The Steve Dangle Podcast - March 10, 2015 - Sprinty Oval Thing

Steve Dangle
March 10 2015 02:35PM


On this episode, Kadri talk, playoff talk, Adam forgets how to talk, and then really remembers how to talk.

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Byron Froese Making a Case for an NHL Contract

Jeff Veillette
March 10 2015 08:18AM


When the Toronto Marlies received Byron Froese on a loan from the Cincinnati Cyclones on December 9th, 2014, The Leafs Nation did not have a piece about the news. We talked about the Leafs being bad (what else is now), and I suggested that Phil Kessel should probably take a couple of games off to rest his probably broken body.

When Froese turned that loan into an AHL contract on January 7th, 2015, The Leafs Nation did not mention it. We were still in a "holy crap they actually fired Randy Carlyle" fueled euphoria, and wrote about literally everything else.

Now, at the three month mark of his arrival we will finally address Byron Froese.

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Leafs Postgame: It was 3-1 (and its okay)

Jeff Veillette
March 09 2015 09:16PM

Two regular defencemen shut down for the year, replaced by a waiver claim and a rookie who hasn't fared well in the NHL to date. The best centre on the team, (rightfully) scratched for being late for a team meeting. A decimated version of an already bad hockey team, taking on the fourth most successful group of players in the National Hockey League. Should be an easy loss, right? Well, not exactly.

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Mailbag: Intermission Rambles

Jeff Veillette
March 09 2015 07:26PM


We're forty minutes into a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game and the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team aren't Toronto Maple Leafs hockey losing. This is pretty astonishing, and quite frankly, offensive to the tank. While we wait for the period, however, lets answer some questions. If you want your question to be in the next mailbag, either leave a comment, or tweet @tlndc or myself.

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LGD: Shudder Island

Jon Steitzer
March 09 2015 03:00PM

Tonight the Toronto Maple Leafs play against a very good New York Islanders team. The Leafs being a very bad team will offer little hope to the fans in attendance that they are capable of beating New York and instead have little to offer their paying customers other than to watch young Leafs establish themselves in key roles on the Leafs. 

That's probably why it's bizarre that Nazem Kadri, the de facto top center on the team will be scratched tonight and see his ice time divided up between Tyler Bozak, Peter Holland, Trevor Smith, and Zack Sill. While as a long time member of tank nation I support all things necessary to lose, I can't help but think that those in attendance who paid $500 for a night of hockey want something better than Trevor Smith. I guess this rebuild will be embarrassing as well as painful.

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