LFR6 - Game 7 - Frat Out Clutch

Steve Dangle
January 31 2013 11:02PM


 No goals from Kessel? No problem!

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Leafs Stomp Caps in Third, Phil Kessel Still Goalless

Thomas Drance
January 31 2013 09:23PM

James Van Riemsdyk celebrates his first period power-play goal in Thursday night's Leafs win over Washington.
Photo Credit: Claus Andersen/Getty Images

Going into the third period of Thursday night's 3-2 victory over the Washington Capitals, the Maple Leafs were at a distinct disadvantage. Beyond the one goal deficit and some shaky goaltending from James Reimer, the Leafs also had to conted with what I suspect might be a hex that someone (or something) has placed on Phil Kessel. 

It wasn't easy, nor was it necessrily pretty (Nazem Kadri's cross crease feed to Matt Frattin aside), but the Leafs managed to throtle the Washington Capitals in the third period in a come from behind regulation win.  

Gamer and chance data after the jump.

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Contextualizing Phil Kessel's "struggles"

Cam Charron
January 31 2013 02:21PM

Tonight marks the 23rd time Phil Kessel has played a game with the Toronto Maple Leafs while on a six-game scoreless skid. If history is any indication, there's no worse chance that Kessel will score in this game than any other on the schedule.

Welcome to the wild world of shooting percentages and slumps.

Kessel has taken a lot of heat for his start. Damien Cox has already traded him in his fantasy world, suggesting the only asset worth holding onto for the future is their first round pick this year. That means he's already given up on not only Kessel, but also Mikhail Grabovski, Nazem Kadri, and even Morgan Rielly.

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Leafs Ice Time Game Situations

Gus Katsaros
January 31 2013 02:11PM

 This is going to be a short one, a fun little post focusing on the Leafs times in various game situations.

This was prompted as I was looking through the team Fenwick numbers to get an early gauge on the NHL (please take note of the small sample size and the nature of season post-lockout). Granted, it’s really early but I noticed a strange set of numbers for the Leafs when the game is tied and just wanted to take it a little further.  

The Leafs are ahead of Florida, Colorado and Columbus with the score tied 39.05% Fenwick – a measure of shots on goal and missed shots on goal on the opposition net, minus the same criteria on the players own net. This number, even early is uninspiring to say the least. I wanted to follow up and see just how long did they play with the game tied.

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Optimus Reim & Scribbles

Steve Dangle
January 31 2013 12:56PM

It's the summer of 2011. July 9th, specifically.

I was basically unemployed after working what you could call my "rookie season" in hockey at Leafs TV. I had done some really cool things up until that point; going to the World Juniors in both Saskatoon and Buffalo, the Vancouver Olympics, but this was my first hockey season after graduating, and first with consistent work. Once the season ended, that work was gone.

While most of my friends were working at their jobs, I did what most unemployed losers do and went to the local coffee shop by myself. Mr. Beans in East Scarborough off of Port Union road.

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