McKenzie: Rival GMs looking to make a 'soft deal' for Phaneuf, Kessel

Thomas Drance
February 17 2015 04:00PM

Phil Kessel and Dion Phaneuf should no longer be considered among the Maple Leafs' untouchable assets, but don't expect the two highest profile players on the Maple Leafs to be dealt prior to the March 2 NHL trade deadline.

Both Phaneuf and Kessel are expensive pieces attached to long-term deals, and they both possess limited no-trade clauses. It's clear that any potential trade involving the cornerstone pieces of Brian Burke's flawed Maple Leafs teams would be an extremely complicated transaction, which makes it likely that they'll at least finish up the season in Toronto. 

Compounding these issues: teams like - oh I don't know, the Florida Panthers - are looking to land a star player with what TSN's Bob McKenzie described on Tuesday morning as 'soft deals.'

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - Feb 17, 2015 - Big Beers

Steve Dangle
February 17 2015 02:44PM

Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 10.40.56 PM

On today's podcast, the guys talk about the Franson/Santorelli trade, Ovechkin, and a rude story.

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LGD: Looking to Luuuuuse

Jeff Veillette
February 17 2015 01:40PM

Remember when Roberto Luongo was rumoured to be the next Toronto Maple Leaf? You know, in anticipation of a big-ass push for bigger things? Despite what the jersey on my wall would have you think, it never materialized, and the Leafs ended up eventually getting Jonathan Bernier, who was pretty good himself. Oh, and then realized that goaltending wasn't the problem and fell into the abyss.

Anyway, the Leafs take on Luongo and the Florida Panthers tonight.

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Report: Roman Polak 'Coveted' by Kings

Shawn Reis
February 17 2015 11:00AM

It's been a busy couple of weeks in the rumor mill leading up to the NHL's trade deadline on March 2nd.  Most recently, of course, we saw the Leafs pull off their first, but not last trade, of the season.  With speculation abound regarding the future of players like Daniel Winnik, Tyler Bozak, Phil Kessel, and Dion Phaneuf, it seems like one name may be overlooked.  Roman Polak, who has been a serviceable blueliner for the Leafs this year, is apparently beginning to garner some interest.  According to a report from the Globe and Mail's Eric Duhatschek, Roman Polak is among the defensemen coveted by the Los Angeles Kings.

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If Leafs Want to Retool, They Just Need to Look West for Blueprint. #mycolumn:

Bobby Cappuccino
February 17 2015 09:00AM

The tear down of the Leafs and starting from scratch is being well-received by most fans. But coming with it is the talk of how it is going to take four, five, maybe more years to get it done. People point to the hard times in Chicago and Tampa Bay before they became competitive, or how Edmonton has been rebuilding forever and is still bad. 

But no one points to the best example of rebuilding - nay, retooling - of the modern era: The Calgary Flames.

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