James Reimer's Glove Hand

March 17 2011 03:06PM

Just listen to Pierre McGuire on the first goal against Reimer. The shot gets by him, through traffic, and he immediately starts prattling on and on about how James Reimer keeps his glove hand low and other teams know that and now teams are shooting glove side high and that's how James Reimer got beat.

Pierre McGuireA lot of people talking about shooting high on James Reimer cause his glove is low. Let's see where his glove is in this situation. ... He elevates the puck doesn't look like there's a lot of traffic watch where the glove is it's down by [Reimer's] hip. That might have been touched going in. That being said a lot of teams are elevating the puck on James Reimer.

There's only one problem with that: the shot was tipped by Chad LaRose standing in front of the net and went under Reimer's glove as he butterflyed.

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Steve Lansky
March 17 2011 07:27AM

So, this is the Dion Phaneuf we've been waiting for. This is the guy that Flames' fans saw in his rookie season. This is the guy who was Pierre McGuire's "Monster" every single time he played. And, boy, did Dion ever pick the right time to find his game in Toronto. But there’s more to the Leafs’ D, right now, than just Phaneuf. It’s a Three-Headed Monster.

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Game #71 Scoring Chances: Maple Leafs @ Hurricanes, Mar. 16/11 (3-1 Win)

Slava Duris
March 16 2011 07:50PM

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 21051

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On Relative Worth of Draft Picks

March 16 2011 02:42PM

Avalanche blogger Jibblescribbits went to the trouble to figure out a way to value NHL draft picks to determine their relative worth here (go read it now, I'll wait).

I went ahead and started with this approximation:

Or Player Value = (Career TOI/g) / (Position average TOI/g)

I decided that a player who plays more would, on most occasions, be a better player than one who played little minutes.

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March 16 2011 12:30PM

The average NFL team is worth a billion dollars and every single team is profitable. The Superbowl is regularly the most watched TV show of the year - if not the history of television. So of course they are going on strike and are running the risk of having to lose part or potentially all of a season of football.

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