Gustavsson, Reimer and Scrivens; just the stats, sir

Cam Charron
April 24 2012 04:55PM

What follows is a dry look at three goaltenders for the Toronto Maple Leafs this past season.

In no way am I caliming that any of the following information is predictive. All I can tell you is that it is reliable, and takes into account the three Leafs' goaltenders over 81 games this season. Jussi Rynnas is not on the list because he had a single start.

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Luongo-ing to Toronto?

John Lofranco
April 23 2012 10:18AM

luongo shop

Now that the Canucks have been eliminated from the playoffs **chuckles**, the talk is that Vancouver needs to blow it up, start over, the window is closed, etc. That's a bit ridiculous, considering the age of their very good starting goalie, Corey Schneider, and their twin leaders, the Sedins. Perhaps the coach could go, as a way of shaking things up, and certainly some minor tweaks to the line-up are likely, but a full-blow up is not necessary. This is still a very good team, with lots of assets, depth and talent.

One guy who embodies all three of those descriptors is Roberto Luongo. Considering how good Schnieder is, and the play of Eddie Lack with the Wolves, it would not be a bad idea for the Nucks to trade their former captain, to try to shore up some other areas. And of course, if someone is talking trade, the Leafs must be involved. But, is this realistic?

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Leafs Nation Podcast: PLAYOFFS!!1

Leafs Nation Podcast
April 22 2012 05:26PM


This week, Steve Dangle joined Danny Gray and I for a good talk about the Marlies' playoff performance so far, as well as some chit-chat about the current NHL playoff situation. Oh yes, that's right, we also discuss the Raffi Torres ordeal, as well as some interesting rumblings from a French-Canadian friend of mine.

Jump for more.

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Nation Radio - April 21, 2012

April 22 2012 01:02PM

Aside from the St. Louis Blues who are now home and dry, pretty much all of the favorites heading into the playoffs are on the ropes. It's been a wacky post-season for fans of playoff teams. Luckily the Flames, Leafs and Oilers faithful don't have to deal with such stress - all that's left for them is to sit back, await the draft and continue to pray for a Canucks first round upset (sorry Canucks fans).

This week on program we welcomed draft gurus Corey Pronman and Kirk Luedeke to talk prospects, as well Nation regulars Kent Wilson and Jonathan Willis to get a feel for the Flames and Oilers off-season.

This is Nation Radio.

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25 Games For Raffi Torres

Jonathan Willis
April 21 2012 10:14AM

The NHL has suspended Raffi Torres for 25 games as a result of his hit on Marian Hossa.

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