Blogging for Charity

Ryan Lambert and I like to stir the pot in the hockey blogosphere. From his work at Puck Daddy to my tribute to the Washington Capitals we’ve won our fair share of critics (mostly in the "they hate us" sense and not the "objective analysis of humor").

Unfortunately for us we cheer for two teams that aren’t going to the big dance this season and so we’re left with nothing to do but twiddle our thumbs. Luckily for everyone we came up with an idea that would allow us to write material: we’ll blog for the highest bidder and donate the proceeds to Right to Play.

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What will the high bidder get? They’ll get Ryan Lambert and I posting on their blog, riling up opposing fanbases and generally being too cool for school. They’ll also get some guest blogs from writers like Down Goes Brown (National Post), JT Bourne (Puck Daddy, USA Today) and The Goalie Guild.

Here’s the link to our eBay auction where you can see that 100% of your bid will go to charity: Hockey Bloggers For Rent. Spend a lot of money on us and we’ll make you almost as happy as the disadvantaged kids we’re all helping.

Reminder: if you bid and lose please consider donating to charity anyways. Let’s help some people out while we have our fun.

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