Gotta ask the 10 questions: Things about the Leafs we'd know by now

Cam Charron
November 28 2012 10:14AM

Footage from the last Maple Leafs win, or so it feels like.

Toronto Maple Leafs were due to play their 20th game of the 2012-13 season tonight against the Philadelphia Flyers. But they won't play for some weird reason, making it all the less likely that you'll go to the corner store to buy a creamsicle at 8:30 p.m. on a Wednesday night.

Novelty uniforms aside, there is a lot we have missed about the Toronto Maple Leafs and their opponents this year, things we would know by know if the owners or players decided to take a short-term financial hit to appease the totally not greedy fans and drop the puck already.

There isn't much to discuss, or rather, there isn't much left to discuss. We've hurt our necks by looking for every available angle to write about players on the Maple Leafs, and it's time that we were left with more data. By now I'm even quite almost partially convinced of all the things I said this offseason, but, heck, there's no way to know if Nazem Kadri is a No. 1 centreman without seeing him in the NHL as a No. 1 centreman, right?

So what would be know by now? Bolded below are 10 questions that, well, if you were in a coma from September 15 until November 28, you woke up, you might ask me. Unfortunately, with no games, I can't give you the answers yet, just explain to you why you asked the question.

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KHL: Komarov scores in upset loss, and more

Steve Dangle
November 27 2012 06:03PM


Just a little KHL Update today, but sometimes the best gifts come in small packages!... OK, I think all this early Christmas music is starting to take its toll.


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Jason Gregor
November 27 2012 12:08PM

Jeremy Roenick scored 513 goals and 1216 points in 1363 games. In his first 15 seasons he was a point-a-game player scoring 1,124 points in 1,120 games, but then the lockout hit. He'd already played 15 years and it's likely he was going to slow down, but a full season off, where he admittedly didn't train that hard, combined with a serious concussion from a Boris Mironov slapshot to the face saw Roenick's career stats wind down quicker than other elite scorers.

He scored 96 points in his final four seasons, 239 games, so some younger fans never got to see a true reflection of Roenicks' skill. He was a dynamic player. He scored 50 twice, had three 100-point seasons, and he played with an edge.
He had 38 regular season fights, and two preseason fights in his career, and he fought guys like Marty McSorley, Craig Berube, Jeff Odgers, Scott Walker and Matthew Barnaby. He didn't just fight scorers, and the league was different when he broke in. If you were going to run around and hit guys, even if you were a star, you'd have to fight your own battles. Sadly, that isn't the case today.

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Leafs Shooting Percentage in 10-Game Segments

Gus Katsaros
November 27 2012 08:17AM

Finishing off the series of 10-game segments is a look at individual shooting percentage during each set. The data was generated through scripts and represesnt even-strength on-ice shooting percentage. That's the combined shooting rate for every player on the ice at even strength.

The numbers represents the team shooting percentage while the player was on the ice.

The other pieces are here and here.

Granted, these are all small sample sizes to assess any overall trend, but can be isolated as comparables amongst team members as indications of contributions over these specific periods of time.

Goaltending woes required some hot shooting and timely scoring to enhance any modicum of success. After a hot start, the sticks cooled off with a variety of different players taking starring roles during each segment.

Let’s get to the charts.

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Ben Scrivens, slow start to 2012

Cam Charron
November 26 2012 09:37AM

So the football team just won a championship and the Mayor apparently got kicked out of office, so on Monday morning I decided to look at Ben Scrivens. I think regular readers at this space know exactly what's coming. Scrivens has just a .900 save percentage this season and is 5-6 with a 2.56 goals against average. He's 28th out of 40 listed goaltenders in American Hockey League save percentage.

I mayhaps ought to have written this post after Dave Feschuk wrote Scrivens off as the Leafs' "post-lockout saviour" based on eight minor league appearances since the beginning of the season. Actually, the whole article itself is just a general smear job. Here's his comment after quoting Dallas Eakins saying perhaps Scrivens' early season struggle was about getting "a little comfortable".

Minor leaguers getting comfortable? So much for Burke’s Day One vow to eradicate the scourge of Blue and White Disease; even Leafland’s AHLers are regularly being nudged by their coach for alleged complacency.

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