Leafs at the World Championships

May 03 2011 01:37PM

Things have been pretty quiet for the Leafs; with the playoffs in full swing there's not a ton going on for a squad that's misssed them every year since the lockout. Luckily for Leafs fans the draft is only six weeks away and there are a pile of Leafs currently playing for their country in the 2011 IIHF World Championships.

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The Playoff Prediction Project, Round 2

Jonathan Willis
April 27 2011 09:32PM



The first round of the playoffs is over, and it was a doozy. The best part is, there are three rounds to go, and the hockey isn’t likely to get any worse as time goes on.

After the jump, it’s time to make Round Two predictions.

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Leafs' Chance Takers, 2010-11 Regular Season

Slava Duris
April 21 2011 03:02PM

Pictured above are two of the Leafs' leading scoring chance takers from the 2010-11 season, Phil Kessel (most taken on the team) and Nikolai Kulemin (3rd most).  Kulemin had the best shooting percentage on scoring chances out of all Leaf players with at least 50 chances.

Click "Read Article" to view the Chances Taken data for all the Toronto Maple Leafs' players from this past season.

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Robin Brownlee
April 21 2011 02:36PM

One big positive about the possibility of the Phoenix Coyotes returning to Winnipeg is that Edmonton would no longer be perceived by players as the second-least desirable destination in the NHL, which it now is.

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Would you deal Schenn for Pavelski?

Steve Lansky
April 15 2011 10:52AM

This morning, on Toronto sports radio, the question came up, “Would you trade Luke Schenn for Joe Pavelski?” I almost drove off the road. Then, to sink the dagger even further, both the boneheads behind the mics said, “Yes, I would.” I had to pull over and take some deep breaths. Schenn for Pavelski? Are they nuts?

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