On Brad Richards and the quest for a #1 centre

Cam Charron
July 06 2011 11:04AM



You can skip ahead, as long as you notify me when Brad Richards officially retires. Chances are, we won't see him all that much when he's kicking around the New York Rangers as a 40-year old, cane in one hand, fruitlessly pushing the puck ahead with his stick with the other.

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Leafs re-sign MacArthur

Kent Wilson
July 05 2011 05:49PM



James Mirtle reported today that the Toronto Maple Leafs have avoided arbitration with Clark MacArthur, instead signing him to a two-year deal worth $6.5 million in total.

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The Nashville Predators and the salary cap floor

Cam Charron
July 04 2011 03:14PM

The trade that sent Brett Lebda to the Nashville Predators is an intriguing one for two reasons, and the strategy behind the deal for both teams is one that we may see more often as rich teams attempt to maximize their spending money and lesser teams attempt to maximize the value they get from their players.

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Maple Leafs + Tim Connolly = ...

Pension Plan Puppets
July 03 2011 10:16PM

Use in case of callow centremen

After a quiet July first in which the only development was that the Leafs managed to present to Brad Richards and that Steve Simmons continued to display his idiocy, the buds signed former Buffalo Sabre Tim Connolly to a two-year $9.5M deal. Ultimately, as Dave Nonis noted on a radio interview, the Leafs had a list of targets along with limits that they were comfortable with in terms of length of the contract and the dollar figures involved. As anyone that followed the insanity saw pretty quickly, those limits were presumably met early and often but it was not entirely a bad thing

Of course, this deal is not without some controversy. There are a couple of common complaints about the deal which I'll break down after the jump.

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July 03 2011 04:29PM

Do you love commercial free programming? If not, feel free to watch the Flintstones hawking smokes in the vintage ad above before you click on any of the segments in this article. Because you won`t be hearing any ads on the podcast version of NationRadio this week.


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