LFR8 - Game 64 - Fun - Tor 3, Fla 2

Steve Dangle
March 04 2015 11:06AM


This game was fun. Sports are fun. Let's get back to having fun.

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The Dr. Phil Show

March 04 2015 05:17AM


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Leafs Post-Game: Hilarity in Florida

Shawn Reis
March 03 2015 08:55PM

The Leafs are fresh off a trade deadline season where they unloaded every player they could.  The team comfortably sits somewhere in the range of finishing 4th to 6th-last in the NHL.  It's a cold March night and the Leafs are playing the Florida Panthers.  Why were you watching this game?  Why was I watching this game?  Who knows.  But in about as boring a circumstance as you could create, Toronto loyalists who tuned into this game had their faith rewarded.  Tonight in the home rink of the Panthers, hilarity ensued.

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Shanahan hints at extended rebuild: 'There are no shortcuts to building a team the right way'

Thomas Drance
March 03 2015 07:04PM

Does the rabid Toronto hockey market have the patience to endure a long Toronto Maple Leafs rebuild?

It would seem that we're about to find out. In a letter that will be delivered on Wednesday and is addressed to Maple Leafs season ticket holders, Maple Leafs president of hockey operations vowed not to raise ticket prices for next season. He also suggested that road back to contention, or respectability at least, will be a long and arduous one.

"There are no shortcuts to building a team the right way," Shanahan says in the letter. "It will require patience and a long-term view, but it is important for you to know that the process will be well worth it when we get there."

There are no shortcuts in a rebuild? What did Shanahan miss the part where his club got out of jail free on David Clarkson's contracts? In all seriousness, read past the jump.

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TLN Mailbag: The Day After

Jeff Veillette
March 03 2015 05:59PM


We figured that there was no point in doing this mailbag before the clock hit zero yesterday, so instead, we let the dust settle a bit. Now that that's done, let's just jump straight into it! If you have a question for next week, leave it in the comments or tweet either myself or @TLNdc.

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