Toronto's Goaltending Prospects

August 28 2011 12:06PM

One of the bright spots in Toronto's organizational depth is likely their goaltending. Between James Reimer, Jussi Rynnas, Ben Scrivens and maybe Jonas Gustavsson 2.0 the Leafs were probably right in their decision to not sign a stopgap goaltender to a long deal this offseason. came out with their organizational ranking for the Leafs this weekend and a comment stuck out to me that I wanted to address. I'd also like to start by saying I don't like their ranking system and don't think it's very easy to compare similar prospects across leagues. It's easy to say a guy like Nazem Kadri will be better than a 7th round pick that never scored in juniors, but I think that's where it ends unless you're a pro scout who's watched an awful lot of games.

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What If Matthew Lombardi Is Healthy?

Jonathan Willis
August 28 2011 05:52AM

There have been hints this summer that Matthew Lombardi, acquired as a salary dump from the Nashville Predators earlier this off-season, may be healthy in time for training camp with the Leafs. Those hints came from people like Kevin Allen and Jeff Marek – reliable sources – and a couple of weeks ago Chemmy looked at where Lombardi might fit into the lineup.

Today, I wanted to spend a little more time looking at the role Lombardi has played over the last three seasons, and what it could mean for the Leafs if he is healthy.

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BioSteel and the Placebo Effect

Danny Gray
August 24 2011 01:16PM



Luke Schenn wants you to drink Bio Steel.

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Marginal goals, shot quality, and Nikolai Kulemin

Cam Charron
August 23 2011 08:45AM

The question I've had the most fun with this offseason is asking whether Nikolai Kulemin is more likely to score over 35 goals or fewer than 25. Kulemin came off a season of 30 goals and 57 points playing on the revamped MGK line with Clarke MacArthur and Mikhail Grabovski, as part of a unit that was quite often dubbed "the best 2nd line in hockey".

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Better Safe Than Sorry?

Danny Gray
August 22 2011 09:26AM


What can consumer response to fluctuations in the price of eggs tell us about the behavior of NHL General Managers?

It turns out that consumers and NHL GMs are both chickens.

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