It's all about youthful energy now

Steve Lansky
March 16 2011 07:51AM

So many times this season, the Leafs' success has been tied to energy - or lack of. So, after an incredibly disappointing effort v. Tampa Bay on Monday night, and after Colby Armstrong's season was likely ended by a broken foot in the same game, the Leafs have called Nazem Kadri up from the Marlies. In 44 games this season with the Leafs' AHL affiliate, Kadri had 17 goals, 41 points. But that's irrelevant now. The big question is: What will Kadri add to this Leafs' line-up...and will his presence add some lightning and fire to the club in its late-season playoff push?

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Game #70 Scoring Chances: Lightning @ Maple Leafs, Mar. 14/11 (6-2 Loss)

Slava Duris
March 15 2011 10:18AM

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 21038

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Game #69 Scoring Chances: Sabres @ Maple Leafs, Mar. 12/11 (4-3 Win)

Slava Duris
March 13 2011 05:51PM

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 21024

The Buffalo Sabres held the edge in shots, 41-25, but it was a closer game than what that stat suggests.  Total shot attempts (shots on goal, missed shots, and shots blocked) were 68-66 for Buffalo, a small lead, and scoring chances were even at 19 apiece.  The Grabovski-Kulemin-MacArthur line contributed a couple of goals for the Leafs but it was actually the Kessel line that carried the play best in this game.  Tyler Bozak failed to convert on a glorious breakaway opportunity midway through the 2nd period as his unit was coming onto the ice, but they then held the puck in the Sabres zone for a whole shift length before Bozak scored his goal.  The Leafs came on strong in the 3rd period, producing five straight scoring chances in just over seven minutes starting with the first goal of the final stanza (scored by Grabovski). Buffalo managed just two shot attempts within that timeframe.

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Leafs, and fans, keep the faith

Steve Lansky
March 13 2011 04:30PM

"As a team, we gotta believe." Those words came out of James Reimer’s mouth after the Leafs’ 4-3 win over the Sabres. But, against Buffalo, was the perfect opportunity for the Leafs to begin their much-anticipated slide into oblivion. I say “much-anticipated” because there are legions of so-called fans out there who expect – even hope for – these collapses that the Leafs have supposedly become famous for. But they’re forgetting one thing. These are not Mats Sundin’s Leafs. These are not Darcy Tucker’s Leafs. These are not Tie Domi’s Leafs. And a collapse does not seem imminent.

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Game #68 Scoring Chances: Flyers @ Maple Leafs, Mar. 10/11 (3-2 Loss)

Slava Duris
March 11 2011 09:04AM

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 21009

In the season series, the Flyers outchanced the Leafs 86-60 and racked up at least 20 scoring chances in each of their four games versus Toronto.  The Leafs final record of the 2010-11 season against Philly is 1-3-0.

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