The Scriv-interview, Part III: Ben Scrivens on lockouts and trucks

Steve Dangle
August 23 2012 06:53AM

It's the offseason, and I was able to get a hold of Ben Scrivens for a lengthy interview and cut into three parts.The first part dealt with Scrivens' 2012 season, the second part dealt with his view of the media in covering the game, and this third and final part deals with Scrivens' as an individual, along with his views on a potential lockout.

What's a goalie's off-season workout regimen like?

This offseason is a little different. It's obviously been shortened due to our lengthy run, but it's not all that different from a player's offseason regimen. We're working out, we're on the same workout routine.

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What About Them American Boys?

JP Nikota
August 22 2012 10:57AM

We've heard a lot of complaints—the loudest of them from Don Cherry—about Brian Burke's affinity for drafting players born and raised in the United States.

Now, it's no secret that Burke prefers to build his teams with North American players. Sure, Nikolai Kulemin and Mikhail Grabovski are important cogs in his team, but, even looking very casually at the makeup of Burke's teams over the years, it's clear that Europeans are not as well represented in the ranks as their North American colleagues.

So what's the deal?

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The passion of fans will keep the lockout short

Danny Gray
August 22 2012 07:16AM

I will never quite understand why some people think that the fans are somehow to blame for the latest potential but almost certain lockout. The theory goes that if we had not been so gung-ho on welcoming the NHL back the owners and NHLPA may think twice when it comes to a work stoppage. This is stupid for two reasons. First, it assumes that all lockouts are bad and should be avoided. Second, it ignores the fact that fan support of the post-lockout NHL that will ensure we don’t lose a full season to a lockout this time around.

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The Scriv-interview, Part II: Ben Scrivens on the media

Steve Dangle
August 21 2012 08:34PM


It's the offseason, and I was able to get a hold of Ben Scrivens for a lengthy interview, cut into three parts. The first part dealt with Scrivens' 2012 season , while this second part deals with expectations and the power of media in shaping opinion about a hockey team.

One thing I remember you saying in a post-game scrum – because you kind of got to see this team at several different levels. I mean the first time you got called up they were doing pretty well, they were in a playoff spot, but at the end of the season when things fell apart, you said something along the lines of you could see or feel a difference in the Leafs' locker room. What do you think was happening, or had already happened, to that team?

I don't know. I mean, you look at any situation, and you could look at two polar opposite situations. You could look at what happened to the Leafs at the end of the season and juxtapose that with what happened to the LA Kings at the end of the season. Sometimes there's no rhyme or reason for the way things play out, you know. Sometimes it's one bad goal, a missed assignment, one post offensively, that causes you to lose a game, and that's the first game of a losing streak that you can never quite pull yourself out of.

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So, what happened to Paul Ranger?

Cam Charron
August 21 2012 08:37AM

It wasn't a very long time ago that Paul Ranger was one of the up-and-coming defencemen in the NHL. In looking back through the archives, Ranger was a core piece on a good-looking young defensive unit, and Tortorella apparently said he had one of the best first passes in the NHL at 23.

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