Preview: Game #5 Leafs @ Rangers - The method behind Nazem Kadri

Cam Charron
January 26 2013 10:54AM

Photo Credit: Abelimages/Getty

Indubitably, Nazem Kadri is saying all the right things about his early season scoring success, and why wouldn't he? Carlyle has put his young forward in a position to succeed, unlike Ron Wilson, and Kadri is cashing in with three goals in four games and all around impressive play. Why? He's transitioned from a two-way role to an offensive role this season.

Friend of the blog Sean Fitz-Gerald over at the National Post had this to say:

Wilson chose a tough-love approach. The coach, who was fired last March, made a habit of questioning Kadri’s commitment to defence in public, as well as his commitment to the physical demands of the NHL. (While declaring the then-20-year-old as a healthy scratch for a home game in December 2010, Wilson said Kadri lacked “hockey strength.”)

The questions about fitness lingered into training camp with Toronto’s American Hockey League affiliate last fall. But they seem to have been eased.

It's an all-around excellent piece worth reading because it shows the trust that the Toronto Maple Leafs have in their coach. Player roles are more strictly defined in this regime than the previous one. Carlyle is a stickler with his lines, his opponents' lines, his matchups and his zone matchups, and Kadri is benefitting from it.

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Marlies Enter Act Two Of Season

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
January 25 2013 07:20PM

Tomorrow afternoon, the Toronto Marlies will return to Ricoh Coliseum to face the Wilkes Barre-Scranton Penguins. This will be the team's first home game in twenty one days, with six road appearances wedged in the middle. Why? In typical minor league hockey fashion, the arena had other use, like being used as a lake for the Toronto Boat Show. A drastic transformation, which is fitting, as the team coming to play tomorrow is rather different from the one that left.

Before going into all of the differences between then and now, it's worth pointing out why this is the case. You see, the Marlies have been gone for so long, that when they left, the NHL lockout still hadn't been solved yet. I'm not talking about opening puck drop, or ratification, we were still at the point of "they're really going to lose this entire season, aren't they" thought on January 5th. Since then, we've seen contracts signed, camps completed, and NHL hockey played. Here's the aftermath:

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Jake Gardiner sent down to Marlies

Cam Charron
January 25 2013 12:58PM

Interesting bit of news today:

At least now it's being called a concussion.

I don't think Gardiner has had it too rough this season. His scoring chances +/- in the last two games is +8 chances for, -12 chances against. Comparatively, Mike Kostka, who has played easier minutes, is a +7 for and -14 against. Gardiner was doing well in all even-strenght situations with John-Michael Liles against New York.

Conditioning stints typically last a couple of games, although after tomorrow's game at Ricoh against Wilkes-Barre, the Marlies are off until Friday in Rochester. Perhaps the Leafs wanted to get Gardiner skating, but preferably not against one of the conference's toughest teams in the New York Rangers.

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LFR6 - Game 4 - First Fail

Steve Dangle
January 25 2013 10:46AM


Not this again!

The Leafs implode against the Islanders on home ice. Here's what I've got to say about it...

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Marlies Goals Scored On/Off Ice

Gus Katsaros
January 25 2013 10:25AM

The onset of the NHL season is a distinct point in the schedule that impacts the AHL, as the outflow of players joining their respective parent clubs altered lineups immensely.

The Marlies lost three of their four top scorers, with the graduation of Nazem Kadri along with Mike Kostka with a spot on the Leafs defense. Keith Aucoin was claimed by the New York Islanders.

With the abrupt changes in the roster, I wanted to update the Marlies non-traditional player points breakdowns before a final sweep at the end of the season. The breakdowns are goals by period, and when those goals were scored, for example, tie games, up one goal, down one goal, etc. as well as on and off ice totals.

Below are updated results up to the weekend ending January 20, 2013.

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