Jason Gregor
August 09 2011 01:11AM

Guns N' Roses released their first album, Appetite for Destruction, on July 21, 1987. It contained one of the greatest dressing room/warm up songs you've ever heard, Welcome To The Jungle. Since 1988, many teams have psyched themselves up listening to Axl and the Boys, but one player actually used the "Jungle" as a springboard to an NHL career.

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Better Know a Bias: Cognitive Dissonance

Danny Gray
August 08 2011 09:35AM



Why do people get so angry about advanced statistics?

Kent Wilson posted an excellent article titled The Theory and Nature of Current Advanced Hockey Analysis. He eloquently describes the ultimate utility of advanced statistics as "aimed at teasing apart the variables that moderate possession at both the individual and team level". The variables include "quality of line mates, quality of opposition and starting position." With the overarching goal being "to isolate individual contributions to possession, be it from the players themselves, or coaching systems, face-off zones, playing-to-score effect, the nature of different positions, etc." If he only knew how wrong he is.

Unfortunately for Kent his entire post is discredited by the herculean mental effort of a one Sean Elekes. Mr. Elekes puts Mr. Wilson in his place by countering that he "put[s] too much science in the game of hockey. Goals and assists equal points. That's the difference between a Hall of Famer and NHLer."1 This sentiment is a common response to articles and arguments that extol the benefits of advanced statistics. People make some ludicrous arguments in the face of well articulated arguments supported by sufficient and significant data. This is because people will say or believe anything in order to rationalize evidence that contradicts their established beliefs.

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August 07 2011 01:25PM

This week on NationRadio we have Dustin Nielson of Team 1260, Nation Network Scribe Cam Charron, Pat McLean from the awesome blog Black Dog Hates Skunks, Bob Ridley from the Medicine Hat Tigers and the recent RNH media scrum from World Juniors.


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The Summer of Wendel- Part II

Danny Gray
August 05 2011 06:57AM

 As the summer of 1985 wore on the Leafs had yet to sign Wendel Clark to a contract and his plans for the fall remained in question.

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Two-way forwards, Defensive forwards, and the Selke debate

Cam Charron
August 04 2011 09:20PM



A principle problem of mainstream hockey talk revolves around finding the right value for a defensive player. Evaluating a player's defensive attributes, unfortunately, falls into some pitfalls on the surface. It is absolutely impossible to watch every game and judge each player well defensively, which causes some problems when it comes to handing out individual awards at the end of the season.

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