Steve Lansky
December 27 2010 01:51PM

The Christmas break is over so, after 34 games, the time is now for your Toronto Maple Leafs. Although some Poindexter with a calculator will likely try and prove me wrong, if the Leafs are going to make a bold move up the standings, it will have to be in over the next 16 games. Typically, teams, who make major in-season standings’ improvements, do it before Game 50. Right now, the club sits ten points out of the 8th playoff spot. That’s not very far…but the move must start now.

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Game #34 Scoring Chances: TOR @ NJD, Dec. 26/10 (4-1 Win)

Slava Duris
December 27 2010 10:38AM

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 20520

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Size Has No Impact On Faceoff Percentage: 2009-10 Data

Jonathan Willis
December 24 2010 10:36AM


A question that has come up a few times is whether big players tend to have an advantage when taking faceoffs. There is a certain logic to the idea that they do: after all, bigger, stronger players should be able to outmuscle their smaller counterparts in the faceoff circle.

The data, however, suggests something else entirely: that there is no advantage to being big when it comes to taking face-offs.

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The Word “Stress” – Meaningless For Professional Athletes?

Jonathan Willis
December 23 2010 05:16PM

Meandering around the internets the other day, I came across a compelling article by Steven Reiss, an Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at Ohio State University. It was his opening statement that caught my attention:

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ZoneStarts and ZoneFinishes through 33 games

Slava Duris
December 23 2010 04:55PM

With the holidays coming up and the Leafs not playing again until the 26th, I thought this would be a good time to take a little look at how the Leafs' players are faring in regards to ZoneStarts and ZoneFinishes.  Within this post are a couple of graphs for forwards and defencemen that I feel are pretty good illustrations of their performances.

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