The Steve Dangle Podcast - July 4, 2013 - LOUD NOISES!

Steve Dangle
July 04 2013 10:11PM


Steve, Adam, and Chris scream for like 2 hours about the Mikhail Grabovski buyout, Seguin trade, Schneider trade, and the rest of the ongoing insanity that is the post lockout (AGAIN) National Hockey League. Enjoy, and make sure your headphones aren't cranked, or it may kill you.


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DISTRACTION! Leafs Announce Prospect Camp Roster

Justin Fisher
July 04 2013 08:21PM

Photo: @GSparks40

(Photo: @GSparks40)

Earlier today, the Toronto Maple Leafs announced the full roster for their upcoming Prospect Camp, comprised of 18 forwards, 12 defencemen, and four goaltenders.

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Mikhail Grabovski: Bought Out

Steve Dangle
July 04 2013 04:21PM



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Grabovski to be bought out by Leafs

Ryan Fancey
July 04 2013 10:25AM

This is a bit of a surprise.

We've sort of discussed the possibility of a Grabovski buyout in the past, especially if he was going to continue to have his minutes cut and offensive game destroyed by Carlyle. But I thought the Bolland trade would change that in a big way and allow him to get back to scoring.

If this is a move to keep Tyler Bozak, I may have to find another favorite team. 

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When Small Moves Add Up to Big Costs

Blake Murphy
July 03 2013 01:20PM

The Leafs will have $1M against their cap for Colby Armstrong this season.

On the Internet, it is really easy to overact to something small and make it into a much bigger deal than it needs to be. This is kind of what Twitter was invented for.

It’s unfortunate, but the opposite can also be true sometimes – it’s really easy to ignore small things or claim “it’s insignificant” in defense of something (or to keep the angry trolls at bay).

Such has been the debate format over several of the Leafs’ moves this offseason, minor moves that have created rage and then been dismissed. To refresh your memory, I made a flow chart of these events.

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