Ron Wilson's effect on goalies

Cam Charron
January 16 2013 01:30PM

Even though Ron Wilson has been fired, it's still interesting to look back on his career and what he did with his goaltenders. Like I mentioned earlier, Dave Tippett and Ken Hitchcock's goalies can expect higher save percentages in those systems.

Wilson, however, well, let's just say the goaltending record in his time as coach was awful. The Leafs have bounced from below-average starter to below-average starter. The Leafs haven't had a goaltender play 50 games in a season since Vesa Toskala in 2008-2009, and they haven't had a goalie play 50 games in three consecutive seasons since Curtis Joseph between 1999-2002.

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Randy Carlyle's effect on goalies

Cam Charron
January 16 2013 12:16PM

Here are a few tables to get you going this year, whether or not Randy Carlyle improves a team's goaltenders. I used the same methods as I did for my similar pieces on Ken Hitchcock's and Dave Tippett's goaltenders, which found that goalies who played in those systems could expect a small increase in save percentages.

So I did the same thing for Randy Carlyle and here are the results. Basically, I looked at how goalies since 1998 through 2012 fared at even strength with Carlyle behind the bench and without Carlyle behind the bench. Given that Carlyle wasn't working with a full deck last season in Toronto, I excluded Toronto goalies from the study, but his Anaheim goalies from last season are included.

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Should the Leafs sign any of the "big three" RFAs to an offer sheet?

Cam Charron
January 15 2013 11:07AM

From Flames Nation: Outside the Box: Sign Ryan O'Reilly to an offer sheet

Dave Nonis didn't sign any other teams' restricted free agents when he was the general manager of the Vancouver Canucks, but he felt the pinch when Ryan Kesler was signed to a $1.9M offer sheet in the summer of 2006. I never got the sense Nonis was too rattled, and kept quiet on the topic of offer sheets for his tenure. 

Of course, opting to take the deal in the stead of two Philadelphia selections turned out to be the wise move. If Nonis failed to surround the Canucks with talent when he was the general manager, he certainly had a knack for locking up pieces eventually used by Mike Gillis to bring the team to within a game of the final.

But what about signing players to offer sheets? Toronto has all of their draft picks available save this year's 4th round selection, so they could sign any offer sheet to any restricted free agent available. There are a few interesting RFAs available, but the three most intriguing ones are Ryan O'Reilly, Jamie Benn, and Pernell Karl Subban.

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Leafs 48-game Predictions

Gus Katsaros
January 15 2013 09:11AM

The season is less than a handful of days away from opening night, which means poolies have returned to their drafts. As a result, we updated our predictions at McKeen’s Hockey for the entire league.

I figured since we made these updates, it was only fitting to post the Leafs projections for the shortened season.

Originally posted the full season predictions here.

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Brian Burke's other legacy: You Can Play - Guest Post

Andrew (manbearpiglpu)
January 14 2013 11:28AM

There are many hockey scribes creating a din of clickity-clack noises writing up their feelings about and interpretations of Brian Burke. Most will focus on his W/L record, his personnel changes, his necktie... and those will be interesting reads and likely points for discussion for weeks to come:

If the Leafs start winning in this shortened season, will he be blamed for the whole lot? 

If they do/do not get Luongo, does that have to do with Burke? 

If the club ends in last place, did they get rid of Burke too soon?

Check any newspaper, blog or TV correspondent over the next little while and Burke will be mentioned in some fashion or another, talking about legacy, next moves, could haves and should haves.

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