NHLNumbers Podcast Episode 5: Trade Deadline Edition

NHLnumbers Podcast
February 26 2012 10:18PM



For this special edition of the NHLNumbers podcast, Jonathan Willis, Rob Vollman, Justin Azevedo and myself (Kent Wilson) came together to talk all things trade deadline.

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Danny's Deadline Day Divinations

Danny Gray
February 26 2012 03:40PM

Tomorrow Brian Burke will finally cut the Cheese.  

We have heard surprisingly few legit rumours despite the fact that Brian Burke has been actively trying to improve the Leafs over the past few weeks. While we know that the Leafs are interested in Rick Nash the only name to surface as part of a package has been Jake Gardiner, and only because the Leafs have deemed him “untouchable”. The Leafs are playing their worst stretch of hockey in

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Back And Forth About Wilson

Pension Plan Puppets
February 26 2012 12:57PM

"I hate each and every one of you media dirtbags"

Editor's Note: This is an entry in our search for Fresh Blood at TLN. Every possible contributor will get three posts to strut their stuff and then we'll ask you readers to help us choose who is going to join.


If there's any doubt right now about whether the Leafs are in free-fall mode, there shouldn't be. This is the definition of plummeting. The team is torpedoing down through the standings, and right now it's the goaltenders who are rightfully taking a lot of the heat.

But now, as expected, the head coach is taking his fair share as well. Whether it's warranted or not is still up in the air, and will be debated over by many in the next few days until either (a) Wilson is canned, or (b) the Leafs turn this thing around.

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Nation Radio - February 25, 2012

February 26 2012 11:00AM



It was trade deadline eve, eve this Saturday and all of hockey fans thoughts turned to rumors and speculation. Monday will likely turn out to be slightly less interesting for Oilers faithful now that Hemsky has signed, but that doesn't mean they and some of the other Nations teams won't be making a move or two. This week, Allan investigates what the Jets, Flames, Leafs and Canucks are thinking heading into the frenzy.

This is Nation Radio

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Leafs Demote Two, Promote One

JP Nikota
February 25 2012 02:30PM

The move wasn't exactly a big surprise, but it was nevertheless exciting. The Leafs waiving Jay Rosehill and Darryl Boyce was good news all around, but especially so for Matt Frattin

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