The Fantasy Minute

Nation World HQ
November 20 2014 08:37AM

Dailyfaceoff presents the Fantasy Minute. A quick run through the best Fantasy Hockey waiver adds, sleepers and buy low-sell high candidates for the week. (Based on 12 team leagues)

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What Would You Do Wednesday - Rant Nation

Justin Fisher
November 19 2014 06:47PM

So, in case you hadn't heard yet, the Leafs lost 9-2 to the Nashville Predators last night. This is after getting stomped on by the Buffalo Sabres on Saturday. Things were pretty grim in Leafs Nation today, with near everyone calling for heads to roll (or, at the very least, fired). 

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Is there a right time to fire a coach?

Ryan Fancey
November 19 2014 10:52AM

It's been a tough week for the Leafs. One minute they were being crowned a dynasty after throttling the Bruins, then tumbled about as far as any team could since. All of the worst elements of this team have come to the surface in the last three games, none more important or unsurprising than the fact that they just can't play defence. Everything started to boil over last night when the team dropped a 9-2 decision to the Predators, suffering the worst loss of any NHL club this season. 

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LFR8 - Game 19 - NOPE - Nsh 9, Tor 2

Steve Dangle
November 18 2014 09:47PM

Screen shot 2014-11-18 at 11.31.46 PM


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The Leafs Are Playing Bad Hockey

Jeff Veillette
November 18 2014 09:01PM

I'm not even going to give this post the privilege of being called a "Leafs Postgame", because that would imply that the Toronto Maple Leafs showed up to play a hockey game tonight. This wasn't a hockey game. This was a joke.

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