Leafs fire Randy Carlyle

Ryan Fancey
January 06 2015 07:28AM

Obviously we're going to have much more on the way over the course of the day, but there you have it. Carlyle is out.

It looks as though Horachek and Spott will take over coaching duties in the immediate interim, but that's just the initial word. 

With DeBoer and Bylsma out there (among others) as key free agent coaches, you can bet a lot of rumors will be floating around in the coming days. 

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World Junior Postgame: Gold Rush

Bobby Cappuccino
January 05 2015 09:41PM

Canada. Russia. Whenever these two teams meet, magic seems to follow. And boy was tonight magical - a star-studded Canadian side facing off against a very underrated Russian group with a hot goalie.

A perfectly set stage.

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Leafs at the World Juniors: Nazem Kadri, 2009

Adam Laskaris
January 05 2015 05:29PM

Go 4-0 through the preliminary round, play easy opponents on the way for a berth to the World Junior final against a classic opponent on home ice? Nazem Kadri knows that feeling, for sure, though he'd like to forget certain parts about what happened next.

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TCGD: Putin it all on the line

Jon Steitzer
January 05 2015 10:59AM

Canada's performance against Russia in the past few World Juniors tournaments leaves a lot to be desired. Fortunately, every year the roster is completely turned over and there isn't any reason to believe that trend has to continue. Nonetheless, the Russian's still have the same head coach in Valeri Bragin that has kept the Russians so damn competitive over the past half decade.

The Russians have forsaken their stereotypical enigmatic roster, and have opted for a blue collar, lunch pail, physical lineup that Hockey Canada would be proud to dress. Canada will have its first true test of the tournament against its historical and greatest rival.

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#mycolumn: january 5

Bobby Cappuccino
January 05 2015 07:13AM

Hey guys welcome to my column, the only column that is mine.

First off, Happy 2015. This is my first column of the new year. Can’t wait to bless you faithful readers with lots of these in 2015. Really looking forward to it. 

With the mandatory nice greeting out of the way, let’s get right into it.

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