The fatal flaw of analytics

Cam Charron
May 16 2014 12:40AM

Whenever a hockey player doesn't talk to the media, a common refrain from reporters is that "the media is how fans connect to players".

That is true, but not in the way the reporters think. The reality is that the media that connects us to hockey players is the television and radio—we're dependent on those mediums to glean as much information as we can get about a hockey game without ever being there. Television is the best, because it's visual. Radio is second best, because you can follow the progression of the game in real-time. There's a big drop-off from there. I dislike following a game via a boxscore because there's no drama involved, and even worse is reading the game recap the next day in the local newspaper, because even a 700-word recap can gleam over 95 per cent of the game as if it never happened.

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Mailbag: Thoughtful Thursday

Jeff Veillette
May 15 2014 09:35PM


We're still waiting for the conference finals to end, there hasn't been a huge amount to talk about in Leafs land, and there's a gap between Marlies games today. Naturally, it's time to pull out some questions!

To submit a question, send me a tweetemail meask me, or leave a comment.

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Marlies Win In OT, Take 3-0 Series Lead

Jeff Veillette
May 14 2014 08:31PM


Here at The Leafs Nation, we're a bunch of stupid nerds. So much so, that people have complained about our repeated references to the Pokemon video game and series. For that, I'm sorry, and there will be no references to Pokemon in this introduction.

With that said, the Toronto Marlies totally remind me of Super Mario Bros. right now. They've grabbed the picked up some coins, and now they've got the Gold Star. The Gold Star makes you invincible; you can kill your opponents just by running through them. But eventually, the star's power fades away, and if a brown goomba is in your path as it disappears, you're going to die.

Chicago wears a maroonish brown, They might be humans wearing wolves on their chests rather than sentient mushrooms, but at the end of the day, the Toronto Marlies have to have their gold star end at some point, right? It wasn't tonight, however, as the blue and white pulled off a 4-3 overtime win.

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Leo Komarov To Explore NHL Options

Jeff Veillette
May 14 2014 10:31AM


It's amazing how beloved Leo Komarov became in Toronto in so little time. Despite only playing 49 games and 550 minutes, everybody's favourite Finn/Russian/Estonian who also speaks Swedish and English may have the highest approval rating of any non-core Leafs player in the past couple of years. With a recent development, it looks like he may be coming back sooner than you'd think.

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Marlies Practice Update: Real Talk with Drew MacIntyre

Jeff Veillette
May 13 2014 09:34PM


There's something I really like about Drew MacIntyre. Besides the fact he appears to be genuinely nice and friendly to everyone who comes into contact with him, and the whole being really good at stopping pucks thing, he's not afraid to give you an honest answer. It may not be the one that fits the story you're working on, but I'd rather hear somebody's actual thought than a cliche that fits my agenda.

With that said, who else is better to give his feelings on the series so far?

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