Steve Lansky
February 05 2011 07:55PM

Hey, Toronto Maple Leafs...is there anyone among you who thinks this nightly garbage you keep turning out qualifies as entertainment? Or effort? Or professionalism? Or desire? Or heart? Or is even remotely acceptable? I hope not. Can someone explain to me why people, who consider themselves knowledgeable fans, think players like Phil Kessel are playing up to their potential? Or why people defend Jonas Gustavsson as he's demoted to the Marlies for his horsebleep play? Anyone? Any ideas?

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Whatever Happened To Dion Phaneuf’s Offence?

Jonathan Willis
February 04 2011 11:42PM

Dion Phaneuf burst on to the NHL scene in 2005-06 as part of one of the richest rookie classes in NHL history. Thanks to the NHL lockout, there were two years’ worth of rookies entering the league, and Phaneuf was one of the gems – along with Alexander Ovechkin, Sidney Crosby and Henrik Lundqvist.

With the way things have gone lately, it’s easy to forget what a start Phaneuf had.

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Game #51 Scoring Chances: Carolina @ Toronto, Feb. 3/11 (3-0 Win)

Slava Duris
February 03 2011 08:04PM

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 20 771

The action didn't really pick up until nearly midway into the 2nd period, after MacArthur snuck a shot into the goal with the assistance of a Nik Kulemin screen.  The Leafs produced 8 high-quality chances on the night, with Tim Brent having the best chance of all, but he was robbed by Cam Ward in Thomas-esque fashion.  Too bad, because he deserved a goal most of all, after his three shot blocks in one shift on the PK while the Leafs were down two men.  Reimer had to withstand 7 consecutive Carolina scoring chances in the third period.  After that run, Leafs' coach Ron Wilson called a timeout in an attempt to settle the team down. Apparently it worked, as the Leafs outchanced the 'Canes for the rest of the period 9-2, including Kris Versteeg's goal.

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Leafs vs Hurricanes - Seeking Revenge for the Eric Staal Treason

February 03 2011 12:02PM

11 days ago, the Leafs suffered a loss to Carolina by the score of 6 to 4. Tim Brent was all that is man with a 3 point night including 2 goals but even he wasn't enough to secure victory in Tobacco Town. This would end up being the first of two occasions that week in which the Leafs found themselves on the losing end. That Friday night, Hurricane captain Eric Staal passed over Phil Kessel with his last pick in the All-Star Fantasy Draft thus making Toronto's favorite awkward son the last pick in the draft. Sure Phil got a car for his troubles but that did little to disguise the great disrepsect perpetrated by Staal.

Merry, merry was not the 28th of January; the day Phil Kessel was picked last of the lot.

I see no reason, why the Eric Staal treason, should ever be forgot.

Some will say that losing the All-Star Game was karma for picking Kessel last, but I personally know karma and she has not yet been satiated. And no, Staal's Hurricanes dropping their first game after the ASG break and the Leafs winning their's is still not enough.

Follow me after the jump for more revenge against the evil Hurricanes.

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Game #50 Scoring Chances: Panthers @ Leafs, Feb. 1/11 (4-3 SOW)

Slava Duris
February 02 2011 12:34PM

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 20 751

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