LGD: Leafs take on Penguins

Jeff Veillette
October 11 2014 03:03PM

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Okay, whatever. So the Leafs lost the first game. It's in the past; 81-1-0 is still the best record in NHL history, and if 99.44 germ removal is good enough for some bathroom soaps, its good enough to be the Leafs' year-end Corsi-for percentage. Tonight, the Leafs take on the Pittsburgh Penguins.

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Optimist or Pessimist?

October 11 2014 08:12AM


It's early in the season, but how are ya feeling so far? Is it same old Leafs or do you have renewed faith?

Hey you, have you signed up for the Nations Draft yet? No? Dude, what are you even doing? Get all the details here.

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - October 10, 2014 - We Need to Talk

Steve Dangle
October 10 2014 11:10AM


On today's episode, we talk about the first few days of the season, some good news, and some bad news.

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Nation World HQ
October 10 2014 08:38AM

The 2014-15 season is officially underway. We’re talking Phil Kessel, John Tortorella, Pacific war room, season predictions and more in this week's Roundup.

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October 09 2014 04:16PM


Can you believe it’s finally opening night (for the Oilers anyway… as if anyone else matters)?! After months of sitting around, and rehashing the same argument thousands of different ways, the NHL regular season is finally back!  That means it’s also time for another round of NationDrafts.

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