Trade for Tim Thomas, and other helpful tips from ESPN

Cam Charron
August 30 2012 12:01PM

Guys, Brian Burke isn't perfect. Well, he's far from it. In fact, he's been pretty mediocre during his tenure in Toronto and he'd be the first to tell you that. But I think the moves he's made this summer—trading for James van Riemsdyk, signing Jay McClement, getting rid of Luke Schenn and Colby Armstrong—are signs of progress and that he's at least recognizing deficiencies.

Anyway, here are some helpful tips for Brian Burke from writers Tim Boughton, Paul Grant and David Walter. They are really quite something. Here are a few of my favourites:

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The Essential Toronto Maple Leafs Game(s)

Danny Gray
August 30 2012 10:09AM

What the hell is Brylin doing in a shootout?

A continuation of The Leafs Nation's 'Essentials' series. For player and season, click here. For Bitter Leaf's full Essentials series at Puck Daddy, click here.

This post will focus solely on the Essential Game, as it turns out I had alot to say on the matter. It's really two games, and you should know that it's very depressing. But nothing better demonstrates what Leafs fans have gone through the past 7 years than these two games in April of 2007.

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Outlier Leafs seasons: Nikolai Borschevsky

Cam Charron
August 30 2012 08:20AM

via DGB, who now has a book out

I'm from a time and a place where not too many people know Nikolai Borschevsky, a 5'9" forward from the USSR who played for the Leafs in the mid-1990s. I learned about him from that picture above, familiar to us as the avatar of friend of the Leafs Nation @67sound.

Borschevsky is best known for this goal:

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Jonas Gustavsson may be delusional

Cam Charron
August 29 2012 01:52PM

Jonas Gustavsson had a rough time in Toronto.

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Goals Breakdown By Period

Gus Katsaros
August 29 2012 10:57AM

The Toronto Maple Leafs scored 70 goals in the first period of games in 2011-12 followed by 71 in the second. They scored 81 in the third period. The Leafs number 81 accounted for 14 of those goals, five in the final five minutes with one accounted for in an empty net.

 The balance was off with 11 3rd period goals at home and three on the road. 

Phil Kessel

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