High Quality Scoring Chances, 2010-11 (at Even Strength)

Slava Duris
July 12 2011 05:11PM



Over the 2010-11 season, I tracked scoring chances for 80 of 82 Toronto Maple Leafs games, with the other two games tracked by other bloggers. I've already posted team statistics for Even Strength, Power Play, and Short Handed situations here at LeafsNation. Now we're going to dig deeper, starting with a look at High Quality Scoring Chances during even play.

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July 11 2011 03:02PM

Some little kids have that special X factor that leave you saying "yep, that kid is gonna go somewhere someday." Take this little fella dancing his heart out to MJ at Safeco Field. Even though he is six years old - or thirty - we have no kids so can't tell how old they are unless we cut them in half and count their rings - he is already a champ.

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Where Does Cody Franson Fit?

Jonathan Willis
July 10 2011 12:10PM

The trade that brought Cody Franson to Toronto seemed to be almost universally popular among Leafs fans. The team rid itself of two players they didn’t want or need, and in exchange added a very capable young defenseman – all at the price of accepting an injured player who, if healthy, will also help the team.

Where would Franson slot in on the Leafs’ depth chart if the season started today?

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July 10 2011 11:33AM

Tracy Morgan? Jeremy Roenick? A seven year old commercial for an ice hockey video game?

Oh yes. It's NationRadio.

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Parallel Paths

Jonathan Willis
July 08 2011 10:55AM


Objects on a parallel course give us an interesting example of unification and divergence. On the one hand, they are travelling along the same path, moving towards a common destination, and they never diverge from that path. On the other hand, they never converge; that is to say that despite all the similarities of their path they remain as far apart from each other at the end of their course as they did at the beginning.

What on Earth am I talking about here?

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