The Tyler Bozak Post

Cam Charron
April 29 2014 01:26PM

If the big debate last summer over Toronto's offseason moves was an earthquake, the organizational treatment of Tyler Bozak was its epicentre. Between the day after the Leafs lost Game 7 to Boston and the beginning of training camp, my 'Why Tyler Bozak should have played his last game as a Leaf' article was the highest-viewed post on our website. Other posts, derailing in anger over the precursor movethe Mikhail Grabovski buyout—were also widely read.

In the main Bozak post, I wrote that there was "no chemistry" between Bozak and top line winger Phil Kessel. "If anything, there is biology, in the respect that Bozak is in a parasitic relationship" with the All-Start winger, while quoting numerous statistics showing that Kessel's goal-scoring and puck possession rates actually improved when Bozak wasn't on the ice with him.

Let's see how ~THAT~ prediction turned out.

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Steve Dangle
April 29 2014 10:05AM

Screen shot 2014-04-29 at 10.48.07 AM

Cardiac Columbus almost pulls it off, the stupid Crosby criticism, and two teams force Game 7.

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Doesn't going to the Stanley Cup Final sound swell?

Steve Dangle
April 29 2014 10:01AM

If I were rich, I’d go to the Stanley Cup Final.

Of course, if I were rich, the Leafs would be in the Stanley Cup Final because I would own the team and I’m a genius.

I would fly there on the team plane. I own that too, by the way.

It would have crazy high-speed Wi-Fi on the plane. I mean, even if I’m a crazy rich bajillionaire who owns an NHL team I’m still totally going to make YouTube videos.

It would have the most ballin’ menu you can find in the sky. It would serve the finest food from around the world, and more importantly, the “Steve Nachos” that the bar in my old neighborhood in Scarborough served. Oh, you don’t know what those are? Well you know how nachos always turn to goopy mush at the bottom and there are all kinds of toppings left over? Not with Steve Nachos because Steve Nachos come with extra chips! See? I’m smart. That’s how I became an NHL team-owning bajillionaire in the first place.

Here’s the problem though – I’m not an NHL team-owning bajillionaire. I am merely a blogger with a Wi-Fi connection and a pot of coffee.

Since I’m a long way away from my dream of eating Steve Nachos in the sky on my way to the Stanley Cup Final, I have looked into other ways to get there: My cool new ScotiaHockey NHL Debit Card.

First of all, it’s got a spiffy Leafs logo on it. I’d show you my card but that’d be dumb. Tell you what – here’s one that looks just like it.


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Connecting the Leafs to the KHL Finals

Jeff Veillette
April 28 2014 03:57PM

03_20140405_MMG_SYU_KUZ 1

The Kontinental Hockey League is a magical place. The fans are fewer, but they're louder. The players are often paid more than they'd make in North America, but as a whole, the teams spend less. Ilya Kovalchuk and Alexander Radulov are still people that exist to be good at winning hockey games. And, most importantly, instead of the Stanley Cup, they play for the Gagarin Cup. This year, Metallurg Magnitogorsk is taking on Lev Praha, in a series that's about to go to a 7th and deciding game on Wednesday.

I was bored, so I took a look at some of the connections these two teams have to the Leafs.

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Playoff LFR: What the Duck?

Steve Dangle
April 28 2014 11:00AM

Screen shot 2014-04-28 at 12.15.18 PM

The Ducks come back, the Blackhawks finish the Blues, and the Rangers are starting to look like contenders.

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