Jake Gardiner, a goals against retrospective, Part I

Cam Charron
September 11 2012 02:28PM

Jake Gardiner was on the ice for 62 even strength goals against last season, and Lord help us if we don't go through each and every one to try and pin the blame on somebody else.

I've been planning this project for a while now, but now that Michal Roszival has decided to sign with the Chicago Blackhawks, it's a tinge more urgent. The Toronto Maple Leafs still have one defenceman that I consider to be good enough to be in an NHL top four, but Gardiner and Carl Gunnarsson both have potential.

Gardiner's first NHL season was a bit of a paradox. He played simultaneously the easiest minutes on the Maple Leafs defence—a 56% offensive zone start rate and a -0.328 Corsi Rel QoC—and the toughest, playing alongside Luke Schenn more than any other Toronto player did.

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Back to the Future Game Recap: Leafs get comeback SO win vs. Capitals

A. Bates
September 11 2012 01:03PM

For reasons well known to everyone, it is really hard to get excited / think about hockey right now. We should be gearing up for rookie tournaments, training camp and exhibition games over the next couple weeks to get us pumped up for the regular season. Unfortunately it seems as though none of these events are going to start on time or happen at all. So, we are all going to have to get used to this hockey rut we`re all in.
I have something that may help.
On a rare Monday night game, coming off an even rarer shootout win against the eventual Eastern Conference champion Boston Bruins (that has to be some kind of mistake), the Leafs were in Washington to face the eventual regular season Eastern Conference winner Capitals.

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BURN HIM ANYWAY: Why I Can't Stop Hating Gary Bettman

JP Nikota
September 11 2012 07:12AM

By all accounts, Gary Bettman is, and has been throughout his career, a very successful, intelligent, and hardworking individual, who, if his salary is any indication, commands great respect amongst the NHL's owners. He is an ivy-league graduate (Cornell) in Industrial and Labour Relations, and has his J.D. from New York University Law. Under his tenure, the league has grown both in size and in overall profitability, and exposure south of the 49th paralell has been well-nurtured. He is at the helm of the most competitive hockey league in the world, and has been for nearly twenty years.

So why can't I stop making silly photochops of a man who has dedicated his life to fostering the growth of hockey?

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So you've decided to go with James Reimer

Cam Charron
September 10 2012 11:50AM

Brian Burke addressed the media today in Toronto. There is lots to go through, but the big thing is the goaltenders. From our pal Sean Fitz-Gerald:

On whether James Reimer will be the team’s starting goaltender:

“We believe in James Reimer. We have said, from the get-go, that if we get the opportunity to upgrade at the goaltending position, we’re going to do it. That’s still the case. But it’s not a frantic search for a goaltender. We believe in James Reimer … We believe there’s no reason why he can’t be ‘the guy.’”

Is there any reason this is anything more than damage control at this point and saving face? Well, maybe. Burke has talked about adding a goalie, but truly, unless Burke was willing to pay an expensive premium for Roberto Luongo, nobody really popped up.

I think going with Reimer is the right move, and the vision of many a Leaf fan is clouded from the perception of Reimer after last season.

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The Nations Partners with McKeen's

Kent Wilson
September 10 2012 10:22AM


So you may have noticed some McKeen's Hockey banners popping up here and there across the Nation. That's because the boys over at McKeen's are launching a new website and subscription service that will replace their excellent annual magazines.

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