KHL Highlights - Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Steve Dangle
October 09 2012 09:51PM

As Kent Wilson posted yesterday, Andrey Osadchenko and I have started making highlight packs in English for the KHL youtube channel this season. Like them? We can make it a regular feature here at the Nations.


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Helping the players with their CBA proposal, and other Leaflets

Cam Charron
October 09 2012 04:16PM

The salary cap is frustrating to some. I find it frightfully interesting, and I'm not sure if Donald Fehr's threat to remove the salary cap really benefits most of the players in the NHL.

What's ended up happening in the capped league is that the best players signed contracts for millions of dollars, locking them into a set dollar figure even while the cap around them rose. That gave teams the room to sign depth players, who make up the majority of union membership.

So perhaps Fehr's threat is harmless. It throws a wrench into this lockout speculation though, and I'm sure one of our lawyer friends speculated that the Players' Association might look into removing the cap.

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PDO, or why the Leafs fell apart last spring

Cam Charron
October 09 2012 12:50PM

He's playing with a relatively newfound commitment and dedication in all three zones – the 200-foot player as Brian Burke likes to describe it. Winning battles along the boards, chipping pucks out in the defensive zone, back-checking with vigour, [He] is dedicating himself to the finer elements of the game.

Which Toronto Maple Leaf is Jonas Siegel writing about in this paragraph from October 16, 2011? Click past the jump to find out.

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Leafs Draft Pick Transactions

Gus Katsaros
October 09 2012 07:55AM

From the 2009 draft through 2012, the Leafs made 14 of 29 selections in NHL Entry Drafts that were their own. That means, 15 picks were acquired, whether it was for a player, or just as a strategy to move up in the draft order.

I’ve been going over transactions over the Brian Burke regime. There’s too much for just one post, so I’ll break it up in two with an introduction here and get more in depth later this week.

This post will focus on the Maple Leafs draft pick transactions since November 29, 2008, the date Burke took over the team.

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KHL Highlights - Monday, October 8, 2012

Kent Wilson
October 09 2012 07:27AM

Nations contributors Steve Dangle and Andrey Osadchenko have been tabbed by the KHL youtube channel to put together KHL highlight packages for the season this year. This is their debut video - if everyone likes it, we can make it a regular feature here at the Nations.


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