The Steve Dangle Podcast - May 9, 2014 - Blue Crush

Steve Dangle
May 09 2014 09:29PM

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On this episode of the podcast, the guys put off the inevitable by making fun of Adam before eventually talking about the train wreck that is the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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May 09 2014 03:40PM


The playoffs are well under way as is the Nation Drafts playoffs pool, and it seems as though there are new names on the leaderboard every week.  Either that's a sign that we're all geniuses or that the players we've chosen are choking at all world levels.  You'd have to think, at this point, anyone that picked Rick Nash is about ready to punch him in the mouth, right? In the very least, Nash has more opportunity to score than my champion pick Chris Kelly! Although, Rick Nash only has 4 assists which is not too far off from Chris Kelly's broken leg production. LONG LIVE CHRIS KELLY!

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A Tale Of Three Coaches

Jeff Veillette
May 09 2014 03:00PM


I was going to go on a big long rant about how extending Randy Carlyle is awful yesterday, but I was busy playing my own blend of defensively lacking, systematically horrid, and utterly confusing hockey. To my defence, it was drop in with a bunch of people who just started learning how to play on ice, like myself. I still have the opportunity to go on this rant today, but instead, let me show you some numbers. We won't even use "advanced" stats. We'll keep it basic.

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This is Beyond Explanation (And Poor Phil Kessel)

Blake Murphy
May 09 2014 12:29PM


In the 24 hours or so that have passed since news broke that the Leafs were not only retaining Randy Carlyle, but also giving him a two-year extension, there’s been a great deal of high-quality snark produced. A quick review:

And of course, there’s all that sweet, sweet Twitter snark.

What I’m yet to see, however, is a reasonable explanation for why we’re even having to go through this. I’ve racked my brain, not to try and defend the decision to keep Carlyle around but to at least understand the thought process behind it, and I’m stumped.

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The Bright Side To Randy Carlyle's Extension

Dom Luszczyszyn
May 09 2014 09:55AM

Ok everybody, just breathe. 

You've had some time to sleep on yesterday's big decision. It's not the end of the world, although it sure seemed that way on Twitter when news of Randy's non-firing and extension broke.

Some people on this very website took to drinking and ghost stories. Others are literally abandoning the team. And then there was something about umbrellas.

Overall, there was a lot of negativity surrounding Shanahan's first big decision, which was to keep the incumbent coach that lead the Leafs to one of the worst defensive performances in history. Sure, most of that negativity is completely 100 percent justified considering how the season played out, but everyone deserves a second chance in my opinion. 

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