When Small Moves Add Up to Big Costs

Blake Murphy
July 03 2013 01:20PM

The Leafs will have $1M against their cap for Colby Armstrong this season.

On the Internet, it is really easy to overact to something small and make it into a much bigger deal than it needs to be. This is kind of what Twitter was invented for.

It’s unfortunate, but the opposite can also be true sometimes – it’s really easy to ignore small things or claim “it’s insignificant” in defense of something (or to keep the angry trolls at bay).

Such has been the debate format over several of the Leafs’ moves this offseason, minor moves that have created rage and then been dismissed. To refresh your memory, I made a flow chart of these events.

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New Leaf Herzog Heading to Quebec?

Justin Fisher
July 03 2013 11:21AM

One of the Leafs’ latest draft picks, Swiss winger Fabrice Herzog, has been selected by the Quebec Remparts in the first round, 42nd overall of the CHL Import Draft.

Herzog, a 5th round pick of the Leafs in Sunday’s NHL Entry Draft, scored 28 goals and 45 points in 32 games with EV Zug’s U20 club this past season. He added two goals and two assists in 20 games with the Men’s team.

Following the NHL Draft, Leafs GM Dave Nonis implied that Herzog may come to North American to continue his hockey career as early as this coming season.

In Quebec, Herzog would join a talented forward group stocked with several 2013 draft picks, including Adam Erne (Tampa Bay), Nick Sorensen (Anaheim), and Anthony Duclair (New York Rangers).

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Not broken: Right-handed defenceman headed to free agency

Cam Charron
July 03 2013 10:20AM

Not five minutes after I hit "publish" on my last post, theorizing that the right-handed defenceman that the Toronto Maple Leafs so desperately need would have to come by trade and not by a free agency signing, news broke that the Minnesota Wild were buying out Tom Gilbert, a 6'3" defenceman that moves the puck well for his size.

He's not a big lug on puck possession, and was a heavy TOI guy in Edmonton playing upwards of 22 minutes a night on average. He was traded last deadline for the more defensive Nick Schultz, in a move that was roundly panned by Edmonton Oilers bloggers, some of the sharpest on the net.

And now he's available. He's a big right shot and was forced out of ice-time now that the Wild have signed Ryan Suter and have developed Jared Spurgeon into a top four defenceman. There's some quality on the right side, and the decision by the Wild to buy him out stems from the fact there wasn't more than one bidder for the year left on Gilbert's deal worth $4-million.

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Broken: Mike Komisarek is gone

Cam Charron
July 03 2013 09:39AM

This isn't exactly breaking news since it happened some time last night (and had been rumoured since June 23), but Mike Komisarek is done in Toronto after being the first of the Toronto Maple Leafs' compliance buy-outs. He had been playing the second half of the season with the Toronto Marlies after requesting to be sent down just so he could get some playing time.

Komisarek was that rare combination of a bad player tagged to a bad contract. He was due to make $3.5M this season, but will now have to settle with making $1.155-million over each of the next two years. His $4.5-million cap hit is erased from the books, but Komisarek is still paid out two-thirds of his contract over twice the remaining years.

The buy-out itself is just as disappointing as the player, actually. While I can say that there is no known universe that features Komisarek on a Leafs Stanley Cup-winning team, ultimately the a number of really poor decisions has totalled up the cap space saved by this buy-out. With better decision-making in the past, the Leafs could have saved this buy-out for next season and perhaps grabbed a good piece from the Philadelphia Flyers or Pittsburgh Penguins, two teams that are committing lots of money to lots of players.

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He's our douche, now: Dave Bolland is a Leaf!!!

Steve Dangle
July 02 2013 02:15PM


The Leafs got Dave Bolland and I'm so happeh!!

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