Nylander Picks Up Two Points in Marlies Loss

Jeff Veillette
March 11 2015 07:48PM

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While the Maple Leafs try their very best to lose to the Buffalo Sabres, the Toronto Marlies are gunning for victories. Lots of them. As many as they can get, really, as they push towards a playoff spot that nobody expected them to even approach. Tonight, they continued to chase the dream, taking on the Leigh Valley Phantoms in rare weekday evening game.

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LGD- Battle of The Unwatchables

Adam Laskaris
March 11 2015 11:00AM

On Friday, first-place Toronto visits third-place Buffalo in one of the hottest games of the year.

But unless you're a follower of the National Lacrosse League, you're stuck with the less-exciting Toronto-Buffalo matchup of the week, with the Sabres coming to visit the Maple Leafs tonight.

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Kadri to Sit for Two More Games

Jon Steitzer
March 11 2015 09:08AM

Nazem Kadri made international news this weekend by not showing up on time to a hastily scheduled meeting the morning following a loss. This lead to him being sent home, getting scratched for Monday's game, and his public acknowledgment of how he was sorry.

This morning Brendan Shanahan, addressed the media in a hallway scrum to let the world know that it goes much deeper than this one incident, and that Kadri will sit for an additional two games.

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Leafs Recall MacWilliam on Emergency Basis

Adam Laskaris
March 11 2015 07:51AM

Andrew MacWilliam has been called up on an emergency basis from the Toronto Marlies. The 24-year-old defenseman has played 53 games with the Marlies this season, earning 7 points. He's been in the organization for 7 years now (drafted in the 7th round in 2008), and will finally be playing with the big club. If nothing else, it's a good story.

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The Newskoka Five. #mycolumn:

Bobby Cappuccino
March 11 2015 07:00AM

It was seven years ago when the Leafs had The Muskoka Five. Five veteran Leafs that were entitled and bad in the room. 

Sound familiar? It should, because the same thing is happening now. Five players currently responsible for this disastrous Leafs team because of how they are bad in the room, bad with media, and bad with winning. Only instead of cottaging up north, they all reside in a cottage of losing and entitlement. 

I dub them The Newskoka Five.

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