Ryan O'Byrne on his time in Toronto, decision to go to the KHL, and more

Steve Dangle
September 25 2013 09:50AM


Ryan O'Byrne wasn't on the Leafs for very long. He was meant to be a late season addition to beef up the Leafs' blueline. Even though his role was minimal, in a way, he got a more complete Toronto Maple Leafs experience than most players have been through in the past decade. He played in the blue and white during the playoffs, after all.

A few months later and minus an NHL job, O'Byrne is now playing for Lev Prague of the KHL. Even though he's thousands of kilometers away, we managed to get an interview with the now former Leaf.

Tomas Kmec, a young hockey reporter from Slovakia, was recently at a few Lev Prague KHL games in the Czech Republic. Tomas approached me last week, offering to interview some KHL players for us. We've already posted his interview with Leo Komarov here at TLN. All he asked for was that we give him credit. Please give Tomas a follow. He's the reason we have these interviews.

Here's Tomas' interview with "Ryan O'Beauty" on his time with the Leafs, Toronto during the playoffs, heading to the KHL, Randy Carlyle, and more.

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Tyler Biggs Scores Awesome Goal In Marlies Practice

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
September 24 2013 05:51PM

Another day, another practice at Toronto Marlies training camp. The roster is now at 17 skaters, and drills have become more team-based instead of individual as they near a pair of preseason games against Hamilton (what an original opponent!). Particularly interesting, personally, was the spin around faceoff drills, but I'll talk about that and include lots of pics in another post.

What you need to see, though? This goal from Tyler Biggs, scored as a few players goofed around after the scheduled end of practice: 

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Phil Kessel Suspended 3 Games

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
September 24 2013 04:50PM


As we all know, Phil "Trill" Kessel took his beloved "hackey" a little too literally on Sunday, going full Lumberjack/Jedi on John Scott's completely oblivious ankles. We noticed it, the Sabres noticed it, and NHL Player Safety certainly did, suspending Kessel for the rest of the preseason. 

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Leo Komarov on the Leafs, KHL, and more

Steve Dangle
September 24 2013 04:31PM


Leo Komarov was a unique addition to the Leafs last season, and this site lucky enough to get a unique opportunity with him.

Tomas Kmec, a young hockey reporter from Slovakia, was recently at a few western conference KHL games, including Lev Prague hosting Leo Komarov's team Dynamo Moscow in the Czech Republic. Tomas approached me last week, offering to interview some KHL players for us at TLN, including Komarov, former Leaf Tim Brent, and former Leaf Ryan O'Byrne. All he asked for was that we give him credit. Please give Tomas a follow. We wouldn't have these interviews without him.

Here's Tomas' interview with Komarov on the Leafs, Mikhail Grabovski, Randy Carlyle, Dallas Eakins, and more.

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Enforcers... and David Clarkson

Cam Charron
September 24 2013 10:17AM

It's worth pointing out that I screwed up a lot of things about yesterday's Enforcers post surrounding the Marc Savard incident. I originally wrote that Matt Cooke never faced retribution, but other Penguins enforcers did (I mixed up my dates and missed the game where Cooke did fight Thornton, although Thornton took an extra ten minutes) and I'd also written than Savard never played a game afterwards, which is untrue. One of my favourite moments from the 2010 season was his overtime winner in the first game against the Philadelphia Flyers.

If I do make gross factual errors like that, kindly point them out to me and I will fix them. I try to read every comment posted on this website because there honestly aren't a lot just yet.

Another comment from that post wrote, and I [sic]: "You write for a site called "Theleafsnation" that covers a team that LED THE LEAGUE IN FIGHTING MAJORS last year and you write about how enforcers aren't needed".

Which brings me to David Clarkson, eventually:

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