McKenzie: Paul MacLean a Possible Head Coach Candidate

Shawn Reis
April 13 2015 02:33PM

One of the many, many changes the Leafs made yesterday was relieving Peter Horachek of his head coaching duties while also firing the remaining assistants after another miserable Leafs season.  The team is going to be making even more changes as the off-season progresses, and one of those, of course, will be finding a replacement behind the bench.  There's been plenty of speculation about who exactly the Leafs next head coach might be, and TSN's Bob McKenzie threw out one interesting possibility today: former Ottawa Senators head coach Paul MacLean.

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Leafs Locker Cleanout Day

Jon Steitzer
April 13 2015 11:56AM


Many of the Leafs were packing up their stuff and heading for the trading block the World Hockey Championships Aruba. As is tradition, they had an endless series of microphones jammed in their faced and were asked questions that were predominantly answered in cliches. Some of the players comments were more interesting than others and we've got those for you right here in one convenient location.

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A clean slate for the Leafs...

April 13 2015 11:08AM


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The Nation Draft Prize-a-Palooza: Impress your friends and win some prizes while helping charity!

Garret Hohl
April 13 2015 10:15AM


Hey Citizens!

Playoff hockey is nearly upon us and the Nations Network is holding a playoff pool draft for charity.

Do you like hockey? Do you like hockey drafts? Do you like hockey pools? Do you like hockey playoffs? Do you like helping charities?

If any or all of these apply, you should check out The Nation Drafts Prize-a-Palooza after the jump.

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TLN Player Power Rankings: April 13, 2014

Jon Steitzer
April 13 2015 08:02AM

After the events of the weekend and the season coming to close the one thing I know everyone wants to talk about is how the Leafs played last week and you're curious to see where they rank. The one thing I was tempted to do was turn this into a look at how players rank over the full season, but with number of TLN season ending articles in the works I'm going to hold off on those. 

For those of you hoping that this is the end of Player Power Rankings for the season, I'd like to remind you that I can't be killed and they will continue to appear here, but not necessarily every week. Just on those weeks when you really don't want to put up with me.

Without further adieu...

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