The Playoff Prediction Project

Jonathan Willis
April 12 2011 02:19PM



The regular season is ended. Now cometh upon us the time of the playoff.

Not coincidentally, the time of playoff prediction is here.

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Blogging for Charity

April 12 2011 11:06AM

Ryan Lambert and I like to stir the pot in the hockey blogosphere. From his work at Puck Daddy to my tribute to the Washington Capitals we've won our fair share of critics (mostly in the "they hate us" sense and not the "objective analysis of humor").

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Game #82 Scoring Chances: Canadiens @ Maple Leafs, Apr. 9/11 (4-1 Loss)

Slava Duris
April 10 2011 06:08PM

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 21217

The season closer wasn't the greatest of endings, but, with nothing left to play for, I don't think the Leafs' players viewed it as much more than one last skate-around before the spring/summer break.  Overall play was very sloppy, as the Leafs gave up 11 high-quality scoring chances, including 4 breakaways and a 2-on-1 (and these just include the plays were the Habs managed a shot, of course).  Toronto also had an absolutely atrocious night with the man advantage, as their PP was outchanced 5-1.  Outside of the special teams, the Leafs were -3 at even-strength (13-16).

On the plus side, Matt Frattin made a decent impression in his first game, garnering 4 scoring chances of his own (the most on the team) and ended up with an impressive +6 rating at EV (8-2).  He played on a line with Bozak (+5) and Kadri (+6).  Joe Colborne had a tougher time, but the big centre certainly showed potential IMO.  His line (Kessel and Lupul on his wings) only had 2 offensive zone faceoffs to Frattin's 9, so that likely affected their numbers.

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Confidence biggest part of any Leafs' equation

Steve Lansky
April 10 2011 12:44PM

Well, that’s the end of that. Leafs’ fans now get to watch sixteen other teams pound themselves to a pulp for the sixth year in a row. Even though, prior to the season’s start, I picked the Leafs to finish eleventh in the East, I’m surprised they ultimately missed the playoffs. They played the last two months of the season with as much heart, gusto and confidence as any team in the league. And their first half wasn’t that bad. Not as bad  as, say, the Oilers’ was. But, in a league rife with parody, a team has to play great hockey from beginning to end. The Leafs just didn’t do that.

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Game #81 Scoring Chances: Maple Leafs @ Devils, Apr. 6/11 (4-2 Loss)

Slava Duris
April 08 2011 05:14PM

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 21194

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