Maple Leafs sign Finnish goaltender Christopher Gibson

Cam Charron
July 19 2013 03:21PM

Per the Internet, which is always a wonderful source... 

A signing like this normally wouldn't warrant a post, but it's worth pointing out that in all the hemming and hawing about the Canadian Hockey League's ban on imported goaltenders, Christopher Gibson was actually the only import taken in the first two rounds of the draft in the last six years.

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The Schedule Is Out

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
July 19 2013 11:57AM

After several days of delays (something about a vacation to Russia got in the way), the NHL schedule has finally been released, obviously including the Toronto Maple Leafs. Now, instead of saying "Is it October yet?", Leafs fans can say "Is it October 1st yet?". Actually.. lets just stick with the original. Here's what you need to know: 

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Train with Gary Roberts & Steven Stamkos

Steve Dangle
July 19 2013 07:49AM

Gary Roberts.

Usually when you come face-to-face with a glare like that, it means you done goofed, or you play for Ottawa. Now it could be because you’re training with him and Steven Stamkos.

Wait what?!?! Oh, you heard me.

Gary Roberts as in the man-beast who terrorized the league for parts of three decade. Steven Stamkos as in the guy who sniped 60 goals in a season. You could be hanging out with these guys. Well, not really “hanging out,” per se. Allow me to explain…

The offseason is getting shorter and shorter. You can’t just let your fitness go to crap in the summer, because once the season fires up again, you’ll look like a pylon out there.

Enter: the last team standing

The Nike Hockey Facebook experience at lets players create a team with their friends and show how they’re dedicating the summer to training. The page has training videos designed by Gary Roberts, and Toronto’s strength and conditioning coach from 2002-2009, Matt Nichol. Obviously, these two guys know their stuff.

But Steve, what’s in it for me? I’ll tell you, whatever your name is!

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BigBadBoss Presents: James Reimer

Steve Dangle
July 18 2013 09:10PM


Something we do on occasion on this website, is comment on the work of others. Cam does a wonderful job with that sort of thing, like with his recent post on the Greg Cronin interview that went viral Thursday morning. This is a little different.

I love making highlight videos and montages. I get to see the work of the incomparable Tim Thompson aka b0undless at CBC, I helped make a few in my brief stint at the NHL Network to close out the 2013 season, and I like to make them for fun, as well.

This is the greatest video I have seen on the Toronto Maple Leafs in a long, long time.

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The James Reimer "clutch" debate

Cam Charron
July 17 2013 10:42AM

Tim Leiweke's comments about his goaltenders are curious:

"I don’t know the one we inherited (James Reimer). If the one we inherited is anything like the one we’re bringing in, we have the best tandem of goalkeepers in the NHL."

First off, it doesn't take a math degree to note that James Reimer has the better career than Jonathan Bernier so far. Perhaps Leiweke got "the one we inherited" mixed up with "the one we're bringing in" since the goalie that Leiweke inherited has twice the number of starts and a save rate three points higher despite the two being the same age.

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