The Leafs Should Probably Not Trade Phil Kessel For Max Domi

Jeff Veillette
January 14 2015 09:00AM

Hi everybody. My name is Jeff and sometimes I write things on the internet, including on a site called The Leafs Nation dot com. Some of these things have previously involved dissecting the sheer insanity uttered by members of the media regarding the Toronto Maple Leafs. I've since decided that this is a bad idea, as it isn't really worth my own aggravation and can sometimes lead to burned bri.... ah, screw it. What the heck is Nick Kypreos thinking?

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LFR8 - Game 43 - Corsi Kings - Tor 0, LA 2

Steve Dangle
January 13 2015 12:44PM

Screen shot 2015-01-13 at 1.54.52 PM

Are we having this discussion again? Because it seems like we're having this discussion again.

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Leafs Post-Game: Fly at 11

Shawn Reis
January 12 2015 11:09PM

The Leafs played well against Washington, they played well against Columbus, and they played well again tonight.  They didn't get the 2 points they were hoping for, but they put in a good effort against the defending Cup champs en route to an unfortunate 2-0 loss in Los Angeles.

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no bozak in the all star game? i won't be watching. #mycolumn:

Bobby Cappuccino
January 12 2015 06:01PM


Folks, let me come right out and say it - I've never been a big fan of the All-Star Game. Elite athletes getting an additional weekend to show off the talents they were blessed with and don't have to work hard for is disgusting and disrespectful to fans. It's on the level of Hollywood Awards Shows. Let's keep feeding the egos of the big-headed selfish overpaid guys. Yeah, good idea. 

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LGD: You have selected Regicide

Jon Steitzer
January 12 2015 03:40PM

Tonight is the battle between the team that stuck with Mike Richard's horrible contract and the team perceived to be dumb enough to trade for Mike Richard's contract. Or you can look at as a matchup between the team that Tim Leiweke claims to fixed and the team he actually fixed.Truly a battle for the ages. 

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