Hockey night in Canada Icons...

July 29 2014 11:52AM


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Bad penalty kill? Not to worry, we won't have to see it as much

Cam Charron
July 28 2014 07:54PM

The plan today was to write a forecasting piece on James Reimer and Jonathan Bernier, and what people expect going into next season. To join in, simply reply to this tweet. It's part forecast, part experiment. I want to get the impression of how much hockey fans value something like regression to the mean.

But then the Maple Leafs signed Daniel Winnik and screwed up my whole day. Thanks, Kyle.

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Leafs Sign Daniel Winnik

Jeff Veillette
July 28 2014 01:05PM

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The summer of depth continues, with the Toronto Maple Leafs adding yet another bottom six signing. This time, it's 29 year old local boy Daniel Winnik, who has signed a one year deal with the team worth $1.3 million.

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News and Notes: July 27th

Jeff Veillette
July 27 2014 08:32PM

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Dave Nonis said a couple of things this weekend! Nothing that is a hot enough take for a full article, but still worth discussing.

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Get a load of what Steve Simmons wrote today

Cam Charron
July 27 2014 09:02AM

So I was going through my usual routine Sunday morning, and saw this silly column from Steve Simmons pop up in my news reader. I mean, can you believe what he said? Let's look.

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