Did you honestly think that Tampa Bay was going to beat Washington in the second round of the playoffs this year? You dirty rotten liar. No one thought Tampa Bay was going to win. How dare you sully the good name of this website with all of your falsehoods?


Scoring Chances at Even Strength, 2010-11 Final

How many scoring chances did the Leafs produce per 60 minutes of Even Strength icetime while Mikhail Grabovski was on the ice?  How many did the whole team produce/give up on average?  Which players had the highest rate of Chances Against per 60 minutes?  How did Keith Aulie progress throughout the season (you can find that out…


Stan Fischler May Be in Danger

Mike Forbes of Bitter Leaf Fan passed this along to me on Twitter last night. It’s from the September 14th 1985 edition of the Saskatchewan Star Phoenix and begins with this paragraph…


Leafs at the World Championships

Things have been pretty quiet for the Leafs; with the playoffs in full swing there’s not a ton going on for a squad that’s misssed them every year since the lockout. Luckily for Leafs fans the draft is only six weeks away and there are a pile of Leafs currently playing for their country in…