This Is The End, My Only Friend...

John Lofranco
April 07 2012 09:02PM

be more specific

"Be more specific," I told him. No one got it.

If you want a more specific recap, it's after the jump. But I understand if you are not interested. I won't take it personally. It gets kind of weepy.

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At Least We’re Not...

Matt Stephen
April 06 2012 10:33AM

It's okay, there's always next year.

Is there any better way to build up your own self-esteem than watching someone else fail? Is there any better way to make yourself feel better about your own short-comings than to observe those in others? Of course no, so I’d like to introduce a coping method for the most downtrodden, spirit-tested individuals of all, and of course, I’m talking about Leafs fans. Take those recent memories of long-running losing streaks, suspect goaltending, piss-poor powerplays and tape-to-tape breakout passes to opponents and let it all go because, believe it or not, some other hockey fans had it worse this year.

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See ya in October

Ryan Fancey
April 06 2012 08:02AM

Thanks for getting Ron fired, everyone

It was the final NHL game in Toronto this year, and the Leafs didn't disappoint. Well, they sort of did if you're banking on a top five pick - but the team managed to scrape out an overtime win for the crowd that paid at the gate last night. The season will finally clue up on Saturday in Montreal.

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Leading by Example: Dion Phaneuf

A. Bates
April 05 2012 10:29PM

Could Dion Phaneuf lead these dudes to a winning record?

Sports media in Toronto seem to be grasping at straws on things to talk about. I don't necessarily blame them, as any writer or fan would have a hard time just thinking about the Maple Leafs after what has transpired the past two months. However, I think it's the job of the media, of the people that have a rabid fan base waiting for analysis of their team to give their fans quality information. Information that is going to educate new fans, console old ones and spark a real interest in the team, not an interest in talking about how much they suck.

There are many examples of newspaper writers, bloggers and fans writing stupid, untrue and generally unhelpful articles. One of the biggest story lines this spring has been that Dion Phaneuf is a terrible captain: He sucks and if the Leafs had a good captain there is no question that the Leafs wouldn't have lost nearly every game for two months.

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Franchise Relocations: More Common Than We Think

JP Nikota
April 05 2012 06:18AM

I should be straightforward and confess my bias right off the bat: I hope that the Phoenix Coyotes move to Québec City. I don't care about the poor, suffering fans in Phoenix, I don't care about 'growing the game', and I don't care about the millionaires and/or billionaires that stand to lose from the Coyotes moving elsewhere. Even the taxpayers of Glendale, who have been getting the proverbial shaft, are in some ways undeserving of sympathy, for not being more involved. Call me callous, but I'm more interested in reigniting old rivalries (i.e. with Montréal) and witnessing the rebirth of a franchise.

Many people don't see La Vielle Capitale as a viable long-term location for a hockey team and/or they (somewhat justifiably) feel Phoenix hasn't really been given a fair chance, but the truth is, "long-term" is a relative term, and losing money sucks. Many franchises have moved over the course of the NHL's history, and it's really only younger fans that perceive the NHL as a static entity of 30 teams in certain locations.

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