Matt Frattin’s MVP Season Continues

It is rare for a college player to be dismissed from their school team entirely and make a comeback. Generally, it means that the player has to find another school to take them in or they move along to some level of the professional ranks. The University of North Dakota’s Matt Frattin has trod a long…


Ron Wilson’s choices are strange

What’s the job of a head coach in the NHL? Pretty simple question. It’s to have the players, both mentally and physically, in the best position to win. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. That means getting the boys ready in the room. And it means having the best players, for any given situation, on…


Scoring Chances Update, through March 17, 2011

Mikhail Grabovski remains the top dog on the Leafs, as he still leads all regulars in scoring chance differential at even strength.  He has also excelled on the PK, too, since earning more icetime there.  His usual wingers, Kulemin and MacArthur, have had their numbers at EV remain steady as well since the last update…

Game #72 Scoring Chances: Maple Leafs @ Florida, Mar. 17/11 (3-0 Loss)

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 21059 You can’t sugar coat this one; just an excruciating game to sit through if you’re a Leafs fan.  However, noteworthy for the Leafs lack of scoring chances; I counted the lowest number of chances for Toronto since I started tracking scoring chances over a year ago.


James Reimer’s Glove Hand

Just listen to Pierre McGuire on the first goal against Reimer. The shot gets by him, through traffic, and he immediately starts prattling on and on about how James Reimer keeps his glove hand low and other teams know that and now teams are shooting glove side high and that’s how James Reimer got beat….



So, this is the Dion Phaneuf we’ve been waiting for. This is the guy that Flames’ fans saw in his rookie season. This is the guy who was Pierre McGuire’s "Monster" every single time he played. And, boy, did Dion ever pick the right time to find his game in Toronto. But there’s more to…


On Relative Worth of Draft Picks

Avalanche blogger Jibblescribbits went to the trouble to figure out a way to value NHL draft picks to determine their relative worth here (go read it now, I’ll wait). I went ahead and started with this approximation: Or Player Value = (Career TOI/g) / (Position average TOI/g) I decided that a player who plays more would,…



The average NFL team is worth a billion dollars and every single team is profitable. The Superbowl is regularly the most watched TV show of the year – if not the history of television. So of course they are going on strike and are running the risk of having to lose part or potentially all…


It’s all about youthful energy now

So many times this season, the Leafs’ success has been tied to energy – or lack of. So, after an incredibly disappointing effort v. Tampa Bay on Monday night, and after Colby Armstrong’s season was likely ended by a broken foot in the same game, the Leafs have called Nazem Kadri up from the Marlies….

Game #69 Scoring Chances: Sabres @ Maple Leafs, Mar. 12/11 (4-3 Win)

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 21024 The Buffalo Sabres held the edge in shots, 41-25, but it was a closer game than what that stat suggests.  Total shot attempts (shots on goal, missed shots, and shots blocked) were 68-66 for Buffalo, a small lead, and scoring chances were even at 19 apiece.  The Grabovski-Kulemin-MacArthur line…