Leafs Possession Numbers - Defence

The '67 Sound
August 03 2011 10:08AM



Yesterday, we looked at the Leafs forwards results from the perspecitve of possession metrics. Today we continue that investigation, this time with an eye to the Leafs blueline.

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Leafs Possession Numbers - Forwards

The '67 Sound
August 02 2011 12:01PM


Barring any unexpected trades, it now appears that the Leafs roster is largely set. The question then becomes what we can reasonably expect from this team.

The short answer is "it depends on the goaltending". If the Bruins and Leafs had swapped goaltending last year, the Leafs would not have been Cup contenders and the Bruins probably would not have missed the playoffs, but there is a fair chance the Leafs would have passed the Bruins in the standings. Goaltending is that important, and the Leafs' fortunes will rise or fall in significant part on the performance of James Reimer.

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Better Know a Bias: The Endowment Effect

Danny Gray
August 02 2011 07:41AM


When you ponder a trade proposal suggested by a fan on Twitter or HF Boards long enough you reach the inescapable conclusion that its author has only recently mastered tying their shoes. The proposed swaps tend to be incredibly lop-sided and often complicated deals, offering a collection of underwhelming players in the belief that quantity trumps quality.

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August 01 2011 11:13PM

You know that the only way you are going to hear commercials on the podcast of NationRadio this week is if you click on the YouTube movie above then quickly close your eyes and listen to the old Molson Ad we found. Cause NationRadio is commercial free here on the Nation Network.

Until we find a way to sell advertising on it of course.

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The overrated value of a faceoff

Cam Charron
August 01 2011 09:23AM


Every so often, an analyst will talk about how a certain player deserved a "three star" nominee because he won two or three big faceoffs. Even more so often a coach will send out two centremen in a high-leverage situation to win a key, late draw. The question is whether this tactic has a tangible value.

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