What's Eating Nikolai Kulemin?

JP Nikota
January 30 2012 10:14PM

If you're a top-six forward and Joey Crabb has doubled your goal production despite playing 10 fewer games, it's a pretty safe bet that things haven't exactly been going your way. But add to that the fact that this is a contract year and you are losing yourself future dollars by the day, and things look downright grim. [Editor's Note: This could be great news for the Leafs long-term]

OK, so maybe we won't cry for Nikolai Kulemin - he is still rather well off, I'm sure - but it doesn't help stem the frustration of seeing him on pace for 8 goals on the season. It's true that most of us expected at least some regression from last season's totals but this has been quite the dry spell. [Editor's Note: Here's a look at a simpler time's predictions - pre-season.]

In this kind of situation, the bad news is also, to a certain extent, the good news: Kulemin has a shooting percentage of 6.94% and it's bound to regress to the mean at some point. Click to read on.

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Introducing The Leafs Nation Podcast

January 29 2012 08:46PM

Last weekend, Danny Gray and I sat down to record the first ever Leafs Nation Podcast. My editing skills probably leave something to be desired, but from here on in, we'll do our best to make this a weekly feature, and have a different guest for each episode.

Read on for a link to the audio.

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Should Burke Add Top-Six Size At The Deadline?

JP Nikota
January 29 2012 01:33PM

Really, the only thing that Burke has emphatically said that he wants to acquire in the coming weeks is more size for his top-six. It's not a bad idea per se, but the Leafs' defense hasn't exactly been stellar and their goaltending situation is questionable to say the least. In short, I'm somewhat surprised that there hasn't at least been some mention of adding at another position.

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Nation Radio - January 28, 2012

January 29 2012 11:33AM



It was all Edmonton all the time on all-star Saturday. Lowetide was visited by Terry Jones, Dennis King, Jim Byers and Corey Graham to talk about everything from the major league Oilers to minor league Oil Kings.

This is Nation Radio.

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Sexism and the All-Star Fantasy Draft

Danny Gray
January 27 2012 08:03AM


Dreams really do come true.

Last night the NHL held the All-Star Fantasy Draft for the second time. While it gives adult fans an opportunity to play Statler and Waldorf on Twitter after each pick, it is really meant for the children. As last year’s Guardian Project demonstrated, the NHL sees the All-Star game as an opportunity to sell the game to its younger fans.  The Fantasy Draft sent a very sexist message to those kids last night.

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