KHL Update: Grabo Goal, More of Malkin, Unlucky Chara, and more

Steve Dangle
October 17 2012 06:18PM


Hey look! Actual hockey!

Here's today's KHL highlights, featuring Mikail Grabovski, Evgeni Malkin, Zdeno Chara, and more.

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The Trouble with Tyler Biggs

Cam Charron
October 17 2012 12:59PM

Today, the Toronto Maple Leafs were due to play in Washington. This upsets me for two reasons, one, that there's still no NHL hockey on TV, and two is that I'm very interesting to see what comes out of the Capitals' pseudo-rebuild. They went decidedly defensive last season despite holding the most exciting offensive talent in a decade, and it looks like their intention in the offseason was to ditch that.

Though they got rid of Alex Semin, they added Mike Ribeiro and Wojtek Wolski. The second is a bit of an enigma, an up-and-down player with decent possession numbers throughout his career though has played several different roles for each of the four teams he's played for. Ribeiro, however, is a talented, natural centre and though his numbers have declined, I think he should get an added boost this season.

Maybe there will be a season. There probably will be, and Washington is always an interesting team to track. But there won't be a game tonight. No, so today we will talk about Tyler Biggs.

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Full disclosure

Ryan Fancey
October 17 2012 12:36PM

The NHL has gone ahead and released the details of their offer to the Players' Association, which was first presented to the union yesterday. It's another surprising move in what's now become the CBA news hitting back-to-back-to-back jacks in having the NHL's focus group experiment come to light, followed by the proposal a day later, and now this.

Details of the offer can be found here, at

A few highlights:

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KHL Update: Ovechkin, Kovalchuk, and the Top 10 Goals & Saves of the Week

Steve Dangle
October 16 2012 07:43PM


So apparently the NHL season might start on November 2nd. Until then, keep your fingers crossed, sit back, and check out these KHL videos! 

We have the Top 10 goals and saves of this past week, as well as highlights of Kovalchuk slinging sauce in SKA's 7-3 win, as well as Ovechkin doing good stuff and not-so-good stuff.

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NHL offers the players a 50/50 split

Jonathan Willis
October 16 2012 11:21AM

According to multiple reports, the NHL has made a new offer to the players’ association during their meeting today. One portion the proposal is the offer of a 50/50 split of hockey-related revenue with the players.

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