikimedia Commons

Steve shared this bit from Kevin McGran on Twitter this morning. It was a mostly factual, albeit obvious, bit about how the Pittsburgh Penguins are so good because of their depth. Depth, moreso than top talent, is what drives team's success through the regular season and into the playoffs when too often blame for a team's elimination is placed squarely on one guy. 

But then McGran started getting into goaltending. The stats community, I guess you could call us, have been pretty "anti"-Marc-Andre Fleury for quite some time now. Straight up, his save percentages aren't good enough to warrant the talk of him being an elite goalie. Jared Lunsford covered this to some extent in his Penguins preview at NHL Numbers from the from this fall.

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