The Steve Dangle Podcast - September 18, 2014 - Players Hate Coaches

Steve Dangle
September 18 2014 09:45PM

On this episode, the guys talk about Kessel vs Spott, Selanne vs Boudreau, Burrows vs Tortorella, and more!

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Leafs Roster Preview - David Clarkson

Jeff Veillette
September 18 2014 11:25AM

Let's call a spade a spade - David Clarkson has the worst contract in the history of the National Hockey League. There's no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Remove everything before the Salary Cap (because who cares), and you won't find a deal that is so perfectly combines being too much, too long, too waiver proof, and too buyout proof. There isn't even a chance of compliance buyouts before it ends! Even Rick DiPietro had that.

But in the mean time, he's a Toronto Maple Leaf, and is expected to be on the ice this year (along with five more after that). So, what can we expect out of the 36 million dollar man?

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September 17 2014 01:28PM

Last week we designed a survey to get a better understanding of what works on the Nation Network and what doesn't. The answers that came back were all across the spectrum - some provided great insight, others provided a good laugh, others made us want to rethink our chosen profession. 

We sat down at Nation HQ this morning with a fresh glass of thinking Rye and read everyone's responses - over 1100 in total! - from bow to stern. A big thank you goes out to everyone who took the time to answer this thing. Surveys are SO annoying - we appreciate you taking time out of your life to provide us with key information to drive our redevelopment. 

Our summary findings can be found after the jump.

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Leafs Roster Preview - Tyler Bozak

Ryan Fancey
September 17 2014 11:23AM


A few weeks ago I wrote that the Leafs should explore trading Tyler Bozak as soon as possible, since his value will likely never be higher than it is right now. It stirred up a conversation similar to one we've had in the past, about his performance with or without Kessel, whether he's a better option than Kadri, all that kind of good stuff. 

The Leafs obviously didn't trade him, so let's just take a look at what he accomplished last season, and how things might play out going forward.

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Introducing BozFeed: Which Leaf Are You?

Jon Steitzer
September 17 2014 08:17AM


In my opinion there's been a problem with the content on The Leafs Nation for a while, people have been putting too much thought into their work. Writers have been doing their best to provide analysis, they've been making charts and graphs, they've been translating Swedish hockey sites so you can know more about Viktor Loov. Today I am taking a stance against effort, and bringing you a clickbait alternative with the start of a bi-weekly feature called BozFeed. 

For people who were tired of having to think too hard when Cam was talking about Relative Corsi for players with 45% or lower Offensive Zone starts you’re in luck, now you’ve got BozFeed!

Was Jeff’s analysis of the shootout pushing your brain to hard? Don’t Worry, BozFeed is here!

Was my analysis in..If HFBoards ran the Leafs   Playoff Bingo  uhh...CRAP! I guess I was already doing this, but now it has a name. BOZFEED!

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