The Leafs Now Own The 24th Overall Pick in the 2015 Draft

Justin Fisher
May 13 2015 08:56PM

We finally know where that Nashville Predators first round pick will land.

With this evening's New York Rangers' overtime win over the Washington Capitals, Toronto will hold the 24th overall pick in the 2015 NHL Entry Draft. The Leafs acquired the pick, along with Olli Jokinen and prospect Brendan Leipsic, when they sent Cody Franson and Mike Santorelli to Nashville at the deadline.

All in all, 24th overall is not that bad. At best the pick could have dropped as low as 22nd, and at worst it could have been as high as 30th. You can thank the Chicago Blackhawks for eliminating Nashville early.

While we certainly don't know who the Leafs will select with their second of first round picks, you can expect it to be a quality prospect. The 2015 Draft is by all accounts a pretty good and pretty deep draft, but the latter half of the first round will be very difficult to predict.

If you want to get familiar with some of the names that could be called by Toronto with their late first, here are some of the players that several scouting services and networks have ranked 24th on their lists...

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Management changing in a bigger way for Leafs

Ryan Fancey
May 13 2015 04:10PM

The Leafs' coach and general manager search has been well-documented, but one of the big questions it brings with it is whether they even need to go outside the organization at all - particularly on the manager side.

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Leafs doing plenty of homework as draft approaches

Ryan Fancey
May 13 2015 01:50PM

Strome or Marner? Marner versus Strome. Hanifin or Marner? Hanifin? Strome? I think we'll go Marner. No, maybe Strome. Gotta like Hanifin.

That's basically the Leafs and their fanbase in summary over the last month or so. 

The organization is going to welcome at least one major building block in June, this much we know. There's a great - possibly elite - player on the way in that top pick, but Shanahan and company will want to make sure they're getting the absolute most out of it, and the picks beyond. And apparently they're going above and beyond to maximize their chances of hitting a homerun or two.

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Maple Leafs Job Fair: Laurence Gilman's Resume

Jon Steitzer
May 13 2015 12:00PM

This applicant may or may not have applied to the Leafs for the GM role. It’s entirely possible that we broke into the Canucks Army office and stole this resume from their applicant pool from last season. Their loss may be our gain as we take a look at the Canucks “master negotiator”.

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WWYDW - If You Could Sign One Free Agent...

Justin Fisher
May 13 2015 10:36AM

It seems like all we've been talking about lately at TLN is the Leafs' General Manager/Head Coach search and the 2015 Entry Draft. After all, the actual Leafs roster is slightly (very) embarrassing and we'd rather just not talk about it at all.

But hey, July 1st and a new wave of free agents are on their way. And while we all largely agree that building teams through free agency is a pretty awful way of going about it, that doesn't mean Toronto's management group shouldn't be very active.

That doesn't mean that the Leafs should be in on the big names. They could very well be, but it's not like this team really wants to actively get better so soon. The rebuilding process will be long, and this team isn't anywhere near the point where they're adding a top six winger or a top four defender to put themselves over the hump. No, Toronto will more likely be active in other ways.

Last year, the Leafs made a couple moves in free agency, like signing Mike Santorelli, Daniel Winnik, and David Booth. No, none of them were big name acquisitions, but Toronto made off like bandits when they flipped both Santorelli and Winnik for draft picks at the trade deadline.

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