Net Presence Scoring Chances, Special Teams 2010-11

Slava Duris
August 30 2011 02:52PM

A few weeks ago, I introduced a category of stats known as "Net Presence Scoring Chances", which consist of rebounds, deflections, and chances through traffic (shots on goal that got through bodies in front without touching anybody enroute to the net).  We previously viewed the regular season results for the 2010-11 Toronto Maple Leafs, today we will check out their work during Special Teams play.

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Maple Leafs' Schedule: November Rain

Pension Plan Puppets
August 30 2011 12:20PM

The NHL season is a marathon not a sprint and each leg of the course is unique. In this seven part series we'll look at the make up of each one, how the Leafs have fared, what games they'll need to win, and what games we'd love to see. We'll even do it for the months that the Leafs don't show up to play.


Regular readers of Pension Plan Puppets know that November is the single most important month on the calendar. Regular fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs will recognize it as the month where the 2010-11 season went well and truly off the rails. October ends with a tough stretch of games on the road but November brings with it the opportunity for the Leafs to put a dent in the 90 points that they will likely need in order to make the playoffs.

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Playing For A Contract

Jonathan Willis
August 30 2011 05:11AM

The Toronto Maple Leafs rookie camp, which will kick off in a couple of weeks in advance of their main training camp, features not just draft picks and signed players, but also a bunch of guys playing for a job.

Are any of them of interest as potential future NHL’ers? After the jump, we will look at each.

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Player types: "High Event" and "Low Event"

Cam Charron
August 29 2011 02:44PM



Let's start this with Phil Kessel. Or Eric Staal. Or somebody with a less impressive name, such as Jim Slater or Cory Stillman or Gregory Campbell. These players have a lot more in common than you might think. But we'll use Kessel as an example because he's the star player in the world's largest hockey market and a frequent earner of criticism and praise from all ranges.

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August 29 2011 12:36PM

Lowetide is back on the m-i-c this week, rested from vacation and looking to reconquer the airwaves with his first NationRadio in three weeks. This week features Kirk Luedeke, Matt Bugg, Kent WIlson, Jeff Krushnell and a list of 10 things we can look forward to from the Oilers next season.

This is NationRadio. Enjoy!

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