So it’s looking pretty much like the NHL is coming back to Winnipeg.


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Right off the bat – a team returning to Canada is a cause for celebration for anyone who lives on the Northern half of the 49th parrallel. Save the disappointment that the team has not worked in Atlanta and the impact on the players and team staff and the great many Thrashers fans – what isn’t there to love here exactly?

A team that is in a small northern Canadian City where the players will be Gods, the players wives will be choked and the fans deliriously happy regardless of team play?

Kinda hits home as an Oilers fan. Kinda sounds strikingly familiar. Kinda sounds like Edmonton just arrived at 29th place in the least desirable markets too.


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We have a brother in law that lives in Winnipeg. The guy lives and dies NHL hockey and the Jets being pulled from Winnipeg broke his sports loving heart into pieces. It also caused a mild cardiac event in a pre-teen Wanye who was convinced that the Oilers were on their way out of town too.

Were it not for some late minute heroics from the local business community via the stalwart EIG, Edmontonians would have suffered a similar fate eventually in Edmonton. Then as now this would have been a fate worse than death.


We can understand why some people are leery about the return of the NHL to Winnipeg. The NHL Brass essentially told the City to pound sand in the midst of it’s Save the Jets rally in the 90s. Now the team is coming back with zero fan fare from these same executives and only after the NHL seemingly stood directly between the Coyotes leaving Phoenix and returning to Winnipeg on several occasions.

Until Gary Bettman is spotted doing the Lindy at the Empire Nightclub on Main Street in Winnipeg**, there will be a faction that will always look at the return of NHL hockey with some mild distrust.

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Then there are others like our brother in law. The guy is so pumped you wouyld think that the team had already won back to back first round first selection draft picks or something. That is a feat of excellence reserved only for the elite NHL squadrons friend.* Only time will tell if you are ready for that level of success or not.

Some folks were wondering what we would do to welcome our new Prairian Overlords at The Nation Network. We are absolutely launching a (insert team name here)Nation.(insert domain suffix here) just as soon as these trivial matters are sorted out.

We wouldn’t miss this for the world.


Go hard Winnpeg. Recover that Atlanta fumble and run it into the end zone. Show the NHL it made a mistake a monumental mistake back in 1996 and that this City is gonna go hard in the 2011 paint.

And please consider your ol’ pal Wanye and the Mighty Back to Back Entry Draft Champion Edmonton Oilers to be a mortal enemy, albeit a mortal enemy that is pumped to see you join the party and have you to kick around.

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*Or so we were told by Oilers brass in a mental conditioning session a week ago.

**Actual bar looked it up.


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