NHL Expanding by four teams?!? Maybe, apparently.

Steve Dangle
August 27 2014 08:17AM

I knew something was up when we recorded a new podcast last night and there was no major NHL news to report. Usually when that happens something goes kablooey the second we upload it. Low and behold, apparently the NHL is close to expanding by four teams, including another one in Toronto, by 2017.

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - August 26, 2014 - Litigious or Something

Steve Dangle
August 26 2014 09:05PM


On this episode, the guys discuss Steve's dumbness, hockey's champions league, and why Toronto sucks.

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TLN Top Twenty Prospects: #19 - Viktor Lööv

Ryan Fancey
August 26 2014 04:52AM


Up next on our TLN Top Twenty Prospects list we have Viktor Lööv, our second defenceman in as many days with Justin starting things off with Rinat Valiev on Monday. Like Valiev, Lööv was drafted as an overager, taken by the Leafs in the 7th round (209th overall) in 2012.

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TLN Top Twenty Prospects: #20 - Rinat Valiev

Justin Fisher
August 25 2014 08:06AM

Kicking off our TLN Top Twenty Leafs Prospects is newcomer Rinat Valiev, a Russian defender drafted as an overager by the Leafs in the third round of the this past June’s NHL Entry Draft.

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The 2014 TLN Top Twenty Leafs Prospects: Honourable Mentions

Justin Fisher
August 23 2014 10:04AM

Welcome to TLN’s 2014 Top Twenty Leafs Prospects feature, which we are kicking off today and will be running through the next few weeks. This year, Steve Dangle, Jeff Veillette, Bobby Cappucino, Jon Steitzer, Ryan Fancey, Dominik  Luszczyszyn, Steve Tzemis, Cam Charron, and Justin Fisher (yours truly) all voted on the Leafs’ top prospects. Every day, we will continue the countdown with a new prospect profile, breaking down who they are, where they play, and how far they’ll go.

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