Steve Lansky
February 24 2011 12:06PM

Thirteen days ago, I wrote about what the Leafs had to do to to even entertain ideas of qualifying for the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Many people, here and on twitter, had a field day with my “ridiculous” suggestion. But, the “Can they make the playoffs?” question is suddenly radio fodder in Toronto. Today, the Leafs are six points back of the Hurricanes (who currently occupy eighth). The Leafs have a game in-hand on Carolina, with Toronto having 22 games remaining in their regular season. I wonder how many people still think a Toronto post-season berth is unrealistic. It is not.

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Game #60 Scoring Chances: Islanders @ Leafs, Feb. 22/11 (2-1 Win)

Slava Duris
February 23 2011 09:22AM

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 20 894

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these leafs long on character

Steve Lansky
February 21 2011 01:43PM

The above is an image of “character.” I apologize if you are eating. But character is not something that you can, generally, touch with your hand. You can’t sift through columns of it in the paper or online, like you can goals and assists and plus/minus. And it’s a very slippery slope to question an NHL player’s character – although that’s coming a few paragraphs down. Slowly, with the precision of a surgeon, Maple Leafs’ GM Brian Burke is changing the character of his hockey club. It’s just one more step, one more component that will ultimately form a winning hockey club.

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Game #59 Scoring Chances: Senators @ Leafs, Feb. 19/11 (1-0 SOL)

Slava Duris
February 20 2011 02:17PM

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 20 878

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Steve Lansky
February 19 2011 07:52PM

Bob Gainey tells PK Subban's critics to...wait for it...shut up!

 And, if you need the pre-cursor...


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