Steve Lansky
December 15 2010 05:28PM

The helicopter drops you off at the apex of the mountain. As your chopper lifts away, you gaze down at the sea of fresh powder upon which you are about to boldly descend. Your run starts well but, as you are carving your way across the slope, you hear a low rumble. Seconds later, you are buried by an avalanche (the non-Colorado variety) of snow. It’s over. You are toast. Done for. That was the Toronto Maple Leafs on November 13th. Finished. Caput. Hasta la vista, baby! 10 losses in their last 11. Playoffs? Oh, there would be no playoffs.

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Game #30 Scoring Chances: TOR @ EDM, Dec. 14/10 (4-1 Win)

Slava Duris
December 15 2010 02:29PM

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 20448

I also have Time-on-Attack numbers by team and period for this game.  Read on to view that data along with the scoring chance statistics.

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Leafs vs Oilers - To Be Played in Quebec Next Year

December 14 2010 11:56AM

Last week it was the 54 best teams in the East who suited up against the Leafs. This week it'll be the 2 worst teams in the West before a HNIC showdown with Vancouver on Saturday. In what is being called the West Coast Waffle week (WCW for you wrasslin' fans), the Leafs take a tour of lovely Western Canada with stops in Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver.

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Eric Johnson
December 13 2010 11:59AM

With 3 big wins in the past 8 days for the Blue and White, including beating the hated Habs and coming from behind to beat the surprisingly flailing Washington Capitals, the Leafs are actually building some positive momentum. These wins correspond with the return of the heavy browed Captain my Captain Dion Phaneuf.

Playing big minutes and a calming force on the back end, it’s clear he has a huge impact on this young team and at only 25 himself is proving his value.

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Steve Lansky
December 13 2010 09:08AM

Ahhhh, one of the great books of my childhood. Without solid centremen, a team is nothing. I’m not entirely sure I accept that as a truism, but it’s hammered into my head enough by half-baked hockey fans that it’s starting to stick. Twenty-nine games into their season, the Maple Leafs’ are embarking on a three-game swing through Western Canada. The Oilers spanked the Leafs 5-0 at ACC on December 2nd. And the Canucks demoralized Toronto exactly one month ago, when Mason Raymond scored on a stupidly long slapshot that J-S Giguère still wishes he could have back. Time to rate the Leafs’ centres 29 games into the season.

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