TLN Draft Profile: Jake "The Wrestler" Virtanen

Bobby Cappuccino
June 26 2014 09:40PM

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Name: Jake Virtanen

Position: Right Wing

Height: 6'1

Weight: 210lbs

Junior Team: Calgary (WHL)

Rankings: NHL CSS - 6th (NA), ISS - 7th, Justin's List - 9th, Logan's List - 9th

Wow, someone Justin and I agree on! Jake "The Snake/The Hitman" (all the wrestlers!) Virtanen is a big right winger that plays for the Calgary Hitmen. He's one of those prospects that seems to have all the attributes that could make him a great top line winger in the future.

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TLN Draft Profile: Nick Ritchie

Justin Fisher
June 26 2014 04:15PM

Name: Nick Ritchie

Position: Left Wing

Height: 6’2

Weight: 226lbs

Junior Team: Peterborough (OHL)

Rankings: NHL CSS - 7th (NA), ISS - 10th, Justin’s List - 8th, Bobby’s List - 10th

I’ve spent more time talking about Nick Ritchie over the past few weeks than I’d like to admit. Amongst Leafs fans, who have taken exception to apparent “safe picks” made by Toronto with recent first round picks, there’s a very real paranoia surrounding the eighth overall pick.

“Like, what if they take Nick Ritchie? Isn’t he like Tyler Biggs 2.0?”

Um, no.

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Draft Retrospective: David Broll

Steve Dangle
June 26 2014 04:09PM


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Leafs prospect David Broll knows all about the stresses and joys of the NHL Entry Draft. He was drafted fairly recently - 152nd overall in the 2011 NHL Entry Draft - and he has already gone from a late round draft pick, to a regular American League player with a few NHL games under his belt.

I spoke to "The Brolldozer" on the eve of this year's edition of the NHL Entry Draft to ask about his experience, what has happened since, and what advice he has for this year's crop.

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Nation World HQ
June 26 2014 12:58PM


Our writers around the Nation Network have done a fantastic job profiling all the top prospects for this weekend’s NHL draft.  Here is all you need to know about the players expected to be picked early in tomorrow’s first round.

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Sham Sharron takes over all 30 draft tables; how did he do?

Rhys Jessop
June 26 2014 10:52AM

prospects nhl 2003 584 

Zach Parise hasn't aged a day since 2003. Dustin Brown on the other hand was drafted at 13 years old.

So the 2014 NHL entry draft is just around the corner. NHL teams are assembling en masse in Philadelphia as we speak to prepare for the first day of the rest of their franchises' lives. Games have been watched, interviews have been conducted, numbers have been analyzed, and (as fans, we hope) that all the groundwork has been done to ensure that our favourite team comes away with a draft choice that sets themselves up for plenty of success in the future.

Of course, we know that this isn't the case. Someone is going to blow it. Someone is going to make a draft choice that everyone will look at in 5 years down the road and point and laugh at and say "HA! Can you believe the Rangers took Hugh freaking Jessiman instead of Ryan Getzlaf!?"

We just don't know who this someone will be. Yet. With hindsight being what it is, it almost makes you wonder if a potato could do better than some teams. I mean, just ask Oilers fans about the Kevin Prendergast years, or Leafs fans about any of the years. They're sure to tell you that, "no way man, my team is really the worst."

So here at Canucks Army, we decided that hey, why not take turns putting a potato named Sham Sharron in charge of amateur scouting for every NHL team in the league and see what happens? Well, as it turns out, Sham Sharron isn't half bad. But would Sham really be an upgrade for your team? Will he leave you crying bitter tears at the thought of the guys that your team should have drafted? Or will Sham have you thankful that your team's scouting staff is actually better at identifying hockey talent than an inanimate foodstuff? You'll have to read past the jump to find out.

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