Kessel: A Leaf for Life? Maybe Not

Ryan Fancey
September 05 2012 04:58AM

In a previous post, I talked a little about the Leafs' plans in the summer of 2013, and how Burke is likely looking ahead to then for major bolstering of the team. Potentially, with some big additions available to bid on, and a new set of rules under which to do so.

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NHL Fans: Don't Go Away Mad, Just Go Away

Graphic Comments
September 04 2012 05:41PM

Don't go away mad, just go away

You're an NHL fan. You spend your hard-earned money every year going to games. You buy merchandise. You subscribe to Centre Ice. You've been through one, maybe two lockouts, and even a strike if you're really old. And now they're threatening to make you go through yet another lockout.

This makes you mad.

So mad, in fact, that you're willing to take action and show the world just how angry you are. And maybe, just maybe, your action combined with the actions of thousands of other outraged fans might even have an impact and a lockout will be avoided or at least shortened.

Well, you have every right to be outraged. But make no mistake, the angrier you get and the more you show it, the more you ensure the lockout goes on.

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Tom Anselmi takes over MLSE

Cam Charron
September 04 2012 01:08PM

Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment has found their new COO.

As our friend Bruce Arthur points out,

I solicited an opinion about the Rogers-Bell purchase of MLSE and what it means for the clubs going forward while out for drinks a couple of weeks ago. A cautiously optimistic baseball fan (not the Blue Jays) suggested to me that Rogers had a good track record in hiring younger, more creative minds such as J.P. Ricciardi or Alex Anthopolous to run the Blue Jays.

And, well then we get this. The major MLSE teams last season, the Raptors, FC and Leafs, won 64 games and lost 103. For some reason, MLSE thinks that shuffling the deck that doesn't have any face cards rather than purchase a new deck is the key to sporting success.

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This is not hockey news (Also, Phaneuf's powerplay production)

Cam Charron
September 04 2012 05:17AM

Welcome to the front pages of the sports sections of the Toronto Star (above) and the Globe and Mail (below). Other newspapers and websites had more discretion, at least confining the news to the entertainment and arts pages.

I do want to address this specific point, mind you:

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The five worst, and best, contracts on the Leafs

Cam Charron
September 03 2012 10:48AM

I wrote a post over at Canucks Army last week that looked at the Canucks' best and worst contracts, the idea being that when the salary cap is rolled back at the start of next hockey season, whenever that is, we can pick and choose which players ought to stay and ought to go if there's an amnesty period.

Thankfully, I can do all your thinking for you here at the Leafs Nation. The Leafs have a little under $63M committed in salary cap payroll for the 2012-13 season, and the belief is that the cap should be dragged down to the high 50s, low 60s for the next few years.

Which contracts are a priority to be shipped out?

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