Preview: Game #3 Leafs @ "Hockey Mecca"

Cam Charron
January 23 2013 11:57AM

The Pittsburgh Tribune woke us up this morning, apparently, to tell us that Hockey's Mecca is no longer any of the towns connected by the traffic-infested Southern Ontario freeways converging unto  the region professional hockey grew out of, once upon a time.

For those of us who grew up with the sport, we also grew up with tomes on our coffee tables outlining the history of the game. Though the pictures in those books were black and white, the striping patterns and logos on the uniforms were familiar. The simple and distinct patterns remain unchanged since the Original Six era began in 1942.

In the Original Six era, the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens each won the Stanley Cup 10 times. No other team came close. There are no two cities hosting professional hockey that can even begin to claim similar history or importance is the establishment of the modern NHL.

Except, evidently, Pittsburgh, where the Maple Leafs play tonight.

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Advertorial: Free Fantasy Contest

Kent Wilson
January 23 2013 10:01AM



Every so often someone approaches the Nations with offers or partnerships because they think we're great and all. A lot of the time this stuff is pretty lame so we don't bother you, our valued readers, with it.

Sometimes something good comes along though (kinda like a trade with the Calgary Flames, for instance). The folks at Draftstreet sent us an email or 10 recently pitching us on an interesting salary cap draft contest that's free to enter. Oh and you can win cash prizes. Free cash is always good, so we want to pass the details along to you.

Anyways, here's the gist:

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Is Gillis playing the media game with the Leafs?

Ryan Fancey
January 22 2013 03:24PM

Mike Gillis is either trying to help along a Roberto Luongo trade that isn't quite there yet, or is possibly the most honest human on the planet. I'll take the former.
Yesterday an interview with the Canucks' general manager emerged where he was quoted as saying he has a potential deal in place with a team that hasn't yet been on the media's radar, the trading partner just needs to clear up some of its own roster issues first.

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LFR6 - Game 2 - Kaleta Stank

Steve Dangle
January 22 2013 12:41PM


Kaleta Stank: The new fragrance of the Buffalo Sabres.

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The Kulemin-McClement combo, and an early scoring chances update

Cam Charron
January 22 2013 09:23AM

Photo credit: Abelimages via

A note or two before getting to our inaugural scoring chances data dump of the 2013 season…

I've been paying not as much attention as intended at the way Randy Carlyle is matching up his lines just yet in the season. I've been pre-occupied with counting scoring chance events, so I haven't been able to jot down in my notebook who is matchup up against who, and where on the ice, at what time in the game.

Luckily, the play-by-play sheets have this data. When I was totalling up the scoring chance numbers for the first two games of the season, I noticed something strange. The scoring chances coming against Nik Kulemin didn't all come when he was on that MGK unit with Mikhail Grabovski and Clarke MacArthur.

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