Leafs Roster Preview - Morgan Rielly

Justin Fisher
October 02 2014 03:26PM

I have a hard time containing my enthusiasm when I talk about Morgan Rielly. Just 20 years old and coming off a great rookie season, Rielly has all of the tools required to become one of most talented blueliners in the NHL. It just probably won't happen this year.

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Leafs trying to trade Ashton as lineup takes shape

Ryan Fancey
October 02 2014 09:22AM

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The Leafs are still in Collingwood for some paintball and other team-bonding activities, but they hit the ice for practice this morning in preparation for the Red Wings tomorrow evening. It will be the final trial run for the Leafs before the regular season opens up next Wednesday, and we should see nearly-complete lineups, as the coaching staffs attempt to get everyone in tune ahead of the real show.

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EXCLUSIVE: Kontiola Reports To Marlies, Will Attempt To Earn Leafs Call Up

Jeff Veillette
October 01 2014 02:38PM


There was a lot of hype for Finnish forward Petri Kontiola going into the NHL preseason. After all, he had been a force for Metallurg Magnitogorsk and Traktor Chelyabinsk over the past couple of seasons, not to mention a strong point producer for the Finnish national team at three different levels in 2014. All signs pointed to him making the Leafs roster, with people slotting him anywhere between fourth line centre, and second line right wing.

However, once it came time to hit the ice, the results weren't what everyone had hoped. He wasn't as involved in the play as he needed to be, and he was sent down to the Marlies, leaving many to wonder how he would react. Today, we got some answers from the man himself.

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Leafs Roster Preview - James Reimer

Bobby Cappuccino
October 01 2014 11:17AM

Always the happy-go-lucky optimist, James Reimer is heading into the season as a backup for the second year in a row. Sure, Carlyle and co have said that it’s a competition between their 1 and 1A (Jonathan Bernier and Reimer, respectively), but we all know which one of the two is thrown all over Leafs marketing efforts as the saviour. 

Still, Reimer is a good goalie, and a definite starter in the NHL - he proved that prior to last season. It just doesn’t look like that will happen again in Toronto.

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BozFeed: 9 Carlyle Pictures Made Better With Jaden Smith Tweets

Jon Steitzer
October 01 2014 07:35AM


Randy Carlyle has been somewhat of an enigma during his time as the Leafs head coach. Often we find ourselves asking "What is he thinking?" Alas, I am not the one to provide answers to that question, instead I've turned to possibly the greatest philosopher of our time, Jaden Smith. His tweets seem to perfectly capture the inner thoughts of a man who thinks helmets cause concussions, almond butter is one of the great evils in the world, and that toasters are beyond understanding. 

That being said, not all of Jaden Smith's tweets work for Carlyle

but you'll see that at least 9 of them do.

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