Net Presence Scoring Chances During Even Strength Play

Slava Duris
July 20 2011 08:08PM

I've got yet more scoring chances data to present, this time we will be looking at several types of scoring chances that fall under what I consider "Net Presence Chances".

Over the 2010-11 season, I was able to consistently track special kinds of chances such as breakaways, odd man rushes, shots deflected on goal, rebound chances, and shots through traffic (whens the goalies view of the shot adequately obstructed by either a single attacking player or multiple players in front of the net).  I took the latter three chance types and combined them into a stat I've dubbed "Net Presence" chances, as they result from the offensive players working in close to the net. These are all high-percentage scoring chances; in total the Leafs scored on 25.4 % of these chances, while the opposition scored on 22.5 % of their NP chances.*

* Definitions for the abbreviations can be found at the bottom of the post.

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Do Goons Help Win Games?

The '67 Sound
July 20 2011 03:10PM



If there is one place where the Leafs enjoy some measure of depth, it is among fourth liners. Mike Brown, Philippe Dupuis, Darryl Boyce, Mike Zigomanis, Joey Crabb, Colton Orr and Jay Rosehill all played at the NHL level last year. Though one might expect this logjam to create uncertainty, if there is one article of faith (or perhaps resigned acceptance) among Leafs fans, it is that one of the three fourth line spots will be reserved for Colton Orr.

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July 20 2011 03:09PM

You may be shocked to learn this, but since the departure of bingofuel there has been very little in the way of adult supervision around Nation Central Command.  The writers continue to write, the radio continues to radio and thankfully the advertisers continue to pay their bills.

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The New Leafs by the Numbers

Danny Gray
July 20 2011 01:36PM



Per the Leafs’ Twitter the newest members of the Maple Leafs have settled on which number they will wear with the team.

NHL players are notoriously superstitious. Choosing a number can be a complex process. You have to avoid any retired or honored numbers and be conscious of which players wore the number before you. The Leafs are a franchise with a long and rich history. Here’s a look at some notable names who have worn each number and any baggage that could come along with them.

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Chris Osgood retired. Who cares?

Ryan Lambert
July 19 2011 01:24PM


You're going to hear a lot of talk in the coming week about Chris Osgood. A lot of that talk is going to include the word "great."

And all of it is going to be 100 percent incorrect.

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