June 19 2011 10:30PM

It takes a lot go get NationRadio on the air every week. Technology, entertaining guests and of course the legendary Lowetide.

This week Mark Lamb makes an appearance on the show, as does Scott Reynolds from Copper and Blue, Kirk Luedeke, Kent Simpson, Matt Bugg and Jason Gregor.

This is NationRadio.

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June 15 2011 01:14AM

Get a load of our fellow Justice League: Twitter edition cohort. @faqu94 sends his best along with a picture of himself getting ready for Game 7. @michealrioux later pointed out: “I love how he wolfed down a bag of Old Dutch chips right before the pic."

Classic case of crushing Old Dutch and taking an epic pic if you ask us.

Game 7 for all the beans is all that’s left Nation. It's a good old fashioned GDB: SCF7.

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June 13 2011 12:36PM

This is L'il Wayne, Birdman and Mark Cuban celebrating the Mavericks NBA Championshop in Miami last night. If we don't want to see a similar scene featuring Tom Cochrane, The Odds and Ryan Kesler somewhere in Boston tonight, the Bruins are going to need to step up to the plate.

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Can the Flyers afford Ilya Bryzgalov?

Cam Charron
June 13 2011 07:24AM



(Cam Charron is a our newest addition to the Nations Network. He will pop in now and then and add his thoughts on more general NHL matters from time to time.)

Lost in all the fuss this week over the Stanley Cup Finals is the implications of the Ilya Bryzgalov trade to the Philadelphia Flyers. Phoenix, of course, doesn't have the money to sign Bryzgalov to what are reportedly astronomical contract demands, and the rumour goes that Bryzgalov wants to be paid like a top player, and not necessarily like a top goalie.

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USA Hockey Raises Checking Age

June 12 2011 07:51AM


USA Hockey faces a hard task: how does it continue to promote the game we all love in America and how does it continue to develop elite athletes with concussions on the rise? Today the USA Hockey Board of Directors agreed on the Progressive Checking Skill Development Program the highlights of which are thus:

  • Pee-wees (ages 11 & 12) will no longer be allowed to check. Full contact hockey in the USA will start at age 13 (Bantams).
  • The program will emphasize more body contact pre-checking.

The goal here is to get players bumping and grinding along the boards but to remove the "intimidation" hits from the game. I coached 9 & 10 year olds this year and it was pretty sad at the end of the season knowing that some of the kids played their last game (whether they know it yet or not) because next year they'll move on to checking hockey.

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