Playing Jr. 'til You're 24?!?

October 28 2014 12:49PM

Sam Berg, former CHLer has filed a class action lawsuit against the league claiming he (and the 1300 other CHL players) was underpaid while he played in the league, when he says underpaid, he’s talking about being paid below minimum wage.

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - October 28, 2014 - First Degree

Steve Dangle
October 28 2014 12:03PM


On this episode, the guys learn all about Jesse, talk about surprises, suspensions, and laugh till it hurts. 

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Jon Steitzer
October 28 2014 12:02PM


Tonight Leafs fans join Sabres fans in rooting for a Toronto win. The Sabres with their league worst goal differential (-18) are coming off an upset of the Sharks and the Leafs are doing their best to forget a shelling at the hands of the Chara-less (but still very good) Bruins.

The Leafs have made some significant changes by shuffling their right wingers around. Kessel moves to the Kadri line, Winnik joins Santorelli and Komarov, while Clarkson will be playing with Bozak. If the Leafs could pull Ryan Hollweg out of retirement to play with Bozak and Clarkson that might be the most hated Leafs line of all time, but somehow I remain optimistic about the changes. I think it’s because James van Riemsdyk is a very good hockey player.

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40 Leafs Fancy Stats Facts

Shawn Reis
October 27 2014 05:06PM

Since the Leafs hired away Extra Skater’s Darryl Metcalf, there have been plenty of new advanced stats websites popping up to help meet our every Corsi need.  War On Ice is one such site, providing much of the same unique information that Extra Skater once did.  Where War On Ice has Extra Skater and just about everyone else beat though, is that they actually provide fancy stats dating as far back as the 2002-2003 season.

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Monday Mailbag: Escapism

Jeff Veillette
October 27 2014 04:21AM


Good-Stick scout Steve Simmons mentioned today that Dallas Eakins' job in Edmonton could have been saved by the Oilers' three game win streak. There are other unrelated thoughts racing through my mind, but here's my question for you - how long of a losing streak does it take to end the Randy Carlyle era here in Toronto? Respond. Or, alternatively, throw us a question for next week.

To submit your Leafs or Marlies questions, tweet myself (@Jeffler) or the site (@TLNdc).

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