TLN Top 20 Leafs Prospects Midterm Rankings: The Final List

Justin Fisher
January 25 2014 08:22AM


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LFR7 - Game 53 - Texas Fold 'Em - Tor 1, Dal 7

Steve Dangle
January 24 2014 04:46PM


Now you're just a win streak that I used to know.

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TLN Top 20 Leafs Prospects Midterm Rankings: #5-#1

Justin Fisher
January 24 2014 06:02AM

#5 - Josh Leivo - LW (Toronto, AHL)

Leivo has used a solid showing in his first season as a pro with the Marlies to climb two spots and into the top five of our prospect rankings. He's also had a few looks with the Leafs this season, so the fanbase is starting to find out what this guy's about - size and skill.

Recently I took in a pair of games between the IceCaps and Marlies here in Newfoundland, and while anyone can look good in a game or two, I was surprised by Leivo. The only forward on the ice that was more noticeable offensively, for either team, was Peter Holland. 

I did notice at times that Leivo would take a safe shot rather than trying to beat a defender, but that's likely common for a kid adapting to the pros. His skill will be on display more as he continues to get used to his surroundings. Ryan Fancey

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Leafs postgame - Well, that escalated quickly

Cam Charron
January 23 2014 09:16PM

Pictured above is a win expectancy graph. They're very popular in baseball and football, used to determine each team's odds of winning the game at certain points. What I've mocked up is approximately what the Leafs win expectancy was tonight. Fell down early, caught back up, and then got to about a third of the way through the second period before a big "KER-SPLAT!"

There isn't much to write about here. I assume plenty of people will have their #hotsportstake reserved for the actions of Colt Knorr, Nazem Kadri and Antoine Roussel, and I'm sure many others will talk about how the Dallas Stars Twitter team roasted the Leafs and their association with Justin Bieber tonight. I might also expect Steve Dangle to get into it in the LFR. These postgame thingies are normally brief and we usually have something humorous to talk about, but, er, not tonight apparently. 

No, tonight, enjoy my stick figures, and the fact the Leafs are 6-1 in the last seven games. They got mauled by Dallas in Dallas, dropping a game 7-1.

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LGD - Game 53: Leafs @ Stars - Going streaking

Cam Charron
January 23 2014 01:39PM

I may have been wrong about Toronto's game against Colorado. The data I'd looked at showed that the Leafs would get crushed in puck-possession against the Avalanche, being on the road and on the second half of a back-to-back. While they were beaten decisively in "close" situations, I didn't anticipate just how good the team would be in the second period. Check out the ExtraSkater game graph linked here: the Leafs had 18 unblocked shots to Colorado's 11 from the time it was 2-0 Leafs to 4-1 Toronto.

So a pretty good performance, all things considered. The win against Colorado has to rank as one of the best ones of the year, not just owing to opponent but also circumstances, and (for the critics like myself) begrudgingly accepting the Leafs were full value for that W.

Last time the Leafs played the Stars, they busted a five-game losing streak with an overtime goal by Trevor Smith. Game is in Dallas now. Numbers and lineups below.

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