Preview: Game #16 Leafs @ Panthers - Manage Your Losses

Cam Charron
February 18 2013 07:51AM

Screencap via the Florida Panthers' main page. You get get to this game for very cheap.

Here's a good mantra: "Manage your losses".

The Toronto Maple Leafs are one of two teams in the NHL without having suffered a defeat in overtime or the shootout this season, the other being Pittsburgh. About 25% of NHL games go to overtime, and that doesn't vary when there are more divisional or conference games.

Yet the Leafs have gone the distance just once: an overtime win against Buffalo much earlier this season, where Matt Frattin scored with about a second to go in the OT period to save the game from the agony of the shootout. The Florida Panthers meanwhile have managed to get past the regulation 60 minutes five times this year… and all five times have been in their last six games.

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Should the NHL Expand, Relocate or Contract? - Part Two

February 17 2013 08:57PM

In the previous article I looked at why the NHL could afford, financially and strategically, to expand to 32 teams. I also defended the idea of expansion as it relates to their existing business plan and recent history of fiscal growth.

This brings me to my second point regarding expansion: talent dilution in the NHL.

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LFR6 - Game 15 - Benjamin Shuttin'

Steve Dangle
February 17 2013 02:38PM 

Ben Scrivens and the Leafs shut out the Sens, and that's great, but I'm just really happy with the headline, you guys. Benjamin Shuttin'. Awesome, right? RIGHT?! Ah, just watch.

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Best of the Nation: 2.17.13

Jonathan Willis
February 17 2013 11:15AM

After the jump: the single-biggest story in the NHL last week, a mess of trades, injuries, and trade rumours, how bloggers are once again undermining Western society, and Graphic Comments. Also - and this is important - the Winnipeg Jets' all-time greatest moustaches.

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Scribbles shuts out Sens: Leafs win 3-0 on Hockey Night

Cam Charron
February 16 2013 08:50PM

Photo via Abelimages and NHLInteractive

The Toronto Maple Leafs beat a provincial rival 3-0 on a Saturday night. This is somewhat mitigated by the fact that the opposing team, tonight the Ottawa Senators, had to dress two players who have sweater numbers in the 60s and three with sweater numbers in the 50s.

Ben Scrivens though, played very well in his first career shutout, despite the fact that the majority of the Senators' shots came were long-range or mid-range attempts from poor angles. He looked good positionally, but mostly the defence was good around him and the Sens didn't get a lot of second chances. Or first chances.

Frazer McLaren's ass, Tyler Bozak's skate and John-Michael Liles from 131 feet out are your goal scorers in this one.

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