The Theory and Nature of Current Advanced Hockey Analysis

Kent Wilson
July 23 2011 02:12PM



Before we proceed with the rest of the Flames "mediocrity" series, it makes sense to discuss and explicate the basis of the analyses we tend to engage in here. The theory, the application and the practicality of the stats we employ and the resultant interpretations. 

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Adjusted Toronto Maple Leaf Fenwick numbers

Cam Charron
July 22 2011 08:51AM

Remember the name 

A player's Fenwick number is an advanced +/- statistic that counts all goals, misses and shots fired at the opponent's teams net subtracted by the number of goals, misses and shots fired at your own net when you are on the ice. It corresponds well with scoring chances and is a good indicator of which team owned the bulk of quality shots when the player was on the ice. It is a variant of the corsi statistic, except with the blocked shots going either way excluded.

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In Defense of Intangibles: Phil Kessel and the OK Plateau

Danny Gray
July 21 2011 02:08PM


Many people believe that in order to truly reach his potential Phil Kessel must play with a #1 Centre. That may be one way, but it is not the only way. The best way to get more offensive production out of Phil Kessel might be to have him work on his defensive game.

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Nik Zherdev - The case for the Czar of Relative Corsi

Cam Charron
July 21 2011 10:35AM



In light of Russian hockey journalist Dmitry Chesnokov tweeting that "[Nikolay] Zherdev's Russian agent says the player is considering only NHL offers at this point," you have to think that either a) the player is mulling a series of offers or b) no team has put forth a serious offer to the player.

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Net Presence Scoring Chances During Even Strength Play

Slava Duris
July 20 2011 08:08PM

I've got yet more scoring chances data to present, this time we will be looking at several types of scoring chances that fall under what I consider "Net Presence Chances".

Over the 2010-11 season, I was able to consistently track special kinds of chances such as breakaways, odd man rushes, shots deflected on goal, rebound chances, and shots through traffic (whens the goalies view of the shot adequately obstructed by either a single attacking player or multiple players in front of the net).  I took the latter three chance types and combined them into a stat I've dubbed "Net Presence" chances, as they result from the offensive players working in close to the net. These are all high-percentage scoring chances; in total the Leafs scored on 25.4 % of these chances, while the opposition scored on 22.5 % of their NP chances.*

* Definitions for the abbreviations can be found at the bottom of the post.

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