Leafs-Wings Preview

Puck Drops: 7:30 EST TV: LeafsTV Radio: AM640 (AM980 in London) Additional tip: If you don’t have LeafsTV, consider buying LeafsTV interactive; for a flat fee of $40, you get all preseason games (right, only two left, including tonight), all Sportsnet games, and some select TSN games to boot. It’s a pretty good deal. It’s not every…


Hope And The Prediction Machine

A little over a week ago, Jonathan Willis looked at a number of respectable publications that were so bold as to make predictions about which team would fall into what place in the standings. It’s all a bit of a crap-shoot (heck, some of the predictions out there are literally for the purposes of gambling)…



     Eleven has been my favourite number since I can remember. I had short affairs with some higher ups like 17, 19 and 23, but 11 has always been the number that made me feel the most confident. It is strange how a lucky number can impact our psyche or our minds, yet today…


Injuries, concerns and armchair solutions

 Editor’s Note: Here’s a smoking gun if you ever needed one. Good Lord, Shanahan blew it. Mikhail Grabovski took a hit from Chris Neil last night that looked like it may have resulted in a head injury, and now today Tim Connolly and Nazem Kadri each missed practice Wednesday due to respective “upper-body” and “lower-body” boo…

Tim Connolly, Special Teams Ace

The Toronto Maple Leafs’ special teams the last few seasons have not been very good. The power play has, at best, managed to be an average unit, while the penalty kill is consistently one of the worst in the NHL. The addition of Tim Connolly should help in both areas.


Remaking The Leafs’ Penalty Kill

More traffic on the powerplay will help… After continuing a string of horrific special teams results last year, Brian Burke took action this summer. Out went Tim Hunter and Keith "No Discernible Role" Acton and in came Greg Cronin and Scott Gordon. James Mirtle looked at the impact that both have had in a short…


Leafs vs. Sens Re-cap: GRABBO

               The Maple Leafs downed the Senators 5-3 in Kanata after falling behind 2-0 early. Some thoughts and news after the jump.


Boston, the Worst Sports City in America

    Leafs Nation responds to Grantland’s Stephen Marche. By ’67 Sound, concept courtesy Danny Gray. Dateline: Boston, September 27, 2001. As another fruitless baseball season draws to a close, Hub fans, it’s time to face the sad reality: Boston is the worst sports city in America.



Two seasons into his Maple Leafs’ career, there continue to be plenty of misconceptions about the club’s top goal-scorer, Phil Kessel. It’s not always easy to find a succinct summary of these fallacies, but Mike Brophy, who will cover the Leafs for Sportsnet this season, does a great job of hitting all of the high…


Can Gardiner follow in Kaberle’s Foot-Steps?

                                               The biggest story in this year’s training camp has been the performance of Jake Gardiner. Per Dave Shoalts, Gardiner’s play has given the Leafs brass a problem they haven’t encountered in recent…