Is Scott Gomez hockey's most underrated? (Yes)

Cam Charron
January 26 2012 12:17PM



Poor Scott Gomez. From the website which asks the rhetorical question "Did Gomez score" to players naming him the 3rd most overrated player in hockey, it seems like there are a lot of hockey fans, players and media who don't appreciate his talent.

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NHL Referees are biased, but not in the way you think

Danny Gray
January 26 2012 09:05AM

Dion Phaneuf pleads for mercy, I think. 

The Folks over at Lighthouse Hockey had some qualms with the officiating in Tuesday night’s loss to the Leafs. For the second straight game the Leafs did not surrender a power play opportunity to the New York Islanders. While some might don their tin-foil touques and pull out their Glen Beck Chalkboard and begin drawing lines between Brian Burke, Phil Kessel, and Brendan Shanahan, they should know that this is the first time in 10 years that the Leafs have gone two straight games without taking a penalty. But those who have cried foul about NHL officiating at times are onto something; while there is no grand conspiracy referees are indeed biased.

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Does the Liles extension mean Grabovski is out in Toronto?

Cam Charron
January 25 2012 01:25PM

As mentioned earlier at The Leafs Nation by Danny Gray, the rumour that John-Michael Liles had re-signed a long-term deal with the Toronto Maple Leafs hit the Internet feeds this morning, securing the future for at least one current Toronto Maple Leaf. The deal was confirmed in the afternoon, with Liles signing a four-year extension worth $3.875M per.

Who is the other Leaf that this extension may effect? Mikhail Grabovski.

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Liles Signs 4 Year Extension with Leafs

Danny Gray
January 25 2012 10:53AM


The Leafs get creative in protecting Liles from future concussions

We all know Burke likes to get a head start on the competition. While he did not make a trade today he got out in front of those looking to add a puck moving defenseman to their line-up this summer. As per TSN, Leafs blue-liner John-Michael Liles, @hoosierjm26 on Twitter, has sjgned a 4 year contract with the Leafs. Their sources say the deal is four years at $3.875 per season. 

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Ron Wilson Definitely Does Match Lines

Danny Gray
January 25 2012 09:35AM


Either Ron Wilson matches lines or Dion Phaneuf just REALLY likes playing against John Tavares

The Leafs home and home sweep of the New York Islanders was important for two reasons. First, the Leafs picked up four crucial points in a tight playoff race to keep pace with three other teams at 55 points. Second, it gives us an opportunity to test Ron Wilson’s claim that he does not match lines.

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