TLN Roundtable: Should the Leafs keep adding?

Shawn Reis
July 10 2016 10:54AM


July 1st has come and gone, which means we're officially in the dead of summer, with few moves to come over the next two months.

Many teams are completely done for the summer and are just waiting for September to roll around when training camp opens. Others might not be done, but will only make minor additions from here on out.

The Leafs? We'll see.

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Leafs Fans Are Losing Confidence In Lou Lamoriello

Shawn Reis
July 10 2016 09:55AM

It's been a polarizing off-season for the Leafs - what with the Andersen trade, the sort of players the team took at the draft, the Martin and Polak signings, and the team's pursuit of Kris Russell. It's no surprise then that Leafs fans faith in GM Lou Lamoriello appears to be at an all-time low.

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Why "the Mandela incident" was the beginning of Bernier's end in Toronto

Greg Brady
July 09 2016 11:15AM

We've already learned in this modern-day NHL to plug your ears and start chanting as loud as possible when others describe any particular NHL contract or player as "impossible to trade."  We know that isn't true.  Chris Pronger's deal was traded last summer, and he was weeks away from making a Hockey Hall of Fame induction speech.  David Clarkson was traded by the Maple Leafs to Columbus for a player never expecting to place skate-on-ice in competitive fashion ever again.  We'll always be surprised by some trades, but we should never be shocked.  Whether always smart or not, NHL general managers are more creative, at least, than any of us think.

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Breaking down the Toronto Furies (and CWHL) Schedule

Katy Tearle
July 09 2016 08:26AM

Natalie Spooner

Natalie Spooner takes the puck up ice for the Toronto Furies. Photo Credit: Chris Tanouye / CWHL

On July 7, the CWHL released both the 2016-17 schedule and their ten-year anniversary logo. In what is already promising to be an incredible season, the 2016-17 season is also seeing the return of many great CWHL events. These include the CWHL Draft (August 21), the Rinks to Links Golf Tournament (August 22), the CWHL All-Star Game (January 2017), and, of course, the Clarkson Cup (March 2017). Throughout the season, the CWHL will also be partnering with Start the Spark and You Can Play for a wide variety of community-based initiatives.

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9 Potential Backup Goalies the Leafs could Sign or Call Up Next Year

Jeff Veillette
July 08 2016 02:38PM

Photo Credit: Tom Szczerbowski/USA TODAY SPORTS

It looks like the Toronto Maple Leafs have a goaltending debate once again. Jonathan Bernier is heading back to California to be the 863rd player in NHL history to wear both a Leafs and Ducks jersey in his career (don't fact check that), which leaves the Leafs with $4.1 million more cap space and a bunch of questions regarding the backup role.

After giving up a first and a second round pick for Frederik Andersen, let's assume the Leafs don't feel like selling the farm for a backup. If that's the case, what options are available on the market for the low asset cost of zero?

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