Can The Leafs Be As Healthy As Last Season?

Danny Gray
July 28 2011 10:15AM


Phaneuf Injury


Short answer, yes with an if.  Long answer, no with a but. 

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Better Know a Bias: Anchoring

Danny Gray
July 25 2011 10:21AM

There is a moment during the Ronco Showtime Rotisserie Informercial that you begin to worry about Ron Popeil.1 He tells us that “this machine should sell for over $400”. But, “you’re not going to spend $400 for it, not $375 or $350. Not $325 or even $300”. By the time he gets down to $200 you assume that he’s selling these at a substantial loss, what kind of trouble has Ron gotten himself into? He’s saying you can buy a $400 device that can simultaneously roast 4 chickens for only “4 easy monthly payments of $39.95”; you’d be stupid not too! You just fell victim to the cognitive bias known as Anchoring. 

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July 24 2011 07:16PM

If you enjoy advertisements you are going to have to make do with this old Microsoft Ad with Steve Ballmer yelling about the wonderful features of Microsoft Paint. Because as always NationRadio is delivered to you commercial free only on the Nation Network.

This week's episode includes Kent Wilson, Scott Reynolds, Gabe Desjardins, Corey Graham, a rebroadcast of an interview with Tom Renney and as always the incomparable Lowetide.


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The Theory and Nature of Current Advanced Hockey Analysis

Kent Wilson
July 23 2011 02:12PM



Before we proceed with the rest of the Flames "mediocrity" series, it makes sense to discuss and explicate the basis of the analyses we tend to engage in here. The theory, the application and the practicality of the stats we employ and the resultant interpretations. 

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Adjusted Toronto Maple Leaf Fenwick numbers

Cam Charron
July 22 2011 08:51AM

Remember the name 

A player's Fenwick number is an advanced +/- statistic that counts all goals, misses and shots fired at the opponent's teams net subtracted by the number of goals, misses and shots fired at your own net when you are on the ice. It corresponds well with scoring chances and is a good indicator of which team owned the bulk of quality shots when the player was on the ice. It is a variant of the corsi statistic, except with the blocked shots going either way excluded.

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