The Playoff Prediction Project, Round 2

    The first round of the playoffs is over, and it was a doozy. The best part is, there are three rounds to go, and the hockey isn’t likely to get any worse as time goes on. After the jump, it’s time to make Round Two predictions.


Leafs’ Chance Takers, 2010-11 Regular Season

Pictured above are two of the Leafs’ leading scoring chance takers from the 2010-11 season, Phil Kessel (most taken on the team) and Nikolai Kulemin (3rd most).  Kulemin had the best shooting percentage on scoring chances out of all Leaf players with at least 50 chances. Click "Read Article" to view the Chances Taken data for all the Toronto…


Would you deal Schenn for Pavelski?

This morning, on Toronto sports radio, the question came up, “Would you trade Luke Schenn for Joe Pavelski?” I almost drove off the road. Then, to sink the dagger even further, both the boneheads behind the mics said, “Yes, I would.” I had to pull over and take some deep breaths. Schenn for Pavelski? Are…


10-11 Season Autopsy: Goaltending

On January 1st 2011 the James Reimer era began with a bang. Outshot 21-33 the rookie allowed a single goal to let Toronto skate with a 5-1 win against the lottery bound Senators. After that he started 36 more times accruing 3 shutouts and a .921 save percentage. The Leafs grabbed 45 points in Reimer’s 37…


Leafs Division Records

In the last game of the season the Leafs lost to Montreal and tied the season series with them 3-3. The Leafs beat or tied every team in their division in their season series and won the season series against the Western Conference (pretty notable given the Leafs aren’t great and the West dominates the…


Blogging for Charity

Ryan Lambert and I like to stir the pot in the hockey blogosphere. From his work at Puck Daddy to my tribute to the Washington Capitals we’ve won our fair share of critics (mostly in the "they hate us" sense and not the "objective analysis of humor").

Game #82 Scoring Chances: Canadiens @ Maple Leafs, Apr. 9/11 (4-1 Loss)

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 21217 The season closer wasn’t the greatest of endings, but, with nothing left to play for, I don’t think the Leafs’ players viewed it as much more than one last skate-around before the spring/summer break.  Overall play was very sloppy, as the Leafs gave up 11 high-quality scoring chances,…


Confidence biggest part of any Leafs’ equation

Well, that’s the end of that. Leafs’ fans now get to watch sixteen other teams pound themselves to a pulp for the sixth year in a row. Even though, prior to the season’s start, I picked the Leafs to finish eleventh in the East, I’m surprised they ultimately missed the playoffs. They played the last…


NHL’s Draft Guru Passes

This is EJ McGuire during his time as an assistant coach for the Philadelphia Flyers. McGuire passed away today, leaving a void in the hockey world’s draft process. His "draft profiles" were a handy item for fans and media alike, and for those who follow the NHL’s draft process year round McGuire was the point man…