The Playoff Prediction Project, Round 2



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The first round of the playoffs is over, and it was a doozy. The best part is, there are three rounds to go, and the hockey isn’t likely to get any worse as time goes on.

After the jump, it’s time to make Round Two predictions.

Round One predictions can be found here. Scoring is as follows:

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  1. Best series prediction record (length excluded)
  2. Tie-breaker one: Most accurate prediction in the Stanley Cup finals (winner and length)
  3. Tie-breaker two: Highest number of correct predictions (both series and length)

Writer predictions are below, and will, be updated as they come in:

Writer VAN/NSH Games S.J./DET Games WAS/T.B. Games PHI/BOS Games
Davie VAN 6 S.J. 6 WAS 5 BOS 7
Drance VAN 6 S.J. 6 WAS 7 BOS 6
Gregor VAN 6 DET 5 WAS 6 PHI 7
Lansky VAN 5 S.J. 6 WAS 4 BOS 5
Lowetide VAN 6 S.J. 7 WAS 6 BOS 7
Steinberg VAN 6 S.J. 7 WAS 5 BOS 6
Wanye NSH 6 DET 6 WAS 7 BOS 7
Willis VAN 6 S.J. 6 WAS 6 PHI 7
Wilson VAN 5 S.J. 7 WAS 6 PHI 7
Consensus VAN 8-1 S.J. 7-2 WAS 9-0 BOS 6-3

I’d like to invite everyone who participated in Round One to chime in below with their predictions; the contest is open until puck drop of Game One.

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