In Defense of Intangibles: Phil Kessel and the OK Plateau

   Many people believe that in order to truly reach his potential Phil Kessel must play with a #1 Centre. That may be one way, but it is not the only way. The best way to get more offensive production out of Phil Kessel might be to have him work on his defensive game.


Nik Zherdev – The case for the Czar of Relative Corsi

    In light of Russian hockey journalist Dmitry Chesnokov tweeting that “[Nikolay] Zherdev’s Russian agent says the player is considering only NHL offers at this point,” you have to think that either a) the player is mulling a series of offers or b) no team has put forth a serious offer to the player.


Net Presence Scoring Chances During Even Strength Play

I’ve got yet more scoring chances data to present, this time we will be looking at several types of scoring chances that fall under what I consider "Net Presence Chances". Over the 2010-11 season, I was able to consistently track special kinds of chances such as breakaways, odd man rushes, shots deflected on goal, rebound…