Leafs pick up another point in shootout loss to Rangers at MSG

Cam Charron
April 10 2013 09:26PM

Midway through the first period, TSN play-by-play man Gord Miller said something to the effect of "if you listen to the analytics people, Mikhail Grabovski is a much better two-way centre than Randy Carlyle gives him credit for."

It wasn't a throwaway line in the least. It indicated that Miller has done his research and probably trolled around on this blog or others and found a bit of information that was worth sharing with his many, many viewers. His next line was also telling:

"Randy Carlyle does not believe in analytics."

Clearly not. Mikhail Grabovski spent the first two periods on Line Number Four between Colton Orr and Frazer McLaren. He put on a show in the last few minutes of regulation and overtime when everything else happened on the ice. The game started out tilted in favour of the Leafs. Then the Rangers. Then it was even. Then it went to a shootout, and the Leafs picked up a point in a 3-2 loss to the Broadway Blueshirts.

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Preview: Game #40 Leafs @ Rangers - Glen Sather and Quick Fixes

Cam Charron
April 10 2013 03:21PM

Found this image over at Michael Langlois' Vintage Leafs Memories

Since the last time the Toronto Maple Leafs played a hockey game against the New York Rangers (pictured above), the Rangers have not altered their roster one bit. Since Glen Sather took over, I think that is a notable rarity. Sather with the Rangers has had a lot of money and a lot of leeway and a pressuring owner who wants to sign superstars so there's a lot of roster turnover year-to-year.

Or perhaps not. I haven't checked the data but it seems that way. It seems that whenever there's a big name player on the market, the Rangers are in the mix. It also seems that the best players on the Rangers tend not to be the ones picked up after years of success in smaller markets.

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Making Highlights Happen

Steve Dangle
April 10 2013 01:10PM



Last night I wrote about some of the things we do at the NHL Network, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Glad to see!

As promised, I’m going to write about how we make highlight packs for hockey games. We’re going to look at two games from Monday night, specifically the Rangers-Leafs game, and the Flames-Avalanche game.

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Why doesn't Phil Kessel ever go to the net?

Cam Charron
April 10 2013 12:21PM

Here's a thing I keep hearing from Leafs fans: 

"Phil Kessel needs to go to the net." 

"Phil Kessel will have more success if he goes to the net." 

"Goals are scored from the front of the net, Phil Kessel can't keep relying on his shot."

This is a theme that's constantly plugged by guys like Doug MacLean and Nick Kypreos on intermission panels. I tend to listen to them while I'm off during intermissions compiling the notes I took during the period. I only listen sort of off-hand but do realize where people generate these theories about player success.

I only have one question to direct to the people who think Kessel needs to go to the net: Who will get Phil Kessel the puck?

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Hockey TV & the Footage Fairy

Steve Dangle
April 09 2013 09:11PM

Howdy hockey people.

A while back, I wrote about how I make hockey highlight packs for Hockey Night in Canada, specifically for the web (cbcsports.ca). The feedback was largely positive, so I want to write about it again.

On top on CBC, I’ve also recently taken a freelance position at the NHL Network. While there are a lot of similarities between the two jobs, there are some key differences, too.

If you’re interested in how hockey highlights get done, here’s how we do it.

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