TLN's Top 30+1 for the 2016 NHL Draft

Ryan Fancey
June 22 2016 11:05AM

We're about to hit the final 48-hour stretch before the Leafs are on the clock with the Matthews pick, so what better time to pass along our own final TLN pre-draft rankings?

Some of our writers have been hard at work trying to get prepped for what should be the one of the most important weekends for the Leafs in recent memory, and along the way we've established opinions on how we think the first round should shake out. 

With that in mind, I asked Jess Pincente, Ryan Hobart, and Shawn Reis to pass along their final rankings to go along with my own, and did some consolidating. Now here we are with 30 names, plus a bonus pick. Barring another deal, Toronto will be picking at 31st as it stands, so we needed to honour that. Plus, by next season the league will have 31 teams anyway, so we want to get the jump on it.

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Building A Champion Part 4: How Far Are The Leafs From Contending

Dom Luszczyszyn
June 22 2016 07:00AM

After establishing who makes up the Leafs core and projecting how good those players will be over the next five seasons, it’s finally time to answer the big question on everyone's mind: just how long until the Leafs are competitive again?

And it’s an important question to ask based on some of the events (and rumoured events) that have transpired over the last few days.

Two days ago, the Leafs traded pick no. 30 in this year’s draft and a second rounder in 2017 for goaltender Frederik Andersen, and then signed him for five seasons. As you’ll recall from previous parts to this series, goaltending was an enigma for this team going forward, but the Leafs have apparently found their guy (RIP ‘Mystery Goalie’).

Plugging that hole seems to signal a change in the Leafs plans; that the scorched earth part of the rebuild is now over, and it’s time to start acquiring pieces that will help the team consistently earn two points night in and night out. If that weren't the plan the team would’ve probably continued playing Jonathan Bernier, right?

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These Better Not Be The New Leafs Jerseys

Jeff Veillette
June 22 2016 12:17AM

Mockup Credit: Chris Creamer/

While many expected to have to wait until Auston Matthews was called to the podium on Friday night before they got their first glimpse at the new logo on a Leafs jersey, but it appears that the social media machine has created a rare leak out of the Toronto Maple Leafs brass.

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - Jun 21, 2016 - General Fanager

Steve Dangle
June 21 2016 10:34PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 12.42.39 AM

On this episode, Tom Poraszka, the man behind, answers all kinds of questions about the NHL. You won't want to miss this one!

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Steve Dangle
June 21 2016 10:30PM

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 8.06.59 PM

The Leafs have a goalie (hopefully) and crazy season has officially begun. Strap in, kids!!!

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