ZoneStarts and ZoneFinishes through 33 games

Slava Duris
December 23 2010 04:55PM

With the holidays coming up and the Leafs not playing again until the 26th, I thought this would be a good time to take a little look at how the Leafs' players are faring in regards to ZoneStarts and ZoneFinishes.  Within this post are a couple of graphs for forwards and defencemen that I feel are pretty good illustrations of their performances.

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Leafs' Chance Takers (Christmas break update)

Slava Duris
December 22 2010 04:09PM

Here's an up-to-date table that shows the number of Scoring Chances that came off the stick of each Leaf player thus far in the 2010-11 campaign.

I've listed their total count and then the number of chances they had at 5-on-5 and 5-on-4.  I have no data from the Nov. 18 game against New Jersey.

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Losing The Room

Jonathan Willis
December 21 2010 07:44PM

I’ve noticed a funny thing about teams with problems: pretty much every time, there’s a rather large outcry from a certain segment of the fanbase that the head coach has lost the room, can’t motivate his players, is too critical, is too soft, or something else of that nature.

Ron Wilson is not an exception.

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Steve Lansky
December 20 2010 09:27PM

To borrow from the sport of rowing, Ron Wilson is a coxswain. That’s all he is. That’s all any NHL coach is. They are in command of the boat. They make tactical decisions. They provide feedback to the crew. They encourage and motivate. Coaches are simply coxswains. Nothing more and nothing less. And Ron Wilson is not doing the job he is being paid to do. To mix several maritime references, Wilson is Captain Edward Smith and his boat is going right over the falls.

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Game #33 Scoring Chances: ATL @ TOR, Dec. 20/10 (6-3 Loss)

Slava Duris
December 20 2010 08:26PM

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 20489

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