Steve Lansky
February 11 2011 11:24AM

In order to reach the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs (a possibility I summarily dismissed here just nine days ago), the Leafs probably need to win 20 of their remaining 27 games. To say that’s a tall order would be an understatement. But, stranger things have happened. And, when I wrote that piece last week, they were 12 points out of eighth. Now they’re just seven back. Here are a few things they’re going to have to do to make it happen.

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Game #55 Scoring Chances: Devils @ Leafs, Feb. 10/11 (2-1 OT Loss)

Slava Duris
February 10 2011 07:54PM

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 20 816

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Brace yourself, Joffrey...

Steve Lansky
February 09 2011 07:28PM

Say hello to the newest member of your Toronto Maple Leafs. He's the one on the right. Earlier today, Brian Burke closed his eyes and flung another dart at the big board of NHL talent. And the names he hit were Joffrey Lupul (pictured) and Jake Gardiner. I laugh when I read that Lupul is a "top-six forward." Nobody knows what the hell Lupul is after two back surgeries and subsequent infection problems. But, since he still obviously has designs on the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs, it's a gamble Burke felt he had to take.

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Beauchemin Traded - What Does This Mean? What's Next?

February 09 2011 06:54PM

The Leafs have dealt Francois Beauchemin for Joffrey Lupul, Jake Gardiner and a conditional pick. The terms to the conditional pick are so convoluted that my head hurts thinking about them but look at the trade this way: Lupul is a salary dump and Gardiner is a blue chip defensive prospect.

At even strength Beauchemin leads the team in both quality of competition and time on ice. Jake Gardiner is third in points on a loaded Wisconsin team in the WCHA... from the blueline. Joffrey Lupul is a salary dump with considerably more upside than running out Joey Crabb. So why should you, Joe Leafs Fan (an amusing construct I will use from now on that is in no way a cheap straw man and rhetorical trampoline) care about this?

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Game #54 Scoring Chances: Leafs @ Islanders, Feb. 8/11 (5-3 Win)

Slava Duris
February 09 2011 09:56AM

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 20 803

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