Nation Radio - March 24, 2012

March 25 2012 09:24AM

As the Oilers work to play spoiler in the final eighth of the season, other Canadian teams are still (fruitlessly?) battling to make the dance. Today on Nation Radio we talk prospects, junior hockey, Edmonton's last gasp this season as well as the fading dreams of the Flames and Jets.

This is Nation Radio.

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Rangers fail to foil Leafs attempt to tank

John Lofranco
March 24 2012 09:39PM

...or something like that. My fiancée was watching Whitney, and somehow that was more compelling than the Leafs game tonight. Then because my laptop is from the mid-2000s, it crashed while trying to load some game video. Both of these events were more fulfilling than watching the Leafs tonight. Across the jump I will explain why.

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Ryan Hamilton Shows Dion How to be a Leader

A. Bates
March 23 2012 08:25PM


Zach Parise playing peek-a-boo with the Maple Leafs

BREAKING NEWS: The Maple Leafs have mailed it in. They do not care. If you need any more proof just watch the highlights. David Steckel played 21 minutes of regulation time while Phil Kessel played 18. We wonder why they only mustered 17 shots through 60 minutes. This is the fourth straight game that the Leafs have failed to hit the 20 shot plateau. I'm all for drafting Grigorenko or Galchenyuk but come on, lets see a little effort.

Nazim Kadri played his first game with the Leafs in a long while. Ryan Hamilton also tagged along for the ride. I thought Kadri played a good game, he scored the Leafs second goal and had the shootout winner. Cody Franson also drew into the line-up with Carlyle running with seven defensemen.
Period by period, Leaf of the Night and the Shame of the Nation after the jump.

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Pat Quinn on “Doing Something”

Jonathan Willis
March 23 2012 09:57AM

Do something. For teams dwelling outside the playoff bubble, those words tend to accurately reflect the mood of the fan base. Fire the coach. Fire the trainers. Trade someone. Axe the professional scouts. Something.

I thought that ex-Leafs coach/G.M. and ex-Oilers coach Pat Quinn had an interesting take on “doing something” in the recent book Behind the Moves.

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Milquetoast, hold the jam; on Kessel

Cam Charron
March 22 2012 01:22PM

(Casper Milquetoast) 

The last time the Toronto Maple Leafs won a Stanley Cup, their starting goalie made 40 of 41 saves against a Montreal roster that included Jean Beliveau, Henri Richard and Yvan Cournoyer. That goaltender was also described as a player, by Andrew Podnieks as one who "lived a life so rife with unhappiness" and was "unfriendly to reporters, teammates, and even small children."

Now, in no way does the career of Phil Kessel mirror that of Terry Sawchuk but when people discuss Sawchuk upon reflection of the goaltender who died much too soon, they focus on the records he set and the Stanley Cups he won with the Maple Leafs and the Detroit Red Wings.

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