Nazem Kadri's fitness isn't a big issue, for now

Cam Charron
September 28 2012 10:22AM

Image via Jonas Siegel's Twitter account

It took less than an hour for the first Toronto Maple Leafs'-related controversy to manifest itself out of Marlies camp this morning. Nazem Kadri, who spent all offseason with Gary Roberts, underwhelmed in Dallas Eakins' physical tests to start off camp.

Per Jonas Siegel:

Siegel also quotes Dallas Eakins as saying that "His body fat today is probably in the bottom three to five guys in our whole camp and that's unacceptable."

But this isn't a huge, huge problem. For now.

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Jason Gregor
September 28 2012 07:03AM

With the NHL and NHLPA at odds again for the 2nd time in eight years many hockey people and fans have expressed their concern over the new CHLPA. Who is the CHLPA? What are their plans? The CHLPA has taken a beating for the past month. Some of the backlash was deserved due to their inexperience at PR, but most of it was unwarranted and came from the mouths of people who fear change.

I read a few stories claiming the CHLPA was looking for massive increases in CHL player's weekly salaries. Understandably that didn't sit well with most fans and people connected to CHL teams. Last weekend I ran into the Executive Director of the CHLPA, Georges Laraque at the Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer event. I asked him about the CHLPA and he said that today (last Saturday) was about charity, but he agreed to come on my show on Tuesday to discuss the CHLPA.

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Marlies coach Dallas Eakins meets the press, and other leaflets

Cam Charron
September 27 2012 02:42PM

"I don't know if I ever feel pressure. I think pressure's when you're sitting in a foxhole in Baghdad or somewhere and you're trying to save a guy's life. That's pressure." — Dallas Eakins

Well, that quote right at the end of the video caught me off guard. A lot of reporters, on the first day of Toronto Marlies' camp, were looking to get head coach Dallas Eakins' thoughts on being the only game in town this fall. To Eakins' credit, he doesn't reply very often in clichés unless he is being directed by a questioner to answer in clichés.

Rest of the video after the jump, and some takeaways. If you still have time, links.

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Dangle's Cards: Junior Hockey Memories

Steve Dangle
September 27 2012 12:09PM

Yesterday was supposed to be the Leafs' preseason game in London, Ontario taking on the Philadelphia Flyers. Alas, there is a lockout...

Junior hockey isn't locked out, though. For today's hockey card giveaways, let's take a stroll down junior hockey memory lane.

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Jay McClement, Killing penalties

Cam Charron
September 27 2012 11:15AM

Yesterday I showed off one play featuring new Toronto Maple Leafs third-or-fourth-line centreman Jay McClement killing a penalty and how Colorado used him to be one of the more effective PK units in the NHL last season.

Officially, the Avalanche were 12th in PK success rate. They were 11th, however, in goals against per 60 minutes at 4-on-5 and 4th in the NHL in shots against. In the same categories, Toronto were 28th, 25th and 18th. There's lots the Leafs can take away from the way the Avs killed penalties.

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