All Hail Mikhail Grabovski

Pension Plan Puppets
January 25 2012 09:34AM

Let me tell you a story my friend. It's a story of a Leafs team that was losing a game 2-0 to the lowly New York Islanders in what was, as things are wont to become for bubble teams in late January, a must win. The Maple Leafs had pressured the Islander a lot but they had been unable to crack Al Montoya's facade while at the other end they had seen the Isles convert two of their limited chances into goals. It seemed like - on a night when other contenders for the final playoff spots were headed towards adding points to their totals - that the Leafs had let a perfectly good opportunity slip them by. And then...a miracle.

Nino Niederreiter, himself a victim of a cowardly headshot by Mark Fistric earlier in the season and no stranger to targeting a player's head, decided that he was going to try to ring Grabbo's bell. Unfortunately, he was unaware that Grabbo's skeleton is made of adamantium or that his hockey skills are equally powered by secret Russian experiments and rage. 

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Fresh Blood

Pension Plan Puppets
January 24 2012 06:57AM

The Leafs Nation has built a solid coterie of contributors in it's relatively short life. We've got Danny Gray, JP Nikota, and myself are bolstered by Nations vagabonds Cam Charron and Jonathan Willis. This week we've added another contributor but we're still looking for more. Who is this mystery man? And how can you be next? Well, join me after the jump.

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Nation Radio - January 21, 2012

January 22 2012 12:10PM



With Edmonton's post-season hopes once again turning cold, Lowetide's attention is sensibly turning to the long-term again, with his gaze shifting towards the upcoming draft in June 2012. Futures and the ever depressing Battle of Alberta are the topics du jour.

This is Nation Radio.

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The Leafs and Wild: Shift by Shift

Danny Gray
January 20 2012 08:09AM


This hug is tighter than the one The Monster gave to the post on his lone goal against. 

Despite his assertion that his line-up changes were minor, the Leafs lines looked much different last night than they have at any point this season. Despite this quibble, you can’t argue with the results. The Leafs skated away with a 4-1 victory over the suddenly terrible Minnesota Wild. The Leafs dominated the play all night and Minnesota managed their lone goal on Gustavsson’s failure to hug the post tight enough.

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Midseason Awards Part III: The Calder, Jack Adams, and Lady Byng

Jonathan Willis
January 19 2012 10:10AM

As the NHL moves past the midway mark of the season, it’s time to look back at which players deserve hardware, based on their performance over the first half. To answer that question, we polled writers from across the Nation Network, talking to writers at every site.

Today, we consider the third and final set of our midseason awards: our picks for the winners of the Calder, Jack Adams, and Lady Byng trophies.

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