NHLers Oppose Mandatory Helmet Rule

Danny Gray
September 14 2011 01:51PM

It's a good thing they put his name at the bottom otherwise he'd be unrecognizable 

I think after public speaking and death the most common fear is change. Generally speaking people like things the way they are. If it's not broke, don't fix it. The NHL has had a tempestuous history with changes to the game over the years, especially in matters of player safety. 

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Luke Schenn Rumored Deal worth $11-12 over 3 years

Kent Wilson
September 14 2011 01:28PM



Rumors of a purported deal with RFA Luke Schenn are swirling today. Suggested numbers put the deal between $3-4M per year.

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NHL12 - Be a Gm Quirks

Kent Wilson
September 13 2011 12:59PM



EA Sports released their much anticipated NHL12 today. Reviews and reports of game play/mechanics have been trickling in on my twitetr feed today, some of which I have decided to share. Apparently EA has gotten quite clever with this iteration and the "Be a GM" game mode hides some rather idiosyncratic quirks and pitfalls.

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Player types: The offensive liability

Cam Charron
September 13 2011 09:21AM



Earlier, I introduced on The Nations Network a new way of looking at a player's plus/minus rating, specifically to do with on-ice shot differential, in an effort to learn more about teams and players.

This month, somewhat regularly, I will break down types of players and teams in an effort to localize player talents and figure out exactly what certain teams need. There's definitely more to a hockey player than simply being "good" or "bad" and by how much, so today I will profile the defensive forward.

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Phil Kessel's Clutch Points

Pension Plan Puppets
September 13 2011 07:41AM

"Guys, I'm pretty good. Deal with it."

If you mention Phil Kessel to a Leafs fan there is so much that you might hear in response. What likely won't get top billing is that he's one of nine NHLers to hit 30 goals each of the past three seasons, that he has the 16th most goals in the NHL over that period, and it sure as hell won't be that mathematical simulations can show that Kessel's not a streaky goal scorer.

More likely, it'll be that he piles up his points onc the result is no longer in doubt. Which made me wonder, just how his points broke down last year. So after the jump, I have a graphic.

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