LFR8 - Game 22 - Anaconda - Tor 3, Pit 4 (OT)

Steve Dangle
November 27 2014 01:14PM

Screen shot 2014-11-27 at 3.02.05 PM

The Leafs tried to mount a comeback but the booty was too strong.

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Bobby Cappuccino
November 26 2014 09:19PM

That was a fun hockey game.

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LGD: March of the Penguins

Dom Luszczyszyn
November 26 2014 11:52AM


The Leafs play the Penguins tonight (pictured above) and I spent an alarming amount of time looking for the right penguin photo to start this off. What can I say, penguins are cute as hell and you can get lost in the internet easily if you're looking at penguins, which is actually an analogy for tonight's game. 

The Penguins are, in my opinion at least, the best team in the league, and if the Leafs get caught watching them (like they tend to do with good teams) they'll look lost on the ice. Playing Pittsburgh at home is going to be a challenge for the high-flying Leafs who have won two straight. It's also the annual father's trip, so congrats to them for getting a free trip to Pittsburgh on a Wednesday. I bet they're stoked. Hopefully the dads don't go home disappointed. 

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The Leafs' Fenwick and Their Historical Playoff Odds

Shawn Reis
November 25 2014 02:30PM

The Leafs currently sit 23rd in the league with a 47.78% Fenwick and seem to have settled into the 47% range as a season average over the last few games.  It's an improvement on the last couple of seasons and certainly makes their chances of getting into the playoffs better.  But by how much?

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - Nov 25, 2014 - Farewell Pat Quinn

Steve Dangle
November 25 2014 12:48PM

On this episode the guys talk about Pat Quinn, Oilers ineptitude, and Lucic-Prout.

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