Jonas Gustavsson may be delusional

Cam Charron
August 29 2012 01:52PM

Jonas Gustavsson had a rough time in Toronto.

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Goals Breakdown By Period

Gus Katsaros
August 29 2012 10:57AM

The Toronto Maple Leafs scored 70 goals in the first period of games in 2011-12 followed by 71 in the second. They scored 81 in the third period. The Leafs number 81 accounted for 14 of those goals, five in the final five minutes with one accounted for in an empty net.

 The balance was off with 11 3rd period goals at home and three on the road. 

Phil Kessel

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The Essential Toronto Maple Leafs: Part I

Danny Gray
August 29 2012 05:59AM


"The last goal he ever scored, won the Leafs the Cup." 

You've probably all read the excellent Maple Leafs' version of The Essentials over at Puck Daddy (h/t to Bitter Leaf for doing the leg-work. We all thought it was an excellent idea and decided to borrow it. So I asked my fellow Leafs' fans—and Cam—to list off their Essential players, seasons, fights, swag and whatnot. Since we've got the time and space I decided to chunk it into a few pieces. Since I'm the smartest I'm going to be writing in-depth about what I consider to be the Essential Leafs. I'll also list my fellow bloggers' responses, and include some justification from those who went off the map with their selections. Feel free to post your own in the comments and disagree with everything we said. 

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NHL 13 with Doug Gilmour

Steve Dangle
August 28 2012 08:31PM


Member of TLN, video blogger, and overall handsome young gentleman (who's clearly writing this) Steve Dangle sits down with Leafs legend Doug Gilmour at an event for the upcoming release of EA Sports' NHL 13. Dougie talks about gaming, the CHLPA, the upcoming (we hope) Winter Classic, his epic cow leggings, and more.

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August 28 2012 01:18PM

While NHL fans do a slow burn and the league's player prepare for a season that may never come, the owners and Bettman appear to be enjoying another season of good times on Boardwalk, Park Place and Pennsylvania avenues. Allan Mitchell tackles the issues with some heavy hitters.

This is Nation Radio.

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