The Roundup

Nation World HQ
May 08 2015 07:00AM


The Flames stay alive, Bob Hartley, the Battle of Alberta, Leafs coaching and GM favorites, Kevin Bieksa moving, Oilers interviewing coaches, the Kings are old and more in this week's Roundup brought to you by DraftKings.

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The Stanley Cup can only be won on the backs of Canadians. #mycolumn:

Jeff Veillette
May 07 2015 01:51PM


Bobby Cappuccino thinks he can just come in and steal my mailbag, does he?! I know he's trying to sell himself as the "bad boy" of TLN, but stealing what is the heart of what keeps my content veins full of blood is a low blow. So you know what? Let's fight fire with fire. Bobby, this isn't your column anymore. It is #mycolumn. It is mine, and it's better than anything your uncreative brain could ever conjure up.

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Maple Leafs Job Fair: Julien Brisebois' resume

Ryan Fancey
May 07 2015 10:31AM


Continuing with job fair week for the Leafs' front office positions, today we've come across the resume of Julien Brisebois, another strong candidate applying for the role of general manager with the organization. It's a bold step forward for such a young professional, but no one wants to be an assistant forever, and Brisebois has accomplished a lot in a relatively short period of time in the hockey world. 

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Maple Leafs Job Fair: Paul MacLean's resume

Jon Steitzer
May 07 2015 08:22AM

Paul MacLean is one of the more interesting candidates for the head coaching job of the Maple Leafs. Not because of his coaching record, not because Bob McKenzie reported that the Leafs asked for permission to speak to him during the season, but because in a world of getting hired based on who you know, Paul MacLean knows the right people.

MacLean is the former of coach of Brendan Shanahan in Detroit, specifically MacLean worked with the forwards and closely with players like Shanahan. His son is the assistant coach of the Soo Greyhounds, having been hired by one Kyle Dubas. We can possibly assume that MacLean, Hunter, and Shanahan all had a beer together at some point or another if Blues Alumni get togethers are a thing, though they all narrowly missed playing together. If we find out Brandon Pridham does MacLean’s taxes, he might be the most connected person outside of this organization.

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We Compared Pronman's Top 100 Prospects to the Leafs' Draft Picks

Justin Fisher
May 06 2015 01:02PM

As a Leafs fan, I'm not all that much into playoff hockey. I just can't get interested in something that, you know, doesn't involve me. Personally, I'm more of a draft guy, and that's why I get so excited when ESPN prospect guru Corey Pronman drops Top 100 knowledge on us all. 

Yesterday, Pronman released his list of the Top 100 Prospects for the 2015 NHL Draft [Warning: Paywall]. Year in and year out, it's fantastically detailed and interesting.

While this isn't a mock draft, it's still interesting to see which players are ranked in and around where the Leafs will pick. Currently without a second round pick, Toronto is set to select four times in the first 100 picks, with the fourth overall pick, Nashville's first round pick (that will sit somewhere between 22nd and 24th overall), the 65th pick, and 95th pick.

Let's take a closer look at who Pronman has ranked in those ranges...

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