The Return of Leo?

Steve Dangle
May 26 2014 09:57PM

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Uncle Leo!

It's playoff time, so Leafs talk is scarce. Let's all take a moment to chuckle at that in a somber manner, sigh, pause for a moment, and tuck all that anguish deep down inside until it resurfaces as an ulcer.

Anyway, the buzz of the day appears to be the seemingly likely possibility that Leo Komarov will return to the Toronto Maple Leafs. 

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Marlies Fall 6-3 in First Loss of Playoffs

Jeff Veillette
May 26 2014 09:12PM


The Toronto Marlies needed Game 1 to be a serious wake up call. Winning 5-1 is nice, but if you replay a game where you get outshot 50-19 a hundred times, I doubt you get many more wins, let alone by four goals. They needed to take more control of tonight's game, and they needed to be more disciplined to keep themselves from being on the penalty kill for a significant chunk of it. To there credit, there were a few moments where that happened, but for the bulk of it, the team repeated their issues. This time, they weren't bailed out by miraculous goaltending, and lost their first game of the playoffs.

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Playoff LFR: Marty Bar Down

Steve Dangle
May 26 2014 09:52AM

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The Martin St. Louis and the New York Rangers snipe on the growing legend of Dustin Tokarski. Can the Habs come back?

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - May 25, 2014 - Sprinkles

Steve Dangle
May 26 2014 06:27AM

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On this episode the guys talk about Trotz, Halifax, the gamesmanship of the Habs and Rangers, and dumb orange teams.

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Did "Marlies West" Work?

Jeff Veillette
May 25 2014 08:29PM

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I had a bit of writers block today, and couldn't think of a topic to write about. I have a series of articles I have in mind, but I want to make sure I can do it before I start investing time into it. Naturally, my response was to ask Twitter what they wanted to read about, and while some of the responses were great, I'd like to spend more time doing the work on them.

Bruce McCurdy of Cult of Hockey brought up an interesting thought, however. There was a group of players from the 2011/12 Marlies roster that followed Dallas Eakins to the Edmonton Oilers. How did that work out? Here are your "Marlies west" power rankings.

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