The Roundup

Nation World HQ
July 25 2014 08:05AM


Trading a young star, stats for days, behind the Kesler trade talks, Draisaitl versus Bennett and more, all in this weeks roundup

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Mailbag: Double Dip

Jeff Veillette
July 24 2014 10:25PM


Nothing happened today and there's still a lot in my inbox that needs to be answered. May as well have another mailbag. For people who dread these; I'm super sorry. For those who don't, lets get to it!

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Babcock and the Leafs

Ryan Fancey
July 24 2014 09:26AM


If Mike Babcock makes it to next summer without a new contract from the Red Wings, the list of teams who would want to acquire his services could probably be the other 29. Realistically, there are likely only a few that would dish out the cash that Babcock is seeking. Of course a few million dollars is nothing for an NHL team to spend, or often times waste, but some teams are in more desperate need of a turn-around than others. 

Regarded as arguably the best coach on the planet, Babcock is set to make $2 million this upcoming season in Detroit - the last of his current deal - and what he's looking for beyond that is anyone's guess, but the Wings haven't hit that number yet, or he'd be locked up.

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Mailbag: Home Sweet Home

Jeff Veillette
July 23 2014 11:50PM


At about 5:45 AM this morning, the wheels touched down on a plane headed from Vancouver to Toronto. Out of that plane, came a tired individual who many believe should shut up. Yes, I'm back at home as of this morning, and yes, you'll get your silence soon; I think I'm going to take a bit of time off in the near future. But for now, there's a bunch of questions in my inbox that people appear to want answered, so lets have at it.

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On Jonah Hill, Paul DePodesta, and optimism

Cam Charron
July 23 2014 10:52PM

jonah hill peter brand

Remember when Jonah Hill got all skinny for a year or so and didn't look like himself? It was almost like he was anemic or had an eating disorder. Either way, skinny Jonah wasn't funny, and though I had a tough time sitting through all three hours of The Wolf of Wall Street and Hill played a character the audience was meant to despise, he was back to his old self, a bit pudgy, stocky, and recognizable.

Still, while Hill's foray into skinniness didn't do so much for his acting career (he's at a much healthier weight now than when he started out, however) I always thought it was in response to the way a certain Oakland A's assistant general manager responded to the casting of Hill. The characters in the film Moneyball are real people and their stories are mostly real, with the exception of Hill's character Peter Brand. That guy is 100 percent fictional, in name, appearance, and method.

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