Steve Lansky
February 02 2011 11:13AM

On December 27th, right here, I professed that the Leafs’ next sixteen games would determine whether or not they had the jam to reach the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs. At that time, they sat thirteenth in the Eastern Conference, ten points out of a Stanley Cup Playoff spot. Today, after 50 games (and despite a gritty win v. Florida on Tuesday night), the Leafs are in twelfth spot, 12 points behind Atlanta for the final berth. And, even though they have 32 regular-season games remaining, you can stick a fork in the Leafs’ playoff chances…’cause they’re done.

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Leafs vs Panthers - Should We Still Fear Tuesday Nights?

February 01 2011 11:24AM

Tuesday night game? Check.

At the ACC? Check.

Against a South East opponent? Check.

Leafs guranteed to lose tonight? ...............

Had this been last season, that last question would have most certainly gotten a check but the numbers after 49 games this year suggest that Tuesday is just another day of the week and no longer warrants excessive fear. In the 2009-10 season the Leafs played 17 games on a Tuesday night, the majority of those coming against South Eastern Division opponents. Their record in those games? A horrible 5-11-1. Maybe they were too preoccupied with the latest episode of NCIS to focus on the games? This season however, it looks like Ron Wilson bought every member a TiVO because so far the Leafs are 4-3-1 on Tuesday night games. (Side note: 2 of those losses and the OT loss are all to Tampa Bay.) Tuesday is no longer the most feared day of the week for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Follow me after the jump for most "insight" into tonight's game.

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Scoring Chances Update through the All-Star Break

Slava Duris
January 31 2011 06:32PM

Within this post are the scoring chances statistics for each individual Toronto Maple Leaf player while they were on the ice at Even Strength, on the Power Play, and on the Penalty Kill (two-man advantage situations not included), updated at the All-Star break.  My previous scoring chance breakdown was posted back on Nov. 27/10, just a little after the first quarter pole of the 2010-11 season.  Some things remain constant, like the Grabovski line being the top overall unit on the team, but there have been some interesting shifts as well in the statistics.

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Steve Lansky
January 31 2011 09:00AM

I think it’s important that, in light of the Leafs’ continually disappointing play, that we don’t get mired in negativity here. Even though the Leafs are currently 12th in the East (43 points in 49 GP) and 14 points out of a Stanley Cup Playoff spot, there have been many positives surrounding the club this season. Let’s assume (and this is a ridiculously broad assumption) that only Leafs’ players were eligible for the season-ending NHL Awards. Here’s who’d win what so far…

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Phil Kessel's New Stick

January 27 2011 08:24AM

I think hockey equipment is pretty interesting, especially sticks. The hockey stick seems simple enough but really there's an endless amount of variation in how players prepare their gear. Some players like big curves, some small. Some players like big toe curves as opposed to mid curves. Some players tape huge knobs to the top of their shafts (if you're waiting for a dick joke it's not coming) and then there's Phil Kessel who does the "Candy Cane":

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