The true face of Leo Komarov

Andrey Osadchenko
June 13 2012 05:16PM

There were only so few articles in Canadian media written about the Leafs signing Leo Komarov. Most of them didn’t even go deep enough to explain what type of a player Komarov is as they were limited to general information – 25-year-old Finnish energetic winger, born in Estonia, 5’11, 198lbs, 11 goals and 24 points in 46 KHL games this season…

While all of it is true, it doesn’t address his key-feature for which his was glorified in Dynamo Moscow and hated by everyone else outside of the organization. Leo Komarov is let-him-know-you’re-there, Avery-vs-Brodeur type of agitator whose idol is Jarkko Ruutu.

I’ve gathered a few recent quotes about Komarov to give you a better idea of what to expect of him. These quotes appeared throughout May in Sport-Express, Sovetsky Sport, R-Sport, Sportbox.Ru, Allhockey.Ru and NTV-Plus:

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Leafs' Team Needs Top 9 Forward Cheap: Shut-Down Line Edition

Danny Gray
June 13 2012 12:33PM



So far when talking about how the Leafs should address their team needs I’ve been talking about what I think they should do not what they will do. As is often the case these are probably two very different things.

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Defenceman Debate Continues

Ryan Fancey
June 13 2012 10:42AM

When Brian Burke speaks, Leafs fans listen. Then we debate what we believe he actually said for at least 48 hours.

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Just how valuable is this Luke Schenn character?

Cam Charron
June 13 2012 08:24AM

First the Toronto Maple Leafs were shopping Luke Schenn. Then they weren't, and Brian Burke was taking pot shots at Hockey Night in Canada for no particular reason other than Eliotte Friedman reported "rumblings" coming from somewhere.

Schenn still draws discussion about his size, his ferocity (feracity? ferociousness?) and his potential. He was a really good skater and puck mover in junior and those talents have yet to carry over to the NHL. Which brings us to the main question: "Can he PLAY?"

And the answer is "well, maybe."

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NHLNumbers consensus draft list: Who is available at number five?

Cam Charron
June 12 2012 01:43PM

Derek Zona over at sister site has published the consensus draft list, drawing from a combination of different rankings found throughout the online world of prospect scouting, both mainstream and blog variety. Which of these guys do we expect to see on the Leafs two weeks from now?

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