Rich Clune, The Playoffs, and Picking Your Spots

Jeff Veillette
May 17 2016 11:09AM

Photo Credit: Christian Bonin/

It's Game 7. Nobody expected you to need to take much time to close out this series, and the team you're facing has a knack for picking up a spirit-crushing goal on the slightest whim. There are three and a half minutes in the game, the score is tied, and you don't want to go to overtime.

Not too many teams would respond to this by sending out their fourth line. But the Toronto Marlies aren't like many teams. Nikita Soshnikov, Ben Smith, and Rich Clune step onto the ice to start the shift that would decide the series.

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The Leafs have assets to trade for Tyson Barrie, but what will they pay him?

Ryan Fancey
May 17 2016 09:30AM

The Colorado Avalanche are perhaps the worst-run franchise in the entire NHL, and they're likely going to prove that even further when they unload Tyson Barrie this summer.

Set to become a restricted free agent, Barrie needs a heavy raise and the Avs appear to be hesitant to give it to him. Instead, it's now believed they'll look to move him, and when they do, the Leafs - a team crying out for some major blue line help - should be on the other end of the phone.

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Is Mitch Marner NHL Ready?

Shawn Reis
May 17 2016 07:00AM

Mitch Marner's dominance has only been highlighted in recent weeks.  Not only was he named the OHL's Most Outstanding Player, but he was also named the OHL's Playoffs MVP.  Long story short, it's been not only a dominant year for Marner, but a historic one.

And yet, as good as he's been, questions still remain about whether or not he's actually ready to make the jump to the big leagues.  He's still just 5"11' and approximately 164 pounds.  He might have to play in a limited role next year if he were to play in the NHL.  He's explosive, but can it translate?  What do our eyes tell us?  What have the Leafs as an organization said about him?

These topics will all be covered in this article in an attempt to figure out whether or not Marner is or isn't ready to play full-time in the NHL next season.

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Toronto Marlies win Game 7, advance to Eastern Conference Finals

Jeff Veillette
May 16 2016 08:08PM

Photo Credit: Christian Bonin/

The Toronto Marlies dominated the standings during the regular season. Not because they won every game by a landslide (though they had their fair share), but because when they got themselves in a hole, they'd find a way to band together and escape it. Such was the case in Game 7 tonight, as the team overcame a few very tense moments to win the evening, and the series, by a 4-3 result.

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TLN Monday Mailbag: May 16th

Jeff Veillette
May 16 2016 01:14PM


Life advice: If you're going to play sports for six hours at a time, don't trust Diet Pepsi to hydrate you. It might be tasty, but taste is deceiving. Also, you won't be able to walk the next day.

Thankfully, a lack of movement has led to me being able to sit down and answer some questions in our fine TLN mailbag. Many people were curious about the same one or two topics, but there was still some variety all the same! Let's dive in.

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