Nik Kulemin: A Tale of Two Styles

Gus Katsaros
October 04 2012 09:26AM

The well documented scoring decline of Nik Kulemin has been picked through with a fine-toothed comb both offensively and defensively.

The numbers paint an interesting story.

This isn’t meant to analyze the actual scoring decline. Instead the contrast in the 26-year-old’s approach to the game and type of skills and work ethic opposes each other to the detriment of one thing:

Goal scoring.

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The Tale of Don and Dallas

Steve Dangle
October 03 2012 09:01PM

I really wanted to make the title for this just "Dallas Eakins calls out Don Cherry." That's a catchier, more eye-grabbing title. While Eakins does issue somewhat of a challenge to Grapes, he really could not have been more polite and eloquent in doing so.

Due to recent comments the Toronto Marlies head coach made about Maple Leafs prospect Nazem Kadri (which you can read about on, Don Cherry decided to fire back at the Toronto Maple Leafs organization with a Twitter rant criticizing the team's handling of Kadri (which you can also read about on

Inevitably of course, Eakins had to respond. Read on to watch the video (only 2:10 in length). After that, I want to go through the things Eakins said after the jump. Eakins' words bolded and italicized.

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Don Cherry's rant at Leafs' handling of Nazem Kadri is misguided

Cam Charron
October 03 2012 01:36PM

If the Brian Burke feud with Don Cherry from late January has any spillover victims, it's Dallas Eakins of the Toronto Marlites.

That's Cherry's scope in this town. He's not just a media figure, he's a cult, and Eakins, a coach of an American Hockey League team, had to answer questions raised by Cherry on Twitter.

So let's recap the things Cherry has said in 2012 about the Maple Leafs' organization. In three mediums now, he has criticized the team for the way they treat American college players in relation to good Southern Ontario kids.

There was this interview with QMI from a few months back:

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Will you watch KHL hockey?

Ryan Fancey
October 03 2012 07:04AM

Yesterday it was announced that our friends south of the border (unless you're from the States and reading this now. In which case, you) will have the opportunity to tune in for some KHL action on ESPN3 as early as, well, now. Apparently this will bring the KHL in to something like 70 million homes in the U.S.

Naturally, you're thinking "when are they going to get something going in Canada?", and while it's been reported that the KHL is working on striking a deal here in the north, answers may be hard to come by.

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Jake Gardiner Watchlist

Gus Katsaros
October 02 2012 02:02PM


Puck rushing defensemen create a noticeable hole once removed from the lineup.

That’s what Jake Gardiner is, a skilled puck rushing blueliner. The ability to take the line and set up in the offensive zone has spawned studies into the importance of zone entries. The early evidence is that there’s a big advantage to having a defenseman with the ability to gain the line.

The Deephaven, Minnesota native burst onto the scene last preseason, creating a ‘nice problem’  or ‘forcing Burke’s hand’  with the love affair spilling into the regular season .

And boy, can he move. 

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