Leafs vs. Bruins: The Strive for Five

Danny Gray
October 20 2011 01:56PM



Welcome to a sold out TD Gardens, home of the Boston Bruins

Hi, I'm Danny Gray for The Leafs Nation...And in goal tonight, Tim Thomas for The Boston Bruins and Jonas Gustavsson for The Toronto Maple Leafs

For The Toronto Maple Leafs, Phil Kessel is on a hot streak, but Luke Schenn is off his game...For The Boston Bruins, Rich Peverley is on a hot streak, but Milan Lucic is off his game.

The TD Garden’s crowd record is 17,565

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The Phil Kessel hot-start conundrum

Cam Charron
October 20 2011 01:46PM

-Getty Images

Thus far in the NHL regular season, the Toronto Maple Leafs are shooting at 12.1%. This can be interpreted as either a good thing or a bad thing. The good news is that the Toronto Maple Leafs are shooting at 12.1% and thus scoring a lot of goals and are 6th in the NHL in goals per game. They are theoretically on pace for 257 goals.

The bad news is that the Toronto Maple Leafs are shooting at 12.1% and are probably not a team capable of sustaining that rate through the full NHL season. In fact, no team really is. The 2007 Buffalo Sabres are the only post-lockout team to crack the 12% barrier over the course of an entire season, and they were a team loaded with players who had career seasons.

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Leafs and Jets Shift by Shift

Danny Gray
October 20 2011 11:28AM


 Our Leafs played arguably their most exciting game of the season last night. After looking all but dead for most of the second period they came out flying in the third and scored two PP goals to tie the game and send it into overtime. Lupul, Frattin, and Reimer locked down the two points in the shootout.

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Maple Leafs 4 - Jets 3 (SO): Kessel Just Scores

Pension Plan Puppets
October 20 2011 06:28AM

As @Archizuber once said "All Kessel does is score."

The biggest knock against Kessel - out of the unending litany of knocks (real and imagined) - is that Kessel is not an elite player. Or maybe it's that he's not clutch. Well, maybe he is clutch. What we do know for a fact is that Phil Kessel is currently playing on an elevated plane. Did he take another step in his development? Is he benefitting from the percentages? Who knows. All I care is that he once again dragged the Leafs kicking and screaming to another two points.

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Leafs and Avs Shift by Shift

Danny Gray
October 19 2011 01:02PM


Sorry this re-cap was a little late in coming, it's not as fun writing about the games we lose. 

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