Asked And Answered: Brian Burke Edition

Pension Plan Puppets
January 08 2012 12:12PM


The Toronto Maple Leafs have been one of the teams that has come to the forefront of embracing Twitter as a team. Along with a handful of players the team's coach and general manager have taken the leap. While Burke would never be able to match up to the original (a rare successful parody account) he has been pretty good. It was worth it just for him to smack down Steve Simmons.

For those that are not on Twitter, after the jump, Brian Burke answers some fans questions.

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Shutouta Ya Mouth!

JP Nikota
January 07 2012 10:17AM

It wasn't so long ago that I thought the NHL had seen the last of Jonas Gustavsson. That is, I figured the Leafs would hang on to him for the rest of the season, but I never forsaw a time when he would take games like last night's away from James Reimer. I even considered the possibility that Ben Scrivens might wind up making The Monster a third wheel, much like he was towards the end of last season.

I also don't mind saying that I disagreed with Ron Wilson's decision to start Gustavsson against The Winnipeg Jets, because, although Gus didn't play a poor game against Tampa Bay, in allowing three goals, he wasn't exactly spectacular, either. In my mind, winning once isn't enough to take my number one goaltender out for an important game against another team in the playoff hunt.

Of course, with his shutout against the Jets, The Monster is making me eat a few of my words (and I'm more than happy to do so if it means the Leafs are picking up points), but I'm still not convinced he's a long term solution as a backup goaltender. I mean, is he even really a short term solution?

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Brian Burke bites back against the "rats"

Cam Charron
January 06 2012 12:25PM


Normally, a hockey team waiving Colton Orr or another player of Orr's enforcer ilk wouldn't be newsworthy enough for the General Manager to even sign his name on the press release, but, Thursday afternoon in Toronto, Brian Burke held a conference with reporters to discuss the state of the game.

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Dion Phaneuf "elected" All-Star Team Starter

Danny Gray
January 05 2012 10:53PM

In the latest episode in the trade that keeps on giving Dion Phaneuf has been "elected" as a starter in the 2011-2012 NHL "All-Star" game. He joins Tim Thomas, and some terrible Ottawa Senators players in the starting line-up.

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Beware of the World Junior Bump

Danny Gray
January 05 2012 11:55AM


That's Gold Jerry,Gold! 

This morning Jonathan Willis posted an excellent piece on why we should not read too much into the results of performance of any given player or team at the World Junior Championships. You should bookmark it for future reference because it will be true every year, and during the NHL playoffs. I’d like to quickly discuss the neurological explanation behind why we can’t help but read too much into a player’s performance at these types of tournaments.

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