Better Safe Than Sorry?

Danny Gray
August 22 2011 09:26AM


What can consumer response to fluctuations in the price of eggs tell us about the behavior of NHL General Managers?

It turns out that consumers and NHL GMs are both chickens.

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Around the Nation - Debut Edition

Kent Wilson
August 21 2011 09:31PM



It's been a big summer for the Nations. We've added some stellar talent to Leafs Nation, Canucks Army and Flames Nation. We had five writers at the draft and managed to debut Flames Nation radio. Oilers Nation radio has grown in audience with each iteration. And the return of the Jets allowed us to add the newest member site to the network.

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August 21 2011 07:19PM


OMG OMG OMG OMG. Ryan Smyth is on NationRadio this week. Robin Brownlee hosts for the second week in a row and quite honestly we could kiss him for getting this to happen*

Cam Barker is on the show too - and you may recall he now plays with a Mr. Ryan Smyth. David Staples from the Edmonton Journal stops by too, ostensibly to discuss Ryan Smyth. Finally Ben Kuzma from the Vancouver Provence swings through. Perhaps he has some information regarding Ryan Smyth?

This is NationRadio. Enjoy!

*That's what she said

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Nikolai Kulemin's Shot & Goal Locations

JP Nikota
August 21 2011 03:20PM

"Oh God they're coming for me!"

I believe that shot location is critical in assessing a players' shooting percentages, and probably has some bearing on the sustainability of a player's goal totals. If, for example, a player collects a pile of goals shooting from the tops of the offensive zone faceoff circles, I would expect that teams would begin to notice the pattern, make adjustments, give their goalies time to see the shots, and for our hypothetical sniper to score fewer goals in the future. On the other hand, if a player is fast and/or skilled enough to drag the puck close the net before shooting, but doesn't wind up with many goals, I'd expect bounces to start going their way more often before too long.

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Maple Leafs' Schedule: October Sky

Pension Plan Puppets
August 20 2011 12:53PM

The NHL season is a marathon not a sprint and each leg of the course is unique. In this seven part series we'll look at the make up of each one, how the Leafs have fared, what games they'll need to win, and what games we'd love to see. We'll even do it for the months that the Leafs don't show up to play.

The Toronto Maple Leafs hold the record for most wins to start the season (no gimmicks edition) with the 10 they picked up on the trot in 1993-94. While a repeat of that start isn't likely the Leafs do have a good opportunity to off to a strong start. As much as Howard Berger might suggest otherwise, two points are important regardless of when they are picked up. The schedule makers have been kind to a team that needs to avoid falling into an early hole.

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