Shots Against Leafs Goalies In 2010-11

JP Nikota
August 15 2011 11:25AM

Leafs fans don’t need advanced statistics to figure out which of their three goalies was the most effective in the past season, but these statistics do provide context to what we witnessed in the games. Similarly, the graphs I’ve created that show the location of each shot taken at 5-on-5 and on the road against Reimer, Giguere, and Gustavsson are only colorful context for what we already know to be true. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what our goalies faced this past season.

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Don't Expect Change From The R&D Camp

Danny Gray
August 15 2011 09:05AM



This week the NHL is pondering some rule changes at its annual research and development camp. James Mirtle elaborated on some of the proposals over at the Globe and Mail. The proposed changes include: no-touch icing, removal of the trapezoid, and no line-changes after an offside. In all there are over 32 new ideas on the table. While a good idea in principle the way the NHL has structured these camps actually makes change more difficult.

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August 15 2011 12:18AM


In what can only be described as 'epic' - Robin Brownlee makes his inaugural appearance on NationRadio this week. After 25 episodes of refusing to appear as a guest, the legend vaults right into the big chair taking the reins as the host, filling in for Lowetide who is on a well deserved vacation. And he flipped through his rolodex and booked some pretty spectacular guests.

Not one but TWO Edmonton Oilers are on the show this week as Sam Gagner and Ryan Whitney stop by to say hello. Newly re-signed Oilers play by play man Kevin Quinn comes by too, to put the rumours of a multi-million dollar contract to bed. Oh yeah, and Oilers Head Scout Stu MacGregor? He's here too.

This is some amazing NationRadio. 

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Special Teams High Quality Chances, 2010-11

Slava Duris
August 14 2011 07:57PM

A little while back, we took a look at the frequency of High Quality Scoring Chances (aka A-chances) for and against that the Leafs produced while each individual player was on the ice.  In this post, we'll finally get around to checking out the number of high percentage shots for and against for each player on the Power-Play (5v4 and 4v3) and the Penalty Kill (4v5 and 3v4).

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TLN Will Steal Your Girlfriends

JP Nikota
August 14 2011 11:59AM

It’s been a while now that PPP and Chemmy have been writing here at The Leafs Nation, but it’s also been readily apparent that they’ve been lonely without their usual, er, companions. Tired of playing “Palmela Handerson” with each other, they have decided to start recruiting others to do their dirty work, and what better place to look than with the easiest “yes”s they could find? First there was Skinnyfish, and now I have joined on, as the latest “PPP girlfriend” to start writing over here as well. Internet polygamy strikes again!

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