This is Keenan Cahill, a guy who has taken more heat on the internet than 99% of the folks combined.

A 15 year old kid, he has become famous for singing along to his favourite jams on youtube via a webvam in his room and a hilarious need to perform. With a sincere desire to sing, he has received tens of thousands of mean commentary from the wags on the internet who are quick to hate on anyone they perceive as different.

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Comments on Keenan’s performances include gems such as these:

masonfurry1: u look like a giant baby

ParkerRosetv: Whats this kids problem?

ninjapanda4: i’m actually very sure that i’m going to have nightmares he creeps me out.

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skigod222: You know when you were little and you saw someone who was retarded and your mom told you not to stare?? Well, YouTube lets you stare all you want….. But I do feel sorry for this little girl, it would suck to have down syndrome.


We see similar drama on the Nation Network with comment battles on a daily basis. People on the internet are free to say whatever they want and more often than not this results in a million man rumble.

Do you think that your squad should make a trade? Do you consider a certain player to be below par levels for quality? Expressing your thoughts can often bring criticism from fellow Citizens of the Nation and writers alike.

We personally feel for these folks much like we pity poor Keenan. He sticks his neck out on YouTube on a regular basis and suffers slings and arrows from strangers by the thousands. Clearly not the best looking kid on the planet, he doesn’t even know the words to half of the songs he is singing his heart out to on the interwebs.

At an age when most of us would be majorly concerned about what people have to say about us, he has the courage to ignore the hatred of his peers in favor of doing what he loves.

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One of the great things about the Nation Network and the internet in general is that we run a (relatively) censor free zone. Everyone is free to speak their mind and provided they keep it clean and abstain from personal attacks they have a right to be heard.


And so party on FIST movement. Keep on posting first time commenters. Don’t even trip for a minute about whatever criticism you take from your fellow Citzens of the Nations. So long as you aren’t raining slanderous criticism on people and stepping beyond the bounds of taste your point of view is as welcome and relevant as anyone else.

We are fortunate to have you spend even a moment of your time at our family of websites. All too often sites like these devolve into a handful of commenters dominating the conversation and hating on anyone new or with different opinions.

We think that is a bunch of nonsense. If you have the dedication to comment on an article and bomb out a "first" or a "fist" we should thank you for taking the time to chime in your two bits. Don’t worry about what anyone has to say – get those opinions out there and let the conversation begin.

Everyone is welcome.

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For in the end even our friend Keenan has fans out there. Take the introduction of this new brand new song for example, launched live by Keenan at the personal request of the author.

(if your time is at a premium you can fast forward to the 1:20 mark to see the vindication begin)

Welcome to the future.

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