From "We" to "They"

Danny Gray
October 18 2011 12:40PM



Every so often “people” (members of the media, sticks-in-the-mud) tell “us” (the fans) how to cheer for our favourite team. As there is no cheering in the press-box, referring to the team in the first person is obviously verboten. It’s hard to see this particular complaint as something other than another salvo in the ever enduring war between the MSM, the Blogosphere, and fans in general.  The latest shot came in the form of a Grantland article by Chris Jones. He believes it’s silly that fans refer to their team as “we” and wants you to know you’re wrong to do so. Here are some thoughts on why fans say “we”and my own experience with that troublesome pronoun.

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Why We Undervalue Defensive Contributions

Danny Gray
October 17 2011 10:36AM



James Reimer and Tyler Bozak were both praised for their defensive efforts against the Flames on Saturday night. After the Flames jumped out to a quick two goal lead each made a strong play to prevent the Flames from extending their lead. Unfortunately their efforts would have gone unnoticed if not for the offense of Phil Kessel. All too often strong defensive play is only rewarded retroactively after a goal is scored. On the other hand “big” saves only earn that status after the game is finished. Hindsight Bias causes us to both under and over value defensive contributions.

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Leafs and Flames Shift by Shift

Danny Gray
October 16 2011 02:24PM

At about the same time the Leafs were spotting the Flames a two goal courtesy lead I was enduring a turbulence filled landing at Billy Bishop Airport.

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October 16 2011 02:07PM

One week into the NHL season and there are already a ton of items on Lowetide's agenda this week. Arena talk in Edmonton, Luongo's early season struggles in Vancouver and a detailed look at the Oilers' AHL affiliate in Oklahoma.

This is NationRadio.

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Player types: Conclusion, and in defense of the "low-event" superstar

Cam Charron
October 16 2011 09:18AM



Well, after a couple of weeks of research and organizing and sorting, we got six basic standard "player types" that are sorted between "high- and low-event" players that I'll be using for a little bit more of my analysis on the Nations.

If you missed it, those six player types are:

The Two-Way Forward
The Defensive Forward
The Offensive Liability
The No-Way Forward
The Defensive Liability
The Offensive Forward

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