An Evening With Jacques Demers

JP Nikota
November 12 2011 03:52PM

Because I teach literacy and basic skills with the Thames Valley District School Board, I was asked to attend Facing Off With Literacy, an evening headlined by guest speaker (and former Cup winner) Jacques Demers. Many of you probably remember that in 2005, Demers revealed to the world that he was functionally illiterate, that he was set to begin rectifying that situation, and also that he wanted to address literacy in a more public way. On Thursday night, he opened up to a room of nearly 450 people at the London Convention Center, and spoke passionately to raise support and finances for literacy programs. Leafs-Habs rivalry notwithstading, I have to say that it's a noble thing he's chosen to do.

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When War Wasn't An Analogy: Remembering Conn Smythe

Danny Gray
November 11 2011 08:09AM

Conn Smythe and others enlisting in 1939 at Maple Leaf Gardens.

The relationship between professional sports and the military has long been a complicated one. To outside observers the NFL often seems like another branch of the American Military. Don Cherry sets aside time each week on Coach’s Corner to remember the fallen men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Both Brian Burke and Luke Schenn travelled to Afghanistan this summer to visit troops serving there with the latter sponsoring a program for the military men and women known as “Luke’s Troops”. While today the relationship is mostly symbolic, in the past the connection was much more direct. No man better demonstrates the relationship between hockey and the military than Conn Smythe.

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2012 NHL All-Star Game Ballot Released

Jonathan Willis
November 10 2011 05:00PM

The NHL released its annual All-Star Game fan ballot today, which means it’s time to look over the list and see which players were undeservedly included and which ones were unfairly ignored.

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Leafs Would Be Justified In Adding Another Goalie

Jonathan Willis
November 10 2011 08:53AM

Two vastly different takes on the Toronto Maple Leafs goaltending situation caught my eye this morning. Over at the Leafs’ official site, Mike Ulmer argues that Gustavsson just needs more time – he’s played just 74 career NHL games, and the Leafs can’t be certain yet of what exactly they have in him. At Pension Plan Puppets, on the other hand, JP Nikota opens his piece this morning with the words, “Jonas Gustavsson has got to go.”

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The Weight of Expectations

Danny Gray
November 10 2011 08:38AM


The Leafs have started the month of November 2-2. Now feels like an appropriate time to remind everyone about the cognitive bias known as anchoring.

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